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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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December 10, 1980
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SG1 B Approved For Release 200 *aDP96-00788R00o4(YO$ 1P NOT 811.11 ASAUi..E TO F\ REL N I'i;TiOIdAL I I.0FIS-H-S SUU.TECT: SPECIAL ANALYTIC R} PORT INFY?RM.ATIOt (U) REPORT RJ UIRE?4tsNT /0 I-e' to 7D 1 -11T -f IT - 1. (U) The information provided as enclosure to this rep rt. was obtained in response to a collection requirement provided by your office. The information is from an unconfirmed source, therefore caution is war.rant,ed in its use. This office has been tasked by the Comr anding General, Intelligence ar f Security Command, to evaluate arid comment on the operational value, of the information provided, as well as to ascertain,the accuracy of the source. 2. (U) In order to comply with this directive, request the information provided as an enclosure be evaluated and comments be provided this office no later than . This should be accomplished by respor ing to questions pro- vided within Section III of t.hi i report. 3. (U) Section II contains special instructions for the analysts. 4. (U) Project Number: ?~ -_.__..,_- 5. (U) Requestor: 6. (S) Source Nuurber: .. _~_. 7. (S) Interrog~:tor Number: ~.. ~S._ 8. (S) Date Information was Obtained: d Oct Times: I Opt: TO. 9. so (-S ) Specific information provided by the requestor in required 1J. ( tti) Specific information provided to the interrogator to aid in source targeting was: 11. (E( ) Specific in.folnrat:ic,r. provided to the source fcr target orientation rra : CLASSIFIED B : MSG, HQDA (DA;MI-.ISE. Dtd; 05 E,?0' JUL Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00788R000400110001-6 y=>.~ ~sxs. ~ sym+..~ y..xe.s it Re' ..i ew On: SG1 B c? '"f # = 1~1 yr~t -ran/ e-gel 7j3 T avvvoee- ri45W rQ 2J1