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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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February 5, 1965
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O Kr F I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L FDD b32> qA Sved For Release 2001/03/07 : &R!5~90V/QaZQ?1~4940L 64+4- 50, Introscopy Used for Quality Contr)l in Industry ttTClear-Seeing' Devices," by p., -shche kov, Professor and Doctor of the Technical SciencW ? Moscow, Izyestiya9 5 Feb 1965, p 3 fA-bstract In recent years in our country a new direction in science and technology has arisen and begun developing -- introscopyo In the most general meaning, introscopy is the direct vision of the inside of non-transparent bodies and media., In essence, there is nothing which is non-transparent in natured One must only choose the penetrating radiation correctly and one will be able to transform them into a visible imageo This is the problem of introscopyo The building of such expensive things as airplanes, missiles, superpowerful turbogenerators, atomic reactors,, thermal and hydroelec- ,-trio power plants, deep drilling rigs, etc. is characterized by the tremendous concentration of great material-technical means and engineer- ing thought in one object. Naturally, the problem of the quality of materials, parts, and intro- units used in building such complex facilities has been sharply duced into such circumstances. The necessity of the continuous study and control of inner processes characterizing the especially breliability rofthe parts has arisen. In a number of brant~?s ab~~sn~euof~eliable means of auto- matic and sheet rolling industry, control has become an impediment, to progress. The problem of early medical diagnosis, especially timely dis- covery of such serious illnesses as cancer, sarcoma, cysts, and others,, remains extremely difficult. Introscopy based on the extensive use of the most diverse pene- trating radiations is one of the practicable ways of solving such / problems. The physical basis of introscopy is the interaction of radiation with matter and recording tha changes vhich they undergo in the process. Many forms of penetrating radiations t.an be used as an "agent" able to carry voluminous information on the inner structure, composition., and properties of non-transparent bodies and media8 from gamma-quanta high energies to radiowaves in millimeter and submillimeter ranges and also fluxes of various particles. One of the central problems of introscopy is the transformation of these invisible radiations into visible imageso Each "photo".in penetrating radiations in principle can be transformed into electrical (coast' d) 36 Approved For R1 9 J"kB1Y05767l el -RDP96-00787R000500180024-4 Apps' ~F @ 5 ~0( 1-~ EbTax lA F~ ~~$i ~~ 1a~9 of cases can be reduced to its conversion and amplification. From another viewpoint, it is well known that the transference 7f fundamental principles and laws from one area of knowledge into another very often leads to fruitful results. Theoretical and experimental work shows that many basic principles of radio technology can successfully be transferred into the area of light, magnetic, and semiconducting, and even mechanical phenomena. Rich prospects for practical investigation;5 are being opened here0 Some os' them have already yielded gratifying results. For instance, a number of creative collectives have demonstrated the practicable possibility of making a device, known as an "artificial eye" with a tremendous number of discretely operating elements based on miniature and superminiature amplifiers. Such transformation were first developed in our country. But it is well known that even abroad they now receive a great deal of attention. They will find extensive appli- cation. "Innervision" has already had a significant economic effect. The use of the first gamma-television introscope in one of the machine building factories has made it possible to accomplish continuous control of welded constructions in the production process, and in addition it has set free a large quantity of X-ray film and reduced the staff of control- lers. According to calculations of the planning organizations, the use of the betatron introscope being developed by the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute for quality control c.f hot flowing metal can save one plant more than half a million ruble;. a year. It has been shown experimentally that in chemistry it is possible to control not only the homogeneity of composition but also the course of processes by use of introscopy. One of the first uses of introscopy was found in the study of the quality of semiconducting materials for studying the homogeneity of single crystals which are not transparent for visible light. But this is only the beginning. In the area of semiconducting materials and quantum radio electronics there is`much to do to broaden the sphere of use of introscopy. In scientific experimentation introscopy is necessary for studying the relief of magnetic, electromagnetic, and super-high frequency fields, for radioastronomy, for biochemistry and encephalographic research, and for the investigation of pathological changes inside a living organism. Human blood, for instance, is transparent like distilled water under ob- servation by an introscope. It is impossible to predict the future uses of the introscope, but its use will be significantly more expansive than that of the microscope or telescope. (cont'd) 37 C-O N- F I?D-2mN.T_I-A.L Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500180024-4 C-0-N F I-D-E? N-T-I-A-L FDD 6325 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500180024-4 speciali.zed.$cientific-Rene rch Institute of Introscomr under the State Committee on?Instrumen. Buitdng, Means a u oma on, an Control Systems of Gosplan, USSR, has been created in order to broaden work in the area of introscopy. `SovRC p -jZIE5Ti a 57 ct 196- v. 38 Approved For Release j%J3f6Y-Rt) --*TP96-00787R000500180024-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500180024-4 [Excerpt] A new direction in science has now been born--i ntros copy, or intravision [vnutrivideniye]- r INTROSCOPY AIDS METALLURGICAL, MEDICAL SCIENCE Moscow PRAVDA 7 Jul 70 p 2 L [A. Ustinov article: "Penetrating the Invisible"] The possibilities of the application of introscopy are infinite. They are necessary to observe and control processes in metals, concrete, fiberglass, and ploymers. They are also extremely necessary for early medical diagnosis--the discovery of tumors and the microphotography of the walls of blood vessels and the heart without surgery. In the metallurgical industry, for eXample. the productivity of high-speed rolling mills equals several meters of metal per second. Naturally, under these conditions no-selective control of product quality is capable of meeting the clients' requirements. In this connection the problem has arisen of the high- speed automatic control of. product quality in its many aspects under flow-line conditions. In particular,. a multichannel installation has been created at the Introscopy Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Instrument Building, Means a u om n, with the participation of the Pervouralsk new pipe plant. It is intended to control the quality of hot-rolled pipes during their movement along the conveyer. This enables the product quality to be guaranteed. SG1A Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500180024-4