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November 4, 2016
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March 28, 2000
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Approved For Release 20Q0~($/II 88R000500840001-5 TEST CONCEPT (TO DISCUSS WITH PROJECT PERSONNEL) 1. (S) PURPOSE: To provide a test vehicle for personnel involved in the GF project. 2. (U) CONCEPT: a. (U) A target with easily identifiable features has been selected. The following will be furnished in the manner described regarding the target. (1) (U) Geocoordinates of the target will be given in the clear. (2) (U) Photographs of the target area will be provided in a sealed enve- lope. The envelope will be sealed in a tamper proof manner. It will be given to the Subject through GF personnel but remain sealed throughout the test. Following the test, the envelope will be checked for tampering. (3) (U) Photographs of an individual will be provided in an envelope sealed as above. They will be handled as above. b. (U) The test will be conducted at a pre-selected time as follows: (1) (S) The Subject will be given the coordinates and told to go via remote viewing to that location. (2) (S) After Subject has answered the queries about the area bounded by the geocoordinates, he will be given the sealed envelope containing the photographs of the target area and told to locate that specific area. (3) (S) After locating the specific area above, Subject will be given the sealed envelope containing the photographs of the individual and told to locate the individual. (4) (S) Subject will be asked to describe the target area and its envir- onment, to include any specific terrain features. He will be asked to describe the locale of the individual and any activity(s) which is in progress in the immediate vicinity. Of particular interest are descriptions of individuals and what they are doing; equipment and how it is being employed or not employed; physical boundaries; conversations, if any; and type and content of any docu- ments which might be in the immediate vicinity of the target individual. (See Questions/Instructions page) c. (U) As soon as possible following the test, a transcript of the infor- mation gained by the Subject will be given to Mr. Rawls for verification. The sealed envelopes will be returned immediately following the test. d. (S) Mr. Rawls will be with the Monitor in the control room to assist. He will not communicate directly with Subject. His presence at GF facility will be concealed from GF personnel to the maximum extent possible. e. (U) Test session will be repeated with a different Subject to increase validity of test results. 3. (S) Control: Knowledge of this project is limited to an extremely 88R000500840001-5 Approved For Release 20 0500840001-5 limited number of personnel in SSB(P) and knowledgeability will remain that way. The control organization will be revealed only to LTC Watt and no other GF personnel. The target(s) will be revealed to no one other than LTC Linnen, LTC Howe and Mr. Rawls. 4. (U) Maximum detail of the target is sought and follow-up questions will be asked to develop it. In addition, times of sightings are critical to the verification of test results. The exact times of each observation should be recorded. Approved For Release - ?W-V0788RQO050QO40Q0'1