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November 4, 2016
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April 4, 2000
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April 14, 1980
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Approved For Release 2000/08/'?I ?P96-00788R000300050003-2 ..-- --- ------ - -- ------ IAFM-OPS-HU-SA 14 April 1980 SUBJECT: Unconfirmed Source Information Provided for/and er- taining to Area Coordinates: (S) SG1A 1. (U) The following information applies: a. (S) The source described the coordinates as falling within a very large valley, surrounded with mountains. b. (S) He reported a very large military exercise (maneuvers) and many bunkered facilities. The most predominent being a very large Command Post Center, well bunkered and permanently installed in the approximate center of the valley. He stated that he thought it was only utilized during the exercises, the rest of the time it would be empty. c. (S) Source stated that he could see zig-zag trenches coming from the command post bunker installation, as well as anti-tank traps at the forward edge of the valley. d. (5) Source reported seeing approximately 3 Regiments of troops and Armor at first, but later expanded this estimate to approximately 5 Regi- ments. e. (S) He reported a rocket type launcher on a ridge line near the front of the valley, which was well bunkered and had underground munitions storage associated with it. He stated that he could clearly see three rockets which appeared to be very much like the Hawk type of rocket. f. (S) Source reports that there are many temporary military positions within the valley and units are continually moving as in a full scale ex- ercise or maneuver situation. All units are utilizing a lot of Armor. 2. (S) Request the above information be evaluated and comments be provided to the undersigned no later than 25 April 1980, this will permit a full evaluation of the source's information for accuracy and intelligence value. CW2 Analys CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, HQDA (DAMI-ISH) Dated 05163OZ Jul 78 Approved For Release 2000/08/0 ? CIA-RDP96-00788R000300050003-2 REVIEW ON: 14 April 2000 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CI Q-O 8000300050003-2 SG1A 5MENORANDUM FOR THE i :co;'D April 1907 SUBJECT; tirlcenf i r n ed Sae..ea:t e. of caa tnat I on Provided for ta1nirtg to Area and many bunkered faci.lit ic:i. The moat ly.r. rdun,ittent; being a very large Drell b,..lnkored and erdr..:nentl .~1J.c.?d in f y let~ ytn the ppruximate center of the vai.i.uy. Ile stated that ho 4hought it was only utilized dui incl the exeruise3,, the rest of the t..iu it trace l.ci b SG1A (U) The fc,Tlu;inq xnformalion applies-. Ga~ (S) The .30LITc?.~I& descr:,ih,=d the c:oordini$ es as falling within a ery large valley, searroctndud with mountains, b (S) H reported a very large military exerci.sda (m ;ueuvers) the command post bunker initailaation, as ve*.t.1. as q:ati..4.ank traps at, the fo.r card edge oC the valley. D (S) Source reported seeing approximately 3 iregim nt. of troops and Armor at first, but. later expanded this estimate to approximately 5 Regi- ments. (S) Source statcd that he could see zig...zay trenches comirad fream e?rciae or cm neuver situation. All. units are e.eti.liziracj 7 lot of Arno}r. ..,~.. _r Y ~ zcaezs within the valley and units cxtre ccxatinuaJ.ly moving @n in a Pull .acalct e-x- ,; 1C) ( ) Scpuree reports t:h:it. there e~are na,.,nv ternuurar?y miLi t-r r" = F ' rockets which appeared to be very rich 1.-Ike the i-iawk type of rocket.__ e. (S) He reported a rocket type launcher can t ridge line near the fron of( then valley, which van well bunker, ed and iad unde;rgrck.tnd rurpit:iona 0 'Plk W. MCMONLAGLE CW2 Analyst NOT i;ELt'A'SdtiLE TO F01" :TGN N/% . _U MALS Approved For Release 2000/0$J0.7 A-. P96-007888000300 "' J Q_ }iz Jul 7 pp.. , ev aluat: (ln of the source's information for viceur:acy and intelligence value. to the undersigned no inter than 25 April i9130 t;hica will rae~rrnat apfui t - 2. (S) Request the above infor?rnation be evoiuated and cryroicnt-s to rcavicled REVIEW ON., I& inri i )nnn Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA! `iP 6-?o788R000300050003-2 NOT fF`L?."AS1;E'LE TO FORT H N NA I TONAL i IAF OPS--t4U-SA 14 April 1960 MEMflRANDUrt FOR THE RCrop4D SG1A SG1A SUO3EC1: Unconfirmed Source Infotmaation, Provided fc~rJ~ { er-- taining to Area Coord.inatc;-s: (S) 1. (U) The following infcirrrsation 9ppl.iev.. a. (S) Source reports o very large underground comp Y c,x i.,a vv ~.: iraity. C the coordi.nate.3 against Which h wua: targeted, Scur ce stated that the under: qr cund faci.t a t totes ] c t d - . . y . sc, a e on the edc O t very car rsrountaial face, and, a8,s(x;iate;d with a sandy or light. colored t pe o building ;:structure directly over it. - Y F h. (5) Source stated that the int;cric r of tb,t~ ur:k r(Jrosand facij ity apps arr to he a combination of ].aarge form like areas which are r uughly cut from stone (sort of a salt rsrinF:, or quarry type ear room), with i.ra-- ter cor ecting corridors snlojth walled :.sand well lit. c. (5) Tho primary use of this ?nderground facility is reported ss being for purfic es. It was reported by the source that tt'r.;- sFr-2.^_ i.lity i:; very modern, t,it.h high ggvaade equipment, and that things are stored here in clean areas. d. (S) Objects which are, stored in the facility are reported as wing cylinderical in shape, about the ;wire; of a coffee therp,os, shaped iikc old type radio tubes. They have a liquid ins.i.de of them, and are striped around the hottom edge with a yellow color. The'sr~ objects a:e stored lay- ing on their sides on metal rahe1 inq. Lh .n transported, they are packed into cases (12 to 16 per case=). 0. (5) Sour?ec siat:c~z that. Activity when he waa inside the area con- sisted of removing these cy.lirrd:der.:a from t:he shelvee and Uaking their to another area in order to do "lot, tests." f. (S) In addition to tl,e above, source stated that there was at lee st on observation room riverlook.a.nq a dears icier in the uradergvoianci facility. 2. (5) Request the above i.ns or?rnation be evaluated [arse comments be provided CLASSIFJC.L) EtY: f" G, HC;DA (LA1MI-ISH) i.1:.lt d;'d a51F+3nz Jul ,73 REVIEWED BY: 14 April 20UD Approved For Release 2000/08/07-' 00788R000300050003-2 Approved For Release 2000/0 OT 1 4RUP96.QCYT8 OOO30A050003-2 tb the undur sic]ned no latex than 25 April 1980, this will permit a full evaluation of the aourcon information For accuracy and int.elligurnc : Value. 30SCPH W. MCMONEAC4. CW2 Analyst Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000300050003-2