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November 4, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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December 13, 1979
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Approved For Release 200d 10$10'' ~DP96-0078880008002 92=Oq REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION CC29 1. (S) This report documents a Remote Viewing (RV) session conducted in compliance with a request from SOD, J3, OJCS, Pentagon, Washington, D.C. The purpose of the session was to provide information relevant to the hostage situation in the U.S. Embassy compound in Teheran, Iran. 2. (S) The remote viewer's impressions of the target are provided as raw intelligence data and as such have not been subjected to any intermediate analysis, evaluation or collation. Interpretation and use of the information provided is the responsibility of the requestor. 3. (S) The-protocol used for this session is detailed in the document, Grill Flame Protocol, AMSAA Applied Remote Viewing Protocol-(S), undated. 4. (S) Following is a transcript of the viewer's impressions during the remote viewing session. At TAB A are drawings made by the remote viewer reference his impressions of the target site. At TAB B is target cueing information provided- the remote viewer. Approved For Release 200~f `97 "~ -RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release 200QfflTM4tpq 96-00788R000800220002-9 REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION CC29 V #66 This will be a remote viewing session (edited for security). #66 Good. Fo s your attention now on the area now on area H. Focusing your attention very clearly and sharply describe the area to me now. #24.5 I'm...uh...back to a dark hall and...uh...let's see... ..uh..I'm on a soft rug...not a carpet... softer which I think is the big one in the downstairs with the circular light pattern..... still have center thing in the rug (mumbling)..shapes very irregular.... to my right I feel lattice work like windows or something."..seems as though there is no rug there and to my extreme right it feels as though there is some little side passageway that goes out the back...a small mirrowed hall goes along the open area....separateT'rr en area more visually Than physically... uprights that turns it into a hall of sorts. I feel this thing goes out the back of the building. just to the right of the center... behind me now is dark large hall...way of some kind...I have...uh...over my head is...uh...staircase up to ceiling...I am now looking down the hall waiting for you. +05 #66 Ok. Fine. Move down the hall under the stairs and describe as you go. PAUSE #24.5 I feel this area is not carpeted... floor appears to be some darker tile. (mumbling) h Pair of doors. doors. It seem have the feeling seen maybe 15 feet I (mumbling) move very ow...distraction...hall I have 'de.. I'm getting in the hallway... ..uh before...pair of does no iere than before...uh... -1-don't feel this place is em so long as before.-(mumbling) 96-00788 R000800220002-9 Approved For Release"2`Oi7d1 / 7 . 1A R00788R000800220002-9 (Mumbling) see the end...uh... #24.5 I...uh...feel...doors ...double (mumbling) doors. Small windows on the top. #66 Move through the doors. #24.5 I have a outside... small cement slab (mumbling) a little (mumbling) actual (mumbling) shields the door ...acts as a little roof...slab is bigger than that...uh...looking right seems to be...uh... (mumbling) type (mumbling) to which the left appears to be a black top of some size ...uh...trees in the distance-row of trees...small trees...coming up to the right front of the (mumbling) 100 feet over left side of me... uh... #66 Move around the building. Move around the outside of the building and describe as you go. #24.5 Uh...(mumbling)...small straight thing on the ground the grass... segment is wall each maybe 50 from the other...I feel bumps in-them... +12 appears to be in each indented: section of-the wall to be two windows along the ground level. Getting an overhang possibly center of building, not much but looks narrow now as though the small edge of the door has an overhang and a small stoop. I feel it is a door. #66 Move on around the building. #24.5 Uh...I have a...other end is also...big ...(not audible) going off at left 90 degr .+a-.~""'fF3i becomes...uh...between this end of the buil and me...'t is very bare and plain. I'd almost say it s parking are mumbling) ...shape of these...keep seein (mumbli s though these pads on each end are tapere e sort of loading docks or low loading ramps where a truck can pull up to the doors. Some furniture and such...I am going around to the front side. Trying. I seem to be getting farther back from the building. I have a (mumbling) go off on this side. Seems farther from the building. Low-above me..maybe (mumbling) small, running along doing sidewalk, building, still +17 have feeling of vertical segments in building with two windows in each one. Very regular feeling-feeling two windows above (mumbling) on the upper side of each segment. As well (mumbling) trying to get up to the front. #66 Are there any personnel in the area? Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Relea 96-00788R000800220002-9 #24.5 Let me look. I'm fading fast. I see people banging on (mumbling)...oh....... #66 Let's take a break and sit up and draw those things that you have had. Let's take a break now and sit up and draw those things that you have had. #24.5 Somebody shoot that turkey. #66 Ok. Let's sit up and draw now. (Drawing) #24.5 Let's see. I got to pay attention to the front part of the building because I...I wasn't in there...I was in...I was in like just standing in under the edge of the stairs ..when I first started I was like rubbing the stairs trying to get a feel for them-standing with them right at head high. (laughing) #66 O. Um...make yourself, a large rectangle on the piece of paper there and see if you can't, and let that rectangle represent the entire building itself and see if you can't position ..uh...your particular in. the whole building itself. It is a very large building, so we are interested in knowing where in that building you felt you were. #24.5 Ok. I think I am in the center portion of this. and off of each one of these things goes a hallway.. .the we get into problems, because we are talking about what T think is the true floor but here is the stair going up to the second floor. Second floor I would draw doesn't zerox very well. I'll just do it in dotted line...... landing... goes like this...ok...dotted line insert is the upper deck..ok...I feel where I am doing my thing... this... from is going back to preceding session just to...'cause I didn't report on that this session, but these things...these features are filled in there..ok..and there's carpeting...ok...I had the feeling the carpeting comes across...sort of ends..'cause ..ground floor now-talking about ground floor only...let me just erase that. I'll do an upper floor ok. That (not audible) ok..makes it all confusing... this is the carpeting here...the carpeting comes across there. ..about like that ...This then what would be the.-I'll call it rear of the building because I have to presume that that's the front of the building...the opposite side...this is open terrazzo..ok..or open something or other. carpeting is what it is..ok..terrazzo or a print tile of some kind, I had the feeling that there are some..uh..again random poles in there..ok..and that along this side, here, Approved For Release 2000 /07 : CNllk!ft l 6P96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Releas 788R000800220002-9 is a hallway that's not a closed's a visual hallway, if you follow what I mean. In other words, there's no real thing on this side of the room going to the back of the building. There's no walls. It's a wall on one side which is this wall, and the rest of it is like... made... (mumbling) pillars. You can actually walk in and out anywhere you want to, but the visual affect is that it's a hallway going down. OK. OK. Like that. You get my drift there? These dots going down the the feeling that that's some sort of of a hallway. Small, little overhang on the back side. Not much at all, and a door there.. something, ok. Uh..and there are windows along here, 'cause I had the feeling of light coming through..light playing through risers, like..I don't want to say that they're very long, tall windows...bay windows type things.. very ornamental-long things, like that. But, I had this feeling of long sections of light playing in, and on to this bare floor. Now, when I was outside I did not see very long things, but I had the feeling that there are more windows there. Much more openess there in this section of the building than there is everywhere else. Where there's only a window per room, or something like that, ok. What else have I got? #66 Ok.. So, how about showing us how you moved down the hall and where you went.. .when you went down the this drawing. #24.5 Ok. I started like here at the X was what I was thinking. I could just make out this circle in front of me and to my left (mumbling) I had the feeling I was on carpeting had the feeling when I looked to my right that I saw bare.. bare floor (mumbling) this light effect and I looked hard right, remember I used the term hard right, and I felt that I was looking down this non-hall towards a back door or some kind. Then I started to move this way, ok. At that point in time, I had the feeling that the hall was not so long as my earlier session, you know. It's just-that had began to have some sort of a depth to it. I perceived somewhere along the side that there were again these double doors, side by side. Like this mirror image room, thing, ok. You moved me to here, which was the back, I just about got...I don't know which..which..where I was aalong this hall, but I had the feeling like the.rq might +have been four ro...what do I want to say.... three room groups long instead of eight room groups long. You follow/ I who mean?' #66 Ok. #24.5 Ok. Got to the back door. Had the feeling o' double fire doors with small..just a small upper window, but with the breaker bar, panic bar, you know, that type of an arrangement, solid door, panic bar. I went through r~ r% Approved For Release 7 . RDP 6-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Releas DP96-00788R000800220002-9 the door and I was on a pad. Seemed to be some sort of cement pad. It seemed that the-the doorway-please follow. . .the doorway on the ground floor seemed to be in set about 2 feet in the building, and that in set went all the way around it, like this-all around over the top. So it acted like sort of like a defacto little roof. But the second floor of the-the wall-in that, right overhead,stuck out to the normal wall line. So it's like somebody had taken a knife and carved the little square out of the end of each of the..each end of the building. This end of the building, ok. There's some sort of a pad here-oh, on each end. I'll put a pad on the other end, right now too, because I think there was one down there as well. All right. Where am I. I was there... #66 Ok. You stand outside left and right. Tell me about what you saw. #24.5 I had the feeling of rather narrow and skinny grass strip or stuble strip or something along the building, and there were, there was a walk going out that way. There were. . .there was a walk going this way. It went all the way around the building...all the way along the back of the building, in any case. Like that. Now, to the right, what did I say..I wasn't vie ` g very'much. I was sort of surprised, almost surprise to be I guess. Uh..