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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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Approved For Release 00788R000600180001-7 1%0 b~ INSCOM GRILL FLAME PROGRAM CLASSIFIED BY:MSG,DAMI-ISH DATED: 051630ZJUL78 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS REVIEW Approved For Release 0 / 9 .!C A- 96-00C>8ffl0l0IAME Approved For ReleaseCnQ310 0788R000600180001-7 REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION DCC-75 1. (S/NOFORN) This report documents a remote viewing session conducted in compliance with 'a request for information on Army 711. 2. (S/NOFORN) The remote viewer's impressions of the target are provided as raw intelligence data, and as such, have not been subjected to any intermediate analysis, evaluation or collation. InteLpretation and use of the information provided is the responsibility of the requestor. 3. (S/NOFORN) The protocol used for this session is detailed in the document Grill Flame Protocol, AMSAA Applied Remote Viewing Protocol (S), undated. 4. (S/NOFORN) Following is a transcript of.the viewer's impressions during the remote viewing session. At TAB A are drawings made by the remote viewer reference his impressions of site. At TAB B is target cuing information provided the remote viewer. NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release MI 00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/~~i~ DP96-00788R000600180001-7 1`4'U'1l16 REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION DCC-75 #66: This-will be a remote viewing session for 0900 hours, 16 June 1981. This will be a pre-session briefing to the remote viewer. This morning we will once again be working on the helicopter known to be down in Peru. trouble locating it, although the information we have provided tells us that we have pinned down the proper helicopter. S G F OIA3 Remembering then 17 Fe bruaru 19RI at 0700 hours local time. #01: Okay. #66: The Army UH-1H tail number 73-21711, which crashed about 7:00 in the morning local time, 17 February 1981. Information provided by SOUTHCOM confirms that we have located-the heli- copter. However, being that the forest, in the so heavily grown over, a canopy as it were, they are having SGFOIA I have several specs ic, very specs is questions that have been asked us by SOUTHCOM. To address this issue we will start in the time window of the actual crash. At this time I now show you a picture of a UH-lH, so as to refresh your recollection and aid you in focusing on this morning's target. #01: Okay. #66: Remembering now we're talking about the Army helicopter identi- fied as Army 711. When I would call them on the radio, would call Army 711. You, therefore, need to reach out in the time window of the actual crash to Army 711, and respond to my questions concerning the crash. Do you have any questions prior to preparing yourself for this morning's session? #01: No. #66: All right. You now have 20 minutes in which to prepare yourself to conduct this morning's mission. Before we get started I want to make a correction to something that I.said earlier to you during your pre-session briefing. And that was that I had said the helicopter was known to be down in Peru. Actually it is down right in the area of the Ecuador/Peru border, possibly in Ecuador is where the helicopter is. I just wanted to make sure I haven't misinformed you about the location. Approved For Release 2003/09/091 0788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003 - 0788R000600180001-7 #01: That's okay, I know where it is. #66: All right, fine. You now have 20 minutes to prepare yourself for this morning's session. Relax now. Relax. Relax. Relax.and concentrate solely and completely, 17 February 1981. Search the time window 0700 hours, 17 February 1981. Search for Army helicopter 711, call out Army 711, Army 711. And describe your perceptions to me..... #01: Okay. I got hill that's...(mumbling) only under me and it's, uh...perhaps 100 feet over the trees. Seems to be heading away from a...some kind-of a cleared PSP path... Its going away from point of departure. #66: Move forward through time now..... #01: (Mumble) it's makin' a..course correction to the.right. It's come over a river. Hasn't crossed it but it's making a course correction right... Following the river. Runnin' into some very..very rugged hills. Startin' to.get some, uh, heavy thunder- head type clouds. Black, rolling clouds. Feeling the valley's to my front, slight left. It's makin' another course correction. It's going slightly right again. Around what is, uh, apparently a fairly predominant landmark. Hill or something. Swinging left and then another set of valleys. Seems to be a...high turbulence. I get a...get a rotor imbalance of some kind. Have a lot of !vibration. Red lights. Got a violent snap. Apparently a piece of rotor's gone. It's doing a hard roll over to the right. Went down into the trees... It's the crash site, just went into the trees. It's about a third of the way up the side of a small hill. Major valley... +06 #66: Tell me about the condition of the aircraft at the site. #01: Main frame is fairly intact. The boom is gone, rotors are gone.. Flown almost straight into the trees. I don't ...have a lot of tree damage. I don't have any fire. Light smoke. #66: All right. Now step back in time to moments before the impact, hovering over as you did before, watching. And prepare yourself for a question... #01: Just a minute... Okay. #66: Okay. Now moment before the crash site now, expand your aware- ness below you wider and wider add wider. And ask yourself as you scan this vast area below you, ask yourself as you scan this vast. area below you, just moments before the crash. Now expand.your time window to include the crash. Now you.can per- ceive.a very wide area, space and a wide area of time, several minutes before, during and after the crash. Now ask +09 yourself other than yourself are there others witnessing this crash? Approved For Release 2003/09/09 61100788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 WIT]g'0788ROO0600180001-7 #01: Um, people hearing it... ~,,.. #66: Describe the raw impressions you have which makes you say this.. #01: I'm with, uh...I'm with some kind of native..very primative.. Form of village, old village. They, uh, they're hearing it crash, looking to their-northeast. They have, uh, black, black hair cut in almost a soup bowl fashion. #66: I understand you to say that from the positions of the natives they look on the azimuth northeast? #01: That's correct. #66: Describe distance. #01: Uh, close for sound, uh, less than three miles. Trying to.. trying to decide time delay between crash and sound. #66: Be careful not to analyze, simply describe your perception. #01: Just a minute... Two and a half miles, north-northeast. There'.s a river, two rivers meet. Village is in the junction of smaller river. #66: Name the river... +12 #01: Silver river... Silver flash river... I'm seeing these adobe huts. #66: All right. Center yourself over the site again. Center yourself over the site again and prepare for further target direction. #01: Okay. #66: All right. Focusing now on the crash site, on the exact crash site as-you see it before you now in February 1981. At this time move with me through time as I direct you. We are now going to move through time as I direct you. Move forward now, March, April, May, June..June 12th, June 16th, present time, now, right now. Describe the crash site from overhead... #01: Just a minute. #66: I will wait..... #01: Found a "L" shaped V pattern in treetops..on slightly down the hill-west to east, L shaped turn goes north, fans away. Larget's just south and east. Small river is to the almost due west. #66: Describe what can be seen of the crash site from the air over the crash site...... Approved For Release 2003/09/O M ' b OO788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 788R000600180001-7 Now +17 #01: See the main frame of the helicopter,. but., uh, approach.from the east- southeast. Sun must be nearly directing overhead. Altitude, 200 feet above trees. Get not reflection but break in pattern. This allows the, uh, dark silhouette to show through. There is some glass reflection but, uh, it's minimal... You can't see anything else. #66: (Mumble). #01: The V shaped pattern is very predominant. #66: Okay, you can draw that for me. Center yourself in the present time directly over the crash site now, directly over the crash site. #01: Okay. #66: Describe the azimuth and distance to the border, to the border. The shortest distance and azimuth to the border. #01: Shortest distance is, uh...due south three miles, maybe two points east of due south. #66: All right. Now center yourself over the crash site and prepare for further target direction. #01: Okay. #66: All right. This time move up to 50,000 feet above the target, 50,000 feet above the target. Below you now you see a great expanse of countryside. From 50,000 feet now you see a great expanse of countryside. Notice below you, notice now below you in this great expanse of countryside the town of Almansa. There it is, the town of Almansa. And over there San Antonio de las Cerradas. Notice these two towns, Almansa and an Antonio de.las Cerradas. Between these two towns runs a road north and south. Between these two towns runs a road north and south... Now stand on the road exactly in the middle between the two towns. Stand on the road exactly in the middle between the two towns. #01: Okay. #66: Face the sunrise, face the east, face the sunrise... #01: Okay. #66: All right. Now... facing east on the road between Almansa and San Antonio de las Cerradas, the suspected crash site should be somewhere in front of you in that countryside. Somewhere in front of you in that countryside. From the center point in the road facing east... the crash site. Now-as you point at the move to a comfortable altitude over the road. Centering yourself between the towns.move to a comfortable alti- tude over the road and describe the azimuth and distance from the center point of the road facing east the azimuth and distance to the crash. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 88R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/ - r QL-00788R000600180001-7 #01: Seventy-seven degrees.... #66: Seventy-seven degrees off of north or off of straight ahead? #01: North. #66: Off of north. I understand. #01: Just a minute. #66: So it'll be a little bit to your right as you face east. Is that correct? #01: Negative. Seventy-seven degrees off north. #66: All right. Just a little bit to your left, just a little bit to the lift of 90 degrees, which would be directly east. #01: That's correct. #66: All right. And very carefully now, maintaining your observation position over the road, exact middle point in the road between the two towns, the distance from there to the crash site. #01: Just a minute. +26 #66: I will wait....... #01: Saw 28, 29 miles. #66: All right. #01: Not more than 30 miles. #66: Not more than 30 miles... Now, open your perspectives now and scan the azimuth, scan along the azimuth, moving freely through space back and forth along the azimuth, back and forth along the azimuth. Describe for me those identifiable and specific terrain +27 features as I proceed from the road to the crash. #01: Uh...a very large, uh, farm of some kind. Main building's a little to the north, the azimuth line. I'm just crossing a river that's running from the northwest to the southeast. It's. not very wide, it's only a few meters wide. Going over a double, double deep ra.vine..cerrated hill line that's runnin' kind of parallel to these double ravines. Going into some very rugged hills, valleys. Passing a,.uh, predominant, uh... almost the same time passing a predominant mountaintop of some kind, directly off my left. #66: Distance from your azimuth line to predominant mountain? #01: Five miles. #66: Distance from predominant mountain to crash site? Approved For Release 2003/09/ OMSL00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/090788R000600180001-7 #01: Five miles. #66: Proceed. #01: Same time, uh, directly over a large river. Running almost east-west-from crash site. #66: All right. Now you can draw all this for me in great.detail later,.but_I want you to take a.look again and make sure that you have everything clear in your mind. So take a minute +30 without reporting to scan this area once again, and make's perfectly clear. But concentrate on the target, not on talking to me, and I will speak with you again in a moment...... #01: Okay. #66: All right. All right #01. I want to try one last thing. This is a game of association. I'm.