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November 4, 2016
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June 18, 1998
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January 31, 1986
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Approved For Release Il.~b EVENT GONDOLA WISH established. Robert Monroe, Executive Director, Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS), was contacted to determine what MIAS could provide in support of GONDOLA WISH. I; Establishment of GRILL FLAME. i ACSI tasked INSCOM to develop parapsychology program. MAJ Murray Watt appointed GRILL FLAME Project Manager. DEC 78-JAN 79 (.. Selection of remote viewers and interviewers. 15 FEB 79 Army General Counsel advised ACSI that GRILL FLAME constitutes human use. . of orientation training at SRI-International. Designed as an OPSEC support mission to mimic HOIS remote viewers to determine US vulnerability. ACSI directed all Army Parapsychology/Remote Viewing research, experiments, application, etc. be protected by unclassified nickname GRILL FLAME (TAB A). HQ INSCOM never received written tasking on this subject. The CG INSCOM and the ACSI had agreed upon the concept of Remote Viewing and the need for Army involvement in this area (TAB B). Of the 251 personnel considered for GRILL FLAME, 117 were interviewed and six individuals were actually selected for training. mote Viewing considered technology transfer rather than direct research. Six INSCOM personnel begin training at SRI-International in Remote Viewing. 4 SEP 79 First operational Remote Viewing A missing aircraft (A6E) was located within session took place. a 15-nautical mile radius of its downed location. ' Surgeon General's Human Use Subjects Research Review Board concludes GRILL FLAME not human use. X Approved For Release 2QQ 5/191-00788R001100020001-8 Approved For Release 200210f#W r~I -^F~D q uO R001 100020001-8 20 NOV 79 Surgeon General's Human Subjects Found that Remote Viewing did constitute Research Review Board states human use and recommended more formal Remote Viewing is human use. compliance with human use requirements. 2 FEB 80 Dr. Spiro, Under Sccrt~Larv or t!-,(., SG11 Army, briefed. 5 MAR 80 Under Secretary of Defense, William Perry, issues restriction on use of P-6 funds. First GRILL FLAME operative attends Gateway Training at MIAS. Not appropriate for Army to fund technology programs aimed at scientific demonstration of parapsychology (TAB C). 14 JAN 81 Under Secretary of the Army TAB D approved continuation of GRILL FLAME project. 11 FEB 81 Program management for GRILL TAB E FLAME transferred to CG, INSCOM. 16 APR 81 Congressman Rose briefed. 16 JUL 81 Congressman Rose briefed on human use issue. 17 JUL 81 The Honorable Delbert Spurlock, Army General Counsel, recommends AC.SI submit GRILL FLAME Charter to Secretary of the Army for review and approval in order to comply with DOD Reg 5240.1-R. OCT 81 LTC Robert Jachim assumes project manager duties. 20 NOV 81 BG Odom, ACSI, DA briefed. 1 FEB 82 Secretary of the Army approves TAB G continuation of GRILL FLAME activities during 1982. Approved For Release 2002f0611'f: CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100020001-8 Approved For Release 2002 88RO01100020001-8 CRT-7 12 APR 82 Mr. Olin, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), briefed. 4 MAY 82 Ms. Smiley, Staff Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), briefed. 19-26 JUN 82 GRILL FLAME operative attends Gateway training at MIAS. 29 JUN 82 Mr. Dyer, Ms. Shekmar, Mr. Rhodes, Staff Members, Senate Appropriations /Committee (SAC), briefed. JULY 82 t/ GRILL Flame personnel begin training at SRI-International in the new Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) method. 