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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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March 19, 1976
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Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500240020-1 STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA O402E (415) 32L G200 1-. l'. 'v1', Ni.(.clcrrf.ilhr Defense Advcltrcc Research Project Agency 1100 Wi1On Itoulevarcl. Arlington, Vi rhinia 22100 Having seen your le L Le:v Lo Randi the magician, reproduced as an appendix in his book The Magic of Uri Geller, I thought I would wr:i_Lu to bring yor.r t:tp to Wi t o on. R.andi ' s l nest contrihutiort to d.isinfornt.l Lion. Al though 111 pene.ral we have no argument. with Randi'a criticism of Goiter's public performances with regard to the possibility of chicanery, we find LhaLL wi th i lgarcl I o Nandi' 's description of the work at SRI , Randi is cleany up to his old tricks, deception by misdirection. In looking over his book we found t.lrnL in every instance Ranch, in his efforts to fauli_ the SRI experiments with Geller, was driven to lrypothes.i.ze the existence of looph.olc cond:i Lions that did not in fact. -exist, Enclosed is a fact sheet conrecLin?- the error; in Ra>.idi's book with regard to Lhe SRI work, which you may :find revealing. Rather than a serious attempt to put forward expert cr?itici.am as to the lxossibi.lities of chicanery - (Fria stetggosted pOSs:ihilit:iet are trivial and naive in comparison witli the sophist.lCat.ed adv.icc that we obtain from consulting magicians Of L110 calihor of Miibourne Ci'r?.istopher) - 'NO Cansldon his hoot: as Simhl.?: a c:f?r,tccret;.I ventur?0 on hi S part L1eyond Lha L, our work w:i. Lh Gcc!Iler constituted lass than 3?10 of our ovcrl111 effo1 i. :i.n the field of so cnll.c~d paranormal funct.iortiug, even. Lhoul;h it, seemed to I"arnor tie most; publicity, in no c;n1a1:1. putt, clue Lo Randi'a efforts. The hull; of the other 9l`%, :as surIIIII, zecl in tho March ]Proceedings oC the 11 11;111', ,just: published Oils moll Lh. In this paper we do tail the resul 1--a> ob La i_ncd in over 00 exper:ime11 L 's wi.Llr 11:1 11e subjects (includi.ng visiLiug rske1) Li caI govel'nment :i;eierltiaLa who acted as sul)jocts), ca.1.r:Icd C)u1. to exaIII ine utat,Lye paranolnral.. pwerce.pt.t.lal. mode by which an :1ruliv.i.dnal ohIain p , visual data tahout a remote physical booaL:Lorr which may be a bt_tild:ing, inborn for v, or natural s0 t L:i_nl;. The cdi. Lo:r.ial accompanying the paper was wra tt:en by Dr. lt, lt'. Lucky, edi l;or of the ,journal and also head of the Advanced Data Cumnlulr:i_ca Lions Deportment at hell Labs, Holmdel, NJ. We widens Land IliaL as part of time rev:i ow pr. o?cess a group at Bell independently replicated our experi meri L and ol_,tained )e:7u:LLs similar to ours. Threeother labs have, also replicated the cxpe:e?inlen l , and these resin t.s are in various S Lo es of prepaid 1i.011 1'01? I publ. i OIl tL on. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500240020-1 C.A I;LC "I INHI `., %h NI (7 rAMI ' I W< ') 10 31:1 1J,1(. Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-00787R000500240020-1 If you have any .dues Lions, of Cher with regard to Rand.i ` s allcRa Lious or the IEEE paper, please do not hesi La Le to contact us for clarif.i ca Lion. With bus L regards, H. E . Pu tliof l , PhD 1:7.029 Electronics and 13iucngi-ncei?ing Laharatory Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-00787R000500240020-1