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November 4, 2016
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March 27, 2000
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January 19, 1988
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Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RD,P~6-p0788~001000380003-8 Uhllf_D ST/~11:S GUVLJ,:(;h',I:NT ~; rr_~_a.r~c~_.r~.(~~l ~_~~Z H [:,'1_Y 't O h?WO1-t F,ARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE I}vTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND I.IETHODS INVOLVED HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS hEG?UIRED CLASSIFIED BY: DIA/UT DECLASSIFY BY: OADR 19 Jc,ntaary 1~3~%8 D'f --S SIJN STREAK - Annual Report lyii7 (l1) DT (Dr. Verona) 1. (S/SK/l?2NIld'TEL) The rr,ission of the ~U11 S"I'I:EAK Prototype Operational Group (POG) remained dedicated to the application of the psychoenergetic process of Rerr,otc Virwir,g (RV) ?3s a liuman Intelligence (HU1~IINT) collection rr,ct}-,odology to unilaterally collect foreign intelligence information or, tlirough appropriate cuing, provide a basis for a sister discipline to prorr~pt a 5p~~cific collection effort on be}7alf of the Department of Defense -(DOD) and other US intelligence community agencies when all other systems have failed. ?_. (S/SK/1?,NIN"TEL) The POG is comprised of professional int~lligcnce officers, a group of highly self-disciplined pcr'so1;;,e1 de dicat~~d to the collection of foreign int~lligcnce t,}~ro~,gh the .~ppl ication of unique methodology conducted under strict, controlled conditions. The att,achcd annual report reflects the scope of this ~_xtensive effort with its perceived ..highlights of accorrpl i>};rr:~-nts ar,d attendant sl-,ortfalls. 3. (S/SK/I~dNINTEL) 1/fforts involving the penetration of inaccessible targets in tcrrns of persons, places, things, or events, were normally successful. Rs=:rr,ote vi owing efforts conducted to predict the occurrence or non-occurrence of future events resulted in g~'nerally erratic and unreliable results. Remote viewing e~forts conducted to locate persons (hostages) or things (docunicnts) based on a known point of focus (operat.ional data) are to date, encouraging but not conclusive. Efforts to favorably resolve t1,e basic issues of the so-called "search problem" are ongoing.' Prototype talkers related to Military r? ans and Intrntiotis and to Terrorism wore- drafted; the=:ir ~_, - T~r:,plernentation rerr;ains to be scheduled for pursuance in a t.rai7r_ng mode c{uuing tl-,e catr,ing year. OPTIONAL FORM FJO. 10 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001000380003-8 cR~. ,-9 D) ~, ~y t____. II' .. ~~_="'~----~ GSA FPMR(~ ~J,11":CCfu -~:;~ 4i L:>~i;:a~~? :'.a :Lc~ f7rrt~t:i:i.I-tg I~)/Fa 4 :; L:; t::~ `'; _ (;,I ;; ?~ 1. :~' [ 7 r?. c~ r. r i. n g h~l / (~ (:7t:71 ~I 1 ::' 1 1 Dull 437 F-.t_;LitJ:i ng 4~'/t:i' ~6 J':? L'~; ,:it_tn i37 F't;:~r-,rJirrg f3i`t~~~ :?:; J.?:?, 1. `? ~:iun 437 F'e:~rrdirig 437t?I f7 :? :_, :I. ~: Jur?t 4a7 !='t::~r-Id~. r ~g 43'7t1c~3 /~ i`? J~u~ 437 J='t;_~ndi.r~g ~3 7 c ~ 9 ~!? 17 ,- ;:~ r t_t t~ i3 7 I=' c_~ r-r tJ i n g %3 "7 :Lc_~ ~I? ':1 ^C? Jul X37 1='t=ndir~g _ ~~i'1.1 /I ~'4? b ug ~7 F'i`riuirig X11.^ :mot ~ :'b 7.ti ~I.r 437 h~l/(~ ~71.T 1? 14.[ 1~? h?!:~i/ 437 1='i=ricli.r,g "~ 1. =1? ~~ :I.:= 1 q. i '~ r~ c a l r't::~ r, d i r, q ci / .l J ~4 J. ~ ~.._7 O r. ~L- 4~ 7 I'' L' I I ;=11 I I g i7 % ~. O "1' 7 - 7 ~.".~ I'4 l.J ~.' i'~ / I-' C !-{ ~ Z I 1 Q 43'!17 ~? 11 Ct~n~L-inuing ............... 071.43 ~ 43 4? hlov (37 1='r?~I-~Ginq Sara) 430.9 ::?, 7 iii h~~v 437 !='i=i~clir~q f17,~) F'r-t.-~j~c~t ~7~~t::~~ :i. ~ i.t~L-i.1it ~ :-:;~st_;i:?