-.going to mention some words which may or may not be relevant to the target, and as you focus on the target and listen to the words that .1 use I want you to tell me if they are significant to the target, if they will help us find the helicopter. I'm going to use English words, I'm going to use the English words, not the Spanish words. #01: Okay. #66: The River Orange, the Orange River. #01: No... #66: The River Lime, the Lime River. #01: That's relevant.... #66: Describe. #01: It's got a second river just came in meeting the larger river near the border. Feel as if it's somewhat left to the crash site. #66: The River Lemon, the Lemon River.... #01: It's too far away. It's not relevant. #66: I have no further questions concerning Army.711 this morning, however, I would like you to take a few minutes now to explore and examine.the target through time and space as required for that information most critical to us locating the helicopter. +35 #01: It's.on.the east side,. east side of the hill-third of the way up... That's all I can add. Approved For Release 2003/09/ Approved For Release 2003/09/ '" - 8R000600180001-7 #66: All right fine. Focusing your attention. now on my voice, the present time here in the room, remembering perfectly, clearly and precisely. everything you have perceived concerning Army 711. Move your arms, move your.legs, take a few deep breaths, and let's prepare now to draw the perceptions you have had. #O1: Okay, uh, page one I have a up and down vertical line, which represents the distance, axis between two towns, which I've labeled just town A and town B. At the midsection is the, where I've started runnin' my azimuth from and I went over a farm, a double ravine on both sides of like a rib section of rock, mountain.type area.. And I.kept crossin' this same . river, which was almost runnin'. east to west,. or west to east rather. And, uh, the predominant hilltop was to the north. And then the Lime River, which I didn't see the Lime River until you named it. I guess it's very small compared to the larger river. And then the,.uh, the small hilltop with the crash site. I labeled in the village location too as I.perceive it. And approximate distance 28, 30 miles. And I also have an approxi- mate distance between towns of 40-45. On page two is, as well as I can draw it, what I meant by the V shape, the L shape V shape that comes down the side of the hill and turns to the north, approximate north. And the V shape is actually there all along, but the crash site is to the front right side of that V shape. And if you were to fly east- southeast to west-northwest towards that V then you would be able to see the, uh, the crash site. That's about it. #66: Okay, the really the crux of the issue, the question then is right now..if I fly right over the crash site at 1,000 feet in a helicopter and I look down am I gonna see the crash site? #01: No, you're not gonna see it. You're gonna have to be at 200 feet, you're gonna have to be flying at between noon and two in the afternoon and you're gonna have to be looking directly at the crash site in order to see it. And you're only gonna .get momentary reflection. #66: And do I understand that I have to be looking obliquely at it, as opposed to being overhead? #01: You have to be looking to your direct front at- down off hori- zontal at about a 45 degree angle. And, uh, someone who's a trained observer is able to see the actual impact site. Althought, after looking at all the trees long I don't know if they're gonna recognize it or not. But it's still evidence, you know, the impact site. It's still evidenced. #66: Okay. Is there anything else that you'd like to add that you feel about this mission? #01: No, that's it. Approved For Release 2003/09 Approved For Release 2003/ ., P96-00788R000600180001-7 #66: How do you feel about the remote viewing session itself? #01: Feel real good about it. #66: Okay, fine. Thank you very much. A.dmin Note: Off the record the viewer believes Army 711.will be found eventually by talking to natives who will have found the crash and scrapped the aircraft. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 .lsi(7 ' ~/dd6' Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 0 Approved For Release 2003/09109 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release ~Wjf -007888000600180001-7 L. TARGET CUING INFORMATION REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION DCC-75 1. (S/NOFORN) Information provided the remote viewer prior to the session is documented as a pre-session briefing and is included in the transcript. Attached is the photograph shown to the viewer. 2.. (S/NOFORN) During the session the viewer was directed to focus on pre- determined areas of interest in an attempt to address the-.task at hand. NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release 96-00788R000600180001-7 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-007881000600180001-7 H -/ H (1973) 7 73 - 217/I / F-1 0700 L Q om. rf .6-7, SGFOIA3 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000600180001-7