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November 4, 2016
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March 27, 2000
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BANK ACCOUNT IDENTIFICATION NR. SG1A . Location:~ WSame as viewer. Plus the ASSETS USED TARGETING KNOWLEDGE PROVIDED TO SESSION , SOURCE, IIATERIAL UITI INTERVIEWER F.,,? JESSIEN ApprooveN Ivor 11~~96frf98f~7 SGIA- DP 6000 facilitator was privy to al'. Three viewers were information obtained during previous session DC71. he requirements were the FEEDBACK TO SOURCE DATES KEY RESULTS PROVIDED A1ALYSI FOLLOti.ItiG SESSION SESSION . FORIW!ARDED BY THE SOURCE DLO!,E'iTS targeted against this! I objective and none oft the results agreed. ? therefore, all of !reports were termed ivague. 2. 160 lbs.. slim- 1 -5 nhx/SJr_a1 small boned, thin face, ''desc~ riptions from 3 dark hair, small beard. reports conflicted {Very intent look. Age i5eriuualy in his 30's. iwears a straw hat above individual is identified as the !target individual.) A h S econ man w o U. tis watching first is Generally reports were I vague and did not provide information 6f value to us. described as; Clean evaluated or, at minimuib, comment made that certain point cannot be confirmed or denied. shaven, dark sunglasses, Location on s described Sometimes matched age of target as: Narrow alleyway-- cobblestone pavement, DATE PROJECT NUMBER CLOSED: a I j c T ^nSKING AGENCY: CLASSIFIED BY: IG3 Z JUL 78 MSG, HUDA (DAM-ISH) REVIEW ON: PAt,d 2,d00 and eventually locate abent in question. The fact that the reports conflict with one another rea y oesn matter. a we need is for e has not been done. Individual points must be` Approved for Kelease ZUUUIUo/U( : (IA-KUI b-UU(SSKUUUbUU JbUUUZ-1 128 Jan81 03 Feb 81 L7at"1N~ QtceVti k" ~P~.~?'r'1'~-~Ckfiio Vg4ROJECT NUMBER: 19 1? aaroved For Retease TARGETING KNOWLEDGE PROVIDED TO SESSION SOURCE MATERIAL UTILIZED , INTERVIEWER FJR SESSION 7: CIA-RDP9 60O FEEDBACK TO SOURCE HOLLOWING SESSION DATES SESSION FORWARDED e.. Target person d. Older person Portuguese or Spanish-- features probably eyes English, Norwiegen maybe German. KEY RESULTS PROVIDED BY THE SOURCE f. Third person: 5ft 1Oin tall, rmumpled ,old fashioned suit. Dark hair, shaven. introverted, secretive. Target individual wearing coat, sitting ln park on a bench. Tall buildings (Chicago or New York. May not be targeted DATE PROJECT NUUBER CLOSED: O CLASSIFIED BY: ,G3 Z JUL 78 MSC, HODA (DAMI-ISH) TASKING AGENCY: REVIEW 0N: rAV &4r boo o Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R00050096006?r everywhere. Looks like individual, maybe the ANALYST CCf 1E`vTS Isuited individual w/sun asses Approved For Release 2000/08/07 6-00788R000500960002-1 Target 8104 (Bank Account Number). Three Reports. The three physical descriptions from the three reports conflicted seriously with one another. None of these matched the age of the target. Generally, the reports were vague and did not provide information which was of value to us. 056032 10Aug01 D9c.l Approved For Release 2000/08/07 ,:' CIA-RDP96-00788R000500960002-1 ENTRY DATE: Q/ ' ~ 4 r d7 t1ld ADDroved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP967007 8R00 096 _5_ri_ u_t_) TARGETING 01X/-1 KNOWLEDGE PROVIDED TO FEEDBACK TO SOURCE DATES Ci.: CC inn, rni innr ...r~..~...~_. ____ SG1A DATE PROJECT NUMBER CLOSED: TASKING AGENCY: oVjWX)FY it 021c-4691 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000500 KEY RESULTS PROVIDED ANALYST CLASSIFIED BY: I63 Z JUL 76 MSG, HQDA (DAMI-ISH) REVIEW ON: f c'w ' z BY THE SOURCE CGP-tt-NLNTS ty/i~ I~~ %~~'/`''" ) ~ ; . r ~, ~~ ~~, PROJECT NUMBER: S/al ENTRY DATE. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-007888600 - ASSETS USED TARGETING KNOWLEDGE PROVIDED TO FEEDBACK TO SOURCE KEY RESULTS PROVIDED ANALYST SESSION, SOURCE, MATERIAL UTILIZED DATES ILIZED NTERt1I WER F R SESSI t FOLL t CLASSIFIED BY; IG3 z JUL 78 DATE PROJECT NUMBER CLOSED: TASKING AGENCY: MSG, HQDA (DAMI-ISH) REVIEW C.4. O IING SESSION SESSION FO WARDE`:` BY THE SOURCE C: r ?E~; ~.__ 'if _i T5 -1-T) if T t d ? ? 61111 ,- ~, d_.dfT Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-00788800050096 0 -