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November 4, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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July 25, 1980
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Approved For Release 200070W. IAFM-OPS-HU-SA MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 25 July 1950 ordinates 1. (S) Source was requested to seek out information on the above target after being given the coordinates for the vicinity of the SG1C SG1C ly a. (S) Source stated that the vicinity coordinates were underneith a very high roofed dome, arched very high into the air. Very much like a large round topped building or structure of somekind. He stated that it was: long and rectangular in shape, very much like a loaf of bread. b. (S) When the source was asked what the target actually appeared like from approximately 10,000 feet altitude, he stated that there was a large oblong directly beneith him (although it was not clearly establish- ed if this oblong was on the ground or not, it appears that he was describ- ing a ground object). c. (S) The source reported that he could see a large "X" type of inter- section with white box type structures along the sides. He reported that there was something radiating or reflecting a great deal of light. He reported two groups of "stack" type objects, three stacks to a single group and three or four stacks in another group closer to the box type structures. d. (S) Source stated that within the structure (large object), there appeared to be an elevated catwalk with metal scafolding. Directly under this there is an ally or road. The ally or road appears to be in strips very much like a large bowling ally lane. e. (S) He reported a small armor and vehicle column passing through the area. 2. (S) When the source was specifically asked to report on a probable object located at approximately 7000 feet altitude in vicinity of the coordinates he stated that he saw what appeared to be a very large heli- copter of some sort, which appeared to be swinging around in an orbiting or circular.motion. He reported that it had a funny hull shape to it, and was much wider than a U.S. Cobra. He stated that he thought it had at least four rotor blades. CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, HQDA (DAMI-ISH) Dtd; 05163OZ JUL 75 REVIEW ON: 25 July 2000 Approved For Release 2000/0(Q7 ? rCIA-RDP96-00788R000400140001-3 U-M Approved For Release 20 0400140001-3 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS 3. (S) Request the above information be evaluated and comments be provided to the undersigned in writing no later than 25 August 1980, this will per- mit a full evaluation of the source of information for both accuracy and intelligence value. 0 PH W. MCMONEAGLE CW27 USA Analyst Approved For Release 2000/ .8/O.:: 8~? 788R000400140001-3 ..