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Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500250005-7 The Transformation Project Washington Research Center 3101 Washington Street San Francisco, California 94115 415-563-4731 Soviet References From Rosthstein L.-t". Romen, A.S., (nyushin, V.M., lvanov, I.P., Liberman, S.L., & Matronina, M.I. Psychical Self Regulation (Vol. I). Alma-Ata, USSR: Kazakh University Press, 1973. . Romen, A.S., Beyasheva, Z.G., (nyushin, V.M., Ivanov, I.P., Liberman, S.L., Matronina, M.I., & Fedorova, N.N. Psychical Self Regulation (Vol. 2). Alma-Ata, USSR: Kazakh University Press, 1974. &-3. Romen, A.S. Self Suggestion and Its Influence on the Human Organism. Alma- Ata, 1970. ~4. Romen, A.S. Psychical Self Regulation and Sport, 1978. er5: Levy, V. The Art of Being Yourself. Moscow: Knowledge, 1977. (Best-selling Popular' opu ar oo a out se -regulation, yoga, self-development, relaxation, autogenics.) v6. Belyaev, G.S., Lobzin, V.S., Kopilov, I.A. Psychohygiene and Self Regulation. Leningrad: Medizin, 1977. (For everyday applications - . e.r7. Grunenok, I.P., Sclertis, B.M. Psychohygiene of Sport Activity. Kiev: Higher Education, 1978. (PSR in sport) 8. Tikomirov, O.K. Psychological Investigations of Creative Nanka, 1975 Activity. Moscow: . . Rishedinkov, G.C. Muscle Relaxation. Moscow: Physical and Sport, 1971. F7. Romen. A.S. (ed.) Psychoneurology Psychotherapy and Psychology. Alma-Ata: 1972. "ter. Belyaev, G.S., Lobzin, V.S., Kopilov, I.A. Autogenic Training. Leningrad; Medizin, 1973. (Manual for professionals) 12. Nagorny, V.A. Gymnastics for the Brain. (Includes yoga) Moscow: Soviet Russia, 1972. Schwartz, I.E. Suggestion in Pedagogical Process. Perm: Pedagogical Institute, 1971. 14. Valf, M.S. (ed.) The Problem of Delusion, Borderline Questions, and Questions of Psychiatric Organization ervice. oscow: SFSR inistry o eat , cientT is conference) 15. Mirovsky, N. Psychotherapy of Insomnia. Kharkov: Kharkov Psychiatric Institute, 1973. (Raja yoga applie to Soviet psychiatry.) Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500250005-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500250005-7 16. Lubinskaya, C.M. From Stuttering to Free Speech. Moscow: Education, 1976. (How to use PSR to treat stuttering 17. Dilman, V.M. Why Does Death Occur? Leningrad: Medizin, 1972. (A biological essay concerning the possibility of overcoming death by attuning to biorhythms) i.-M. Relaxation Technique. 1957. (First published in East Germany; includes inves- tigations o t e etan "tumo"; translated and used extensively in USSR) Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500250005-7