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November 4, 2016
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March 9, 2001
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December 12, 1978
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Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 1,TD-I7-%(RS)T-2087- 8 ification & Release Instructions on File* FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY DIVISION Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 i._`:.tribut'on limited .o U. S. r (Copyright) Informat prI et a, _ nor rc,a~est~ i'cr ti-3 document ~; U r- erred to F )/STINFO. Approved For Release 2002/05/17: CIA-RDP96-0078 00 1.: EDITS... T R A N S L A T I O N FTD-ID(RS)T-2087-78 26 December 1978 MICROFICHE NR: 7 9" C- C-0000 7L THE 14AGIC CRYSTAL By: G. Sergeyev English pages: 5 Source: Nedelya, Nr. 36(964), 4-10 September 1978, pp. 12, Cols. 1-2 Country of Origin: USSR Translated by: Marilyn Olaechea Requester: FTD/TQTR Distribution limited to U. S. Government Agencies Only; Proprietary (Copyright) Information; Other requests for this document must be referred to FTD/STINFO. THIS TRANSLATION IS A RENDITION OF THE ORIGI- NAL FOREIGN TEXT WITHOUT ANY ANALYTICAL OR EDITORIAL COMMENT. STATEMENTS OR THEORIES ADVOCATED OR IMPLIED ARE THOSE OF THE SOURCE AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE POSITION OR OPINION OF THE FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY DI- VISION. FTD -ID (.ES)T-2nf7-78 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/17: CIA=RDP'96-00787R000500330001-2 U. S.' BOARD ON GEOGRAPHIC NAMES TRANSLITERATION SYSTEM. Blcck Italic Transliteration Block Italic Transliteration A A a A, a P A p p R, r B 6 B 6 B, b C C C C. S, s S B B e V, v T T T m T, t. I r r G, g Y y . Y y 'U' u r 17 a D, d 0 F, f E e E s Ye, ye; E, e* X x x x Kh, kh 1/C arc Zh, zh Lj y 11 y Ts, is 3 3 3 s Z, Z. y H 5l V Ch, ch H M W W w SY., nh N N R 6 Y, y W iy #11 u{ shch k b b b f '' H K X K K, it n 17 A L, 1 bl a Y, . y M M M, m b b b b ' H k ? H u N, n 3 3 s E, e 0 o 0 a O, o h3 to 10 1 Yu, yu n n 17 n P, P A R R x Ya, ya *ye initially, after vowels, and after b, b; e elsewhere. When written as e in Russian, transliterate as ye or e. RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH Russian English Russian sin sin sh cos cos ch tg' tan th ctg cot cth sec sec sch cosec cs^ csch TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS English sinh cosh tanh coth sech csch Russian English. arc sh sinhi "arc ch cosh arc th tanh arc cth coth are sch sech arc csch csch Russian English rot curl lg log Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/17': CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 DOC 2087 FAGE i CRYSTAL THE MAGIC Cri Could a device be created which would prove definitely whether or not an individual posesses electrical potential or a biofield? Does such a device already exist? Doctor of Technical Sciences G. Sc geyev responds: "One might say that the brain, even the entire human body is nothing more than a liquid cyrstal. "Liquid" in this case ned not he understood literally, of course. The substance of such a crys}al might be physically solid. Its crystal lattice is clearly very dyrauic. The.electrons in it can, under the influence of diffrent fields, be easily shifted from their own levels, and auxiliary elECt.romagnetic fields can arise. Experience gained in working with the prchlem of the energetics, of the hutuan organism and the presence Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 LCC = 2067 PAGE 2 in it cf a biofield are evidence of the fact that the brain is capable cf creating the effect of superconductivity or a space tunnel effect analogous to electromagnetic phenomena in radio engineering. Sc re individuals are able to control this process at will - to create a channel with an intense concentrated biofield in the space between themselves and the object which they wish tc influenca. In some cases ever microscopic bursts of ball lightening develop in such channels. The effect of these tiny clusters of elewtrcn Flasma is analogous to the exllcsicn of small masses of trotyl. Such people are capable of destroying adenosine triphosphcric acid -a substance responsible for the contraction of muscle fibers- in the cells of small portions of living tissue and of causing palpitations and other significant phenomena. In the presence of a ccmm itt ee of specialists I observed one lady who had been placed in a dark, screened rccm. A wrapper containing clean photographic paper in envelopes impermeable- to light had been placed around her