5 AUG 82 LTG Faurer, Director NSA, briefed. 29 SEP 82 Senator Pell briefed. 1 OCT 82 VNF1P funding terminated for Army GRILL FLAME collection operations project by Congressional cease (TAB H). directive. NOV 82 Project operative attends Gateway training at MIAS. 3 DEC 82 "CG INSCOM notifies ACSI DA that TAB I INSCOM will fund a psychoener- getics program out of hide *JS by using S&IA funds, based on ACSI staff guidance. Project name changed to CENTER LANE. 19 JAN 83 The Honorable Richard DeLauer, TAB J Under Secretary of Defense, signs memorandum allowing Program 6 resources to be used to maintain the current INSCOM CENTER LANE capability. 1 MAR 83 Letter of Instruction signed TAB K establishing CENTER LANE as Security Systems Planning Division, Security Support Dectachment, 902d MI Group. Approved For Release 6F/ C7- R-PT6-OO788ROO11OOO2OOO1-8 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001100020001-8 SECRET DATE EVENT 14 MAR 83 Gen Wickham, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, briefed. 16 MAR 83 The Honorable Jay R. Sculley, Assistant Secretary of the Army for RD&A, briefed. 31 MAR 83 The Honorable George Bush, DIA and Army INSCOM efforts were reviewed Vice President of the United and three INSCOM projects were used as States, was briefed for thirty examples: minutes concerning CENTER LANE F L related activities by DR. Vorona, The briefing was well DIA. Also present were Adm. received and the Vice President was Murphy, C/S, Mr. Gregg, interested and impressed (TAB L). Assistant to the Vice President, National Security Affairs, and LTC Fry, Military Assistant. 20 May 83 The Honorable James Ambrose, Under Secretary of the Army, briefed by MG Stubblebine. 13 JUN 83 The Honorable John Marsh, Secretary of the Army, briefed by MG Stubblebine. 15 JUN 83 Secretary of the Army approves TAB M establishment of Special Access Program for CENTER LANE. 7 JUL 83 CPT Frederick Atwater assumes duties as Acting Project Manager. 19 JUL 83 Contract signed with Mr. Robert Monroe for "One-on-One" training of CENTER LANE operative at MIAS. AUG 83 CENTER LANE operative attends Gateway training at MIAS. Gen Blanchard, Army Science Board, briefed by MG Stubblebine. "4j Approved For Release 2002/ t nC088R001100020001-8 Approved For Release 2002/1 +wC,~q, ~6.Q+~88R001100020001-8 DATE EVENT COMMENTS 15 AUG 83 LTC Brian Buzby assumes duties as Project Manager. 1 SEP 83 Secretary of the Army approves TAB N continued participation in CENTER LANE activities within INSCOM. 5 OCT 83 The Honorable John Marsh, Also in attendance: Assistant Secretary of Secretary of the Army, briefed. the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, The Honorable Delbert L. Spurlock, and The Special Assistant, Chief of Legislative Liaison, Mr. George L. Cary. 5 OCT 83 Senator Wallop, Chairman, Budget Subcommittee, SSCI, briefed. 7 OCT 83 Staff Members of Congressional Present were: Mr. Hall, SSCI, Ms. Smiley, Committees on Intelligence, briefed. HPSCI, and Mr. Giza, HPSCI. Ms. Susan Crawford, Army General Counsel, briefed by MG Stubblebine. 31 OCT 83-4 NOV 83 "One-on-One" training of CENTER LANE operative with Mr. Monroe (MIAS) begins. NOV 83 CENTER LANE operative attends Gateway training at MIAS. 10 NOV 83 RAPT Training established. 22 NOV 83 MG Rapmund, Commander, Medical R&D Command, briefed. 23 NOV 83 MG Tate, Deputy Director, Ops and Admin, Defense Nuclear Agency, briefed. 5 JAN 84 The Honorable John Marsh, MIAS discussed. LTG Brown, Director of the Secretary of the Army, briefed. Army Staff, in attendance. 15-27 JAN 84 Second group begins training in CRV at SRI-International. 