(mumbling) had somet ng up yours "eve. (Laughing) Uh..the right front I had t ees...I to write a con-continuation here 'cause the ances (mumbling) greater. Let's say you put one and two end to end, ok, for the tape's purposes.. .all right. Here's two. Somewhere out..on my right front about 100,..what did I say........ .100 feet away...felt like about 100 feet...on my right front there was a row of low trees of some kind...that I just sort of faded in the distances, ok...and that a (mumbling) quite aways distance...I think quite aways distance, anyway...were some rather larger trees that came across like this. I didn't get much of anything around. I didn't get any feeling for any...well I ..feeling when I was standing on the back of the pad, but, you know, this is it. We've all s..we've all been targeted against the....but that.. .like this much of-front strip was visible, of some kind, ok. A dark..dark flat-flattened out area and everything like that. That's what I..I presume that has...that's the front parking area, whatever. But, that was it. I don't have anything in here. Just had the feeling of the trees fading off and then trees on the other side.... trees opposite me. Possibly, 150 feet, maybe, that type of a distance ......................... Approved For Releas 'O WN8/DA 10 4-RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release 88R000800220002-9 you know, sort of gloomy. You could just see 'em against the sky line. There's not much sky line, either. All right, back to number one. That's all I had. #66 Ok. When you go to the left..... #24.5 When I went to the left, I was concentrating on the building, all right. And, that's when I picked up here ?this gra...I think this grass strip continues all the way along. I think this grass strip continues all the way along like this and there are...the idea I was trying to get out to you is that there are little bumps all along this thing segments, like this, ok. Which (mumbling) like beams camouflage beams, you know...just..wall comes along and it. makes a little one foot wide jog like that and it goes along like that, ok. And, in between these are windows, and I had the feeling there were two windows in between each one of these vertical risers, or whatever they are. These vertical positions, ok. #66 Where are the ramps that you said you saw? #24.5 Oh. That's what I call pad, here. The pad at each end. I had the feeling that this pad was not just like a little stoop that youd`find on the back of-your house but that, rather was tapered down so it served two purposes. You could could back a truck up on it and off load. But, if you looked at it...just wouldn't even detect the fact that it tapered off like that. I sort of just got that feeling that it was used to load and off load stuff-and delivering and take away stuff into the building, , you know. There was just-the outer edge of it was not an eight foot drop. It was more ramp.....very gently ramp shaped (mumbling) to the building. Ok. What 've we got. I'm not too sure about the other end of this thing. Let me see. What I do have is a hedge coming off this way. A hedge there ...uh.. no..I know what I s...all right...I won't call this one the pad. I'll,call this one the pad. This..when I was at the other when I talked about ramp..ok..which is this end. So, I'll label that one different. And, the idea I had is that at this end of the building had asphalt on it..or not on it..not on the building-but had it on the end...some sort of an asphalt pad out here, which you know-connected, which could be driven up on and could be used. All right. I had the feeling of trees behind me Approved For Release 20 ~`. P96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release P96-00788 R000800220002-9 when I was out there...a little bit of grass and trees behind me on the other side of this thing. All right. Then I came around here. I don't know about...I don't know for sure if I had the fe...if I saw a sidewalk up here or not, going along this side of the building. All right. Along here, I had a feeling of a low hedge just above thigh high is all...or thigh high...skinny narrow hedge. This hedge is a bigger hedge than that... you know's more man size maybe, certainly wider. But, this one is just a little ornamental hedge is all I had the feeling of. And, that the sidewalk went down the outside of that, all right. Here again, were the bumps...ok...and, that's about where I lost was just somewhere down I went following the arrows. I went around the building this way. I went out across the parking lot here, and then I came back in this way. #66 Ok. Now, I had asked you before whether or not you saw any personnel. #24.5 Yeah. Well that's...I...I wasn't ... about that-that's when ...I was here when you asked me if I saw any people. I did not see any people inside. But, again, I was working the ground floor. It was darker. The doors were closed. Everything was quiet (mumbling) no feelings for activity or anything like that. And, then I cruised around the building and I got no feeling for any activity or that at all. And, right at the end, I was starting to look for people outside, like guards, and then...puff...that was the end of the session. X66.5 You never did get up on the roof, or anything like that. #66 Unfortunately, huh. Didn't have time to? That's where I was headed. #6.5 You never.. .you never sensed ...uh...