head. She was asked to mentally project onto this paper various geometrical figures - a square, rhomb, triangle, cross, etc. later, when the paper was developed, the requested forms were clearly discernible. Another lady in our experiment induced contractions in the muscles cf a frog' s leg which had been placed in a physiological Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved For ReIease'2002/05/17': CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 DOC = 2087 PAGE 3 sciutcr (such contractions are generally induced by. the effect of a weak electrical charge). when the leg had ceased to twitch, she announced that it wculd now be impcssible tc revive it vith.arry kind cf chary;e. A thorough biochemical analysis revealed that the adenosine acid in the cells had been destroyed. In both cases an intensification in the strength of the biofield and magnetic whirls were observed near the subjects. All. this was registered by a special device called a b,ioplasmograph. ~t is gu~te possible that this is the first time our readers have heard qf this device. And, indeed, it has been in existence for. a relatively short time. Basically it consists of a disc made of an cicanic substance ccntaining chclesteryl acEEtate. This powdered s'uistance reEresents a liquid crystal. Cholesteryl acetate is extrerely sensitive to changes in the envircr.aent. It registers weak effects frcm fields of any kind and is used to ctserve magnetic whirls - a ~her.cmencn which has been little studied by physicists. eagnetic whirls possess real kinetic egergy. An individual capable of using his own train (which, inciuentally, is a liquid crystal in classical form) to create the space tunnel effect is also capable of causing a magnetic field to whirl and thus of transmitting kinetic energy to various objects. Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 DCC .= 2037 FACE 4 This energy is certainly not great. Yet, if it were amplified by weans of mcderh radiotcchnical neans, then zcme time in the future it rricl:t to pcs ible is create a fcrce system whose center would to the huuan Lraiq. or a liquid crystal n'odcl cf it. Inagine a construction site without a single crane, where all com[c?ne?nts of the errected structure arc litter and assemIled Ly means cf amplified magnetic whirls This is far in the future, of ccur E. Yet even in the Fast cert:tir Ferscns were said tc have supernatural lowers, the "evil eyE". Apparently such UEcfle were capable cf creating extremely weak field irteracticns. Such interactions can new =te registered and modeled with the aid of tte LicElasucgraph. One might ask: "if these effects exist, teen might it not be Ecssilhe tc transmit thoughts to great distances? in the primary stage cf its fcrmation a thcught cannot be transmitted. At this stage it is crly an emoticn, whict t}-xcugh a complex psychological process will later be ccnverted intc wcrds and ideas.. Yet emotions can be transmitted and certain persons do, in tact, transmit them by Beans cf the space tunnel effEct. we lave mcdeled this moment with our dE4ice. The. bicE.lasmograph is alsc very sensitive to gravitational encmalics and can FErfcra a great service tc geclogists. 'Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2 Approved ForRelease -2002105117 : 'CIA-RDP90-dO 7R000500330001-2 LCC 2C87 1AGE 5 It might also nerve as a diagnostic tool and biostimulator for tt:c heart. Tfe heart's activity could be mairtained simply by car.ry1ng a cholestezyl acftate [late in the pocket. people seldom even suspect when moving to a new apartment that the magnetic level in cne room may vary significantly and that magnetic whirls may evcn develop ir a certain,ccrner. k healthy pezscr may net notice this. Yet someone with heart problems must take precautions in selecting a place for his LEd, for example. Magnetic disturtances could to very Cancerous in his case. Thus the tfcplasmcgtaph can indicate the best place in a room for the bed, televisions shelf, etc; There can to many types of bicplasmocraphs bith varying degrees cf ccmplexity depending on purpose. hay car all find a place in our lies - f.rcm everda} use to the solving of ccmplex scientific prcbleus. trfcrtuneately, as is often the case it science and other fields, our Endeavors have Gttracted sersaticralists and those with idealistic ex[lanaticns for various phenomena, at times supported by the most inane "details." This as greatly hindered the work of the scientists, uhc through thorough testing of facts and phenomena seek uatera,al explanaticns fcr nature. Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500330001-2