19 JAN 84 LTC Bennett, Human Use Review Office, US Army Medical R&D Command, briefed. Approved For Release 2002MIEc-RF 788R001100020001-8 Approved For Release 2002/07CS~=)FD 8R001100020001-8 DATE EVENT 20-27 Jan 84 MIAS RAPT Seminar. 3 FEB 84 Honorable Delbert L. Spurl.ock, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, briefed by MG Stubblebine. 23 Feb 84 MG Odom, ACSI, DA receives update briefing. 1 Mar 84 LTG Brown, Director of the Army Staff, DA briefed. 13 Mar 84 LTG Brown, Director of the Army Staff, DA directs cancellation of RAPT as CENTER LANE personnel screening vehicle. 3 May 84 CG, INSCOM's approval of expanded TAB 0 CENTER LANE Mission formalized. 9 May 84 Dialogue initiated with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company, Huntington Beach, CA to comply with directive to obtain second contractor. 15 May 84 Army Science Panel briefed. 6 June 84 INSCOM Human Technology Review TAB P Board briefed. Training and Application Procedures Guide delivered for review and approval. 12 June 84 GEN Thurman, Vice Chief of Staff TAB Q of the Army, DA briefed by MG Stubblebine. 11 July 84 BG Soyster, CG INSCOM, receives CENTER LANE briefing. 13 July 84 CG, INSCOM formulates decision to TAB R discontinue CENTER LANE as an INSCOM project. Impact and course-of-action statements submitted to CoS, INSCOM. GT-U&T0788RO01 Approved For Re lease 200 , 100020001-8 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100020001-8 E C R_N T DATE 13 July 84 20 July 84 EVENT COMMENTS Meeting between Mr. Hurwitz, Director GDIP Staff; Dr. Vorona, DIA; and CENTER LANE personnel-to discuss possible mechanisms for transferring CL to DIA and/or USAMRDC. 1 Aug 84 Meeting between MG Rapmund and CENTER LANE personnel to discuss possible use of transferred CL assets to assist USAMRDC R&D functions. 23 Aug 84 Secretary of the Army approves TAB S discontinuance of CENTER LANE as Army project,and authorizes negotiations for transfer of Project to DIA or other suitable agency. 18 Sep 84 Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) between TAB T DIA and INSCOM for CENTER LANE transfer completed and delivered for CG, INSCOM approval. 26 Sep 84 CG, INSCOM approves MOA and signs letter of transmittal to ACSI. MOA delivered to ACSI for staffing action. 28 Sep 84 CENTER LANE ceases operational. TAB U collection activities JAW CG, USAINSCOM directives. 4 Oct 84 LTG Odom ACSI, HQ, DA approves MOA. +'l pproval is granted to initiate MOA transmitted to DIA for action action to effect transfer (TAB V). 20 Nov 84 CL personnel meet with INSCOM Staff Group to discuss deadline extension and DIA decision to request detailing of personnel as opposed to immediate transfer. 11 Dec 84 CG, INSCOM approves interim detailing/ OPCON transfer of CL personnel to DIA as alternative to permanent reassignment. 10 Jan 85 HUMINT Committee of the Intelligence Community Staff briefed by CL/DIA. Approved For Release 2/~~I-P6-007888001100020001-8 Approved For Release 2Q2/r1 CIA RD - EP96T 23 Jan 85 MG Buford Lary, Military Asst to Dep Sec Def, and COL Kenneth Hollander, Exec Asst to USDRE briefed by CL/DIA. 6 Feb 85 Accompanied by LTG Odom, CL personnel brief James Ambrose, Under Sec. of the Army. 11 Feb 85 CG INSCOM signs MOA approving transfer of ICLP OPCON to DIA. MOA transmitted to DIA for action. 21 FEB 85 Selected staff members of SSCI and HPSCI briefed CL/DIA. 7 MAR 85 MOA signed by LTG Williams, Director, DIA. ICLP transferred OPCON to DIA. (TAB W) 7 Mar 85 OACS.I notified of OPCON transfer. Dissolution of SAP requested. (TAB Y) .rV.. cc~, ti OZvrcCur~:.~ 1 A-l pv~`Paj IJ L' "`JAG u . 5 -Fr O Approved For Release 20 /11 7'q P' 007888001100020001-8