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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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October 15, 1987
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Approved For Release 2003/0$/OJ :'CIA-R~P96-00788R0~'~~,~9Q~O+OS GOVERNMENT REPLY TO ATTN OFi m~~norana 15 Oct 87 DT-S SUN STREAK Report - Third Quarter CY 87 (U) ~un~. 1. (S/SK/WNINTEL) In pursuance of SUN STREAK'S operational intelligence mission, the following reports reflect the results of activity undertaken by DT-S for the reporting period: a. (U) At TAB A is the Quarterly Production Report. b. (U) At TAB B is the Operational Project Report. c. (U) At TAB C is the Utility Assessments Report. d. (U) At TAB D is the Training Report. 2. (S/SK/WNINTEL) OPERATIONS: a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) During the period of 17 November 19$6 to 2 October 1987, 77 sessions were conducted by six remote viewers against Project "P", a utility assessment initiated to determine a remote viewer's ability to function effectively in a purely predictive mode. In June 1987, targeting for Project "P" was further revised and refined. A methodology was concurrently established to insure that weekly, automatic, feedback would be provided the remote viewer. Remote viewing efforts conducted under this revised protocol ceased on 2 October 1987. The results at TAB E, reflect weak correlations of 13 percent and 18 percent respectively for both periods under consideration. Remote viewer enthusiasm in the conduct of Project "P" has waned considerably. Suggest this project be held in abeyance pending completion of an in-depth review of this effort. WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED CLASSIFIED BY: DIA, DT DECLASSIFY BY: OADR ~.x-a xs:,;,;.s ~ ( ~IONB ;FORM NO. 10 9fi- ~ 788R001000390006-4~sA FPMR (+1 CFR> l01-11.6 ~..~SA ~ 50f 0-11 Approved For Ref~e_~s ~ ?~, 31~91,A9~ ~.,,CI~-RDP96-007888001000390006-4 b. (S/SK/WNINTEL) On the other hand, the conduct of Project N-1, a utility assessment established to determine a remote viewer's ability to access a target document and substantially determine the nature of its content, appeared to be relatively successful. All four participating remote viewers appeared to readily access the target area. One remote viewer failed to access the target document altogether; a second viewer provided data of limited value. The remaining two remote viewers successfully described the substantial content of the document and provided conceptual drawings in support of their findings. Project N-1 is the first in a series of five projects designed to determine the ability of remote viewers to access and report against foreign documents with a reasonably acceptable rate of success. c. (S/NF/WNINTEL) At TAB F are draft lead sheets submitted for consideration and possible use against foreign intelligence targets related to (military) Plans and Intentions and against Terrorism. Under ideal conditions, requirement originators would SG1A request a collection effort be conducted against a suspected perpetrator(s), for a suspected event(s) within a specific time window (current or future,). e. (S/NF/WNINTEL) Based on the premise that near-time exposure to future events might enhance remote viewer access to significant occurrences (eg, the President Kennedy assassination), four remote viewers conducted "free-flight" sessions against events of foreign intelligence significance in the Persian Gulf. (The expression "free flight" merely denotes that remote viewers functioned independently and without the assistance of a monitor or an interviewer). Although "free flight" methodology did not produce significant results against perceived future events, the methodology will be attempted against real-time targets where probabilities of success should be somewhat enhanced. (S/SK/WNINTEh) PERSONNEL: SG1J Approved For Release~290~~~~~9 :CIA-RDP96-007888001000390006-4 Approved For Release 2U0~3'/~9/ SG1J E~. ~ ~?CI~F~tQP9~-007888001000390006-4 c. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Effective 1 November 1987, DT-S will have two vacancies based on TDA allocations, one civilian (Opt 13) and one US Army CPT. a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Efforts were initiated during the reporting period to cross-train all DT-S remote viewers in both the Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) methodology and the Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) methodology. b. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Viewer 011 completed concurrent Stage 5 and Stage 6 training on 20 July 1987. Viewer 079 is undergoing Stage 1 training; 079 is an experienced ERV viewer. Viewer 095, currently pursuing Stage 2 training, has completed 27 training sessions to date. During the reporting period, Viewer 003 received an initial exposure to the ERV methodology. c. (S/SK/WNINTEL) An intensive effort is being made to reduce CRV training time from two years to six months. Viewers 095 and 079 appear to be comfortable, enthusiastic and successf~.;;l under this accelerated agenda. d. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Preliminary efforts to consider the use of the pendulum, dowsing, and automatic writing as an adjunct to remote viewing efforts were initiated during the reporting period. These ancillary methodologies are being considered to determine the extent of their value when applied against "'search and time problems." 5. (S/SK/WNINTEL) VALUE OF REPORTING: a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) On 2 October 1987, DT provided a favorable, verbal evaluation of Project N-1. (A written evaluation will follow). These laudatory comments were favorably received by the DT-S remote viewers. b. (S/SK/WNINTEL) A favorable verbal evaluatiln was provided on Project I-3, aka: in earl September 1987. The ensuing written evalua ion rom the custpmer in California remains pending. SG1J 6. (U) 5 ENCLOSURES TAB A thru E Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : ~CfA=R?P96-007888001000390006-4 SG1 A SG1 B SG1J Approved For Release 2003/09/09: CIA-RDP96-007888001000390006-4 QUARTERLY PkODUCTION REPORT SOURCE ~ OPERATIONAL UTILITY TRAINING" TOTAL PROJECTS ASSESSMENTS SESSIONS SESSIONS 011 22 018 16 021 0 079 24 095 0 Includes lectures, drills and remote viewing training Approved For Release 200~/09~89 ~` G'I~-~6~0788R001000390006-4 ~'' ~?ra Approved For Rele~sQ. DO /0 ':~ A- DP96-007888001000390006-4 OPERATIONAL PROJECTS PROJECT SOURCES SESSIONS COMPLETED EVALUATION 8605* 2 3 Ongoing N/A 8609-A~-* 1 2 Ongoing N/A 8701 4 12 11 Jun $7 Pending 8702 4 12' 15 Jun 87 Pending C87~3 (TASKING IS PENDING,MAY BE-OBE) 8704 5 15 19 Jun 87 Pending $705 (TASKING IS PENDING- MAY ALSO BE OBE) $706 2 5 18 Jun 87 Pending $70.7_ (PENDING RECEIPT OF ADDITIONAL TASKING) 870$ 2 5 19 Jun 87 Pending 8709 4 17 25 Aug 87 Pending 8710 4 20 29 Jul 87 Pending 8711 4 20 6 Aug 87 Pending 8712 4 16 10 Sep $7 N/A 8713 1 1 Ongoing $714 Opened 21 September 1987 8715 8716 8717 Opened 5 October 1987 Opened 5 October 1987 Ongoing SG1 A Approved For Release 20Q3/~ 9007888001000390006-4 ~'~ ~ - -~ Approved For Release-2AA3}69'/~9 :'CIA=RbP96-007888001000390006-4 UTILITY ASSESSMENTS FOR CY 1987 PROJECT SOURCES SESSIONS UTILITY SG1A ~ Useful Useful Useful Eval Pending Useful Eval Pending Useful (NOTE: Results shown are cumulative to date for CY 1987) Approved For Release 200~/Ad9 7888001000390006-4 Approved For ReleaS'~-2m03~fl9/.0~ :~C11A;RbP96-0078880010.00390006-4 1. (S/SK/WNINTEL) The following charts reflect the distribution of the 43 remote viewing training sites attempted during the third quarter of 1987. CRV Training Sites (TOTAL = 41) !iStage: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Object Advanced Viewer #i!Class: A/B A/B A/B A/B A/B A/B A/B 003 f1 011 II 018 II 095 II TRAINIIQG REPDRT ERV Training Sites (TOTAL = 2) 014 0/4 0/4 ilType: Visualization Beaconing Object Site Advanced Viewer #IlClass: A/B A/B 2. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Third Quarter Training Highlights (U) a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) During the third quarter, Viewer #003 was initiated into the ERV methodology. Viewer #079 began CRV cross- training on 15 September. HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS CLASSIFIED BY: DIA-DT WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE INTELLI- DECLASSIFY BY: OADR GENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED Approved For Release 20 ~/~ I ?~, 007888001000390006-4 ~.:,,~ -A Approved For Release 20.~3~09/Q9~,: I~1~,~RD ~-00788R001000390006-4 ~ rt, ~ . ,._ h. tS/SK/WNINTEL) Viewer #095 began CPV training on 18 August and completed Stage 1 on 17 September. This Source is currently undergoing Stage 2 training and is expected to become operational sometime during the first quarter of 19$$. Viewer ##011 completed concurrent Stage 5/6 training on 20 July. Individual training session results and evaluations are maintained in unit training files and are available to those who require access. SG1J Training Officer Approved For Release,~~0~i~~`IU9~:`"~1a4-1~>~6-00788R001000390006-4 ~ R.r t ~ ~z~. .. . _._ M Approved 'For Release 2003/09/09 :CIA-RDP96-007888001000390006-4 #3T(al~ T'3-f ]: [WF11_ (l hl(-11_Y~I;~ -- f'h[:],71-C.aT "1=" ?< F'(f_~,71-C'T "I~'" (hli:VT4:3(-D) F'c~r i c~t_i o#~ Ti. rr~e Lc~verc:ad hy__...1=.;.~u. _I_~_ F'or?.t i. ~n cif .1=_r_c,~ jcact c F'r-c~je~t "F'" ].7 hdov - :'?? ~7c_u-i X37 (In~~lt_csiv~) ' F'rojc=ct "F'" (I~c~visac_~d) 7 tInc::1~_