(mumbling) earlier anyone around. You had a guard outside the building? #24.5 Yes. The earlier session I had somebody out front. This about..a little bit farther down from where my X is and that's where I was starting to work on...was starting to see if that guy was still there. But, that was when they decided to dissect the coke machine out in the hallway. That was it. #6.5 Ok. The only thing I'm confused on (mumbling) is these. What did you refer to these things as? #6.5 Ok. Posts. Uh..just in this one-half of this..uh.. M Approved For Release 1'`Q - DP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release A-RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 #24.5 Yeah. That's all I have feeling for is in the back half. #6.5 Yeah. Ah..ha.. #24.5 Yeah. Not out where the carpeting is. Not out this... not out near the front where this thing is, but sort of in the back, where it's like a bare floor...there isn't any furniture down there, either. Furniture is upstairs, but, there's nothing downstairs. #6.5 What's in this bay? #24.5 I don't know. I didn't go that way. I went around the building this way. This morning I was working on the right hand of the building, and this time I also ended up working the right hand of the building. So I don't know what's on the left side. #6.5 Well you used some term there, I wasn't sure what you said when you were describing... #24.5 The back windows? #6.5 No. The back area. #24.5 Yeah. But, it was smaller than I thought. I .got the feeling it was only a distance of 50 feet long as an example instead of 100 feet long. You see what Imean. This morning I had no idea ....... I had no feeling or appreciation for how long this hall was. But, this afternoon I got in there, I had the feeling, very definitely had an end and it very definitely was..... Oh! I forgot something. #6.5 You were walking down the hall though, you described what was on each side of it. #24.5 Just one side. #6.5 Then, what did you describe that as? #24.5 Double door system, again. Two doors side by side. One to each room. But they're like mirrored image type of a set up. #6.5 The mirrored image...maybe I just didn't understand... well, ok. #24.5 Yeah. You know what I mean by that? You have two rooms and a wall...or behind a wall...if the rooms are identical on layout the door on the right of this room the door will also be on the right of this room. But this way, they're -RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release 96-00788 R000800220002-9 flip-flop so that the door is on the left of this room but, the door is on the right of this room and if you put them together like a sandwich they match. Supposedly, they come up together. The door would be...just like running a mirrow down the center wall. What I wanted to say was I had a fe......feeling when....when you stopped me at the doors, I had the feeling that there was this... there was an end staircase down here, ok. A little cubicle. I had the feeling of a little cubicle...entrance way with note...I didn't feel any door or anything like that but, a offset cubicle of some kind that was a staircase. I had the feeling it was stairs inside. The how they're arranged ..... I could look at the side of the stairs from in front of the door...looking through this open passage way...yeah...I'm sure the stairs go that...or they might go the other way...I don't know... but, they go...they go from left to right...... they don't up like this. They go sideways (mumbling) I had the feeling there were stairs there. Some sort of a little anti-room with a staircase in it. That's best I can do. I had no feeling for any people around at all. But, then, too, I wasn't paying attention to 'em. I was on know.....figuring we' know-get to them later... .which we almost did. Anything more? #6.5 Yeah. I just got to make sure I understand it. I'm, I'm concerned with all this space over here. #24.5 I didn't go..... I just went down the hall. #6.5 You went down the hall. I know it, and you got double doors here, but what was down in here, anything... anything .. #24.5 I didn't see that because ...... I didn't see that. I was standing in front of the double doors and I turned and I looked down here, and I'd said there are fire doors down the end of the hall. #66 said "go to the end of the hall." So, there I was. #6.5 Ok. All right. Ok. Fine. Approved For Release 20aMW7w(llA4WR 00788R000800220002-9 Approved ~Or Release 2000/08/A : CIA-RDP96-00788 qQ 7 00800220002-9 elease 2000/08/ ~ CIA-RDP96-0088R0 Appp6ved For Release 2000/08/7 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000800220002-9 Approved For Release 20 91' .'iQP96-00788R000800220002-9 TARGET CUING INFORMATION REMOTE VIEWING (RV) SESSION CC29 1. (S) The viewer has been exposed to open source news media information as well as classified overhead imagery. He knew he would be working against the hostage situation in Iran. 2. (S) At the time of the session the remote viewer was not given any target data other than to return to the area designated as AREA H. Approved For Release 2 6-00788 R000800220002-9