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November 4, 2016
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June 15, 2004
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July 11, 1980
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approved For Release 2004/0 - 6-00788 R001000340003-2 IRAN THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF WASHINGTON, D.C. 20301 a. A thorough requestor understanding of the GRILL FLAME process, its limitations, and its susceptability to misinterpretation when viewed in isolation or when assumed to be precise. b. A familiarization of the controller with the target area (in terms of physical verifiables and desired types of information). c. Selection of proper source in relation to desired information (geographic, physical., or intellectual). d. General orientation of source with target area (general physical or functional description). ARMY and JCS review(s) completed. SECRET/NOFORN 11 July 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR LIEUTENANT GENERAL PUS'TAY, USAF Subject: Interim Evaluation, Grill Flame Project 1. Application of Project GRILL FLAME to the Iranian hostage situation was actively initiated by DA during mid-November 1979, with the initial session occurring on 27 November 1979. 2. JCS/J3/SOD was subsequently appraised of the program, and in conjunction with the INSCOM Project Manager, developed a joint exploitation approach which went into effect during the first week in December, 1979. During the 1 December 1979 and July 1980 time frame, more than 150 GRILL FLAME reports were prepared on behalf of JCS/SOD. 3-The comments provided below are based upon an examination of the reports cited above and reflect a judgemental analysis, after comparison of the report data with other available information. Sufficient corelation of physical verifiables has been obtained to indicate that GRILL FLAME data appears to provide insights that would not be readily available through other sources, particularly when working against a target in a denied or hostile environment. 4. GRILL FLAME reporting appears to have increased potential when proper care is taken to map out a strategy which involves: Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001000340003-2 Approved For Release 20 e. Exercise of proper direction of source during mission period. f. Objective correlation of GRILL FLAME data by competent. analyst (requestor) who has intimate knowledge of other available intelligence. 5. In summary, GRILL FLAME data appears to have potential value as a supplemental or keying source. Any decisions based solely on GRILL FLAME material, however, would be extremely risky and not recommended. Final evaluation of the GRILL FLAME data and validations/invalidations of the comments contained in this memorandum cannot be made until the hostage situation has been resolved and the hostages are available for debrief. OOERICx Wt%AHAN ?- Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Approved For Release 2004/09/09 :