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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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February 15, 1979
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0 Approved For Release 200 -00788R001 100060007-8 DRXSY-DS .15 February 1979 MEMORNADUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: Comments made at 13 February 1979 Session of House Standing Intelligence Oversight Committee (U) 1. (U) Those present at the session other than those staff members: DoD Personnel Present Congressman Boland - Chairman Presenters Congressman Rose Sponsor Congressman Whitehurst Dr. Verona Dr.. Targ Congressman Robinson Mr. Hamilton Dr. Puthoff Congressman McClary Mr. Kramar Congressman Minenta 2. (S-ORCON) The writer's recollection of the session follows: ? Congressman Rose gave an introduction to the committee on remote viewing and stated "I am glad this is classified and believe it should stay classified." ? Russell Targ presented an overview of SRI's RV work. ? Harold Puthoff presented an illustrative history of RV work by SRI. ? Jack Verona presented some "ground truth" photographic information on two sites used by SRI. s Q&A and statements as I can recall were: Boland Q: This Swann, what about him, how old is he? A: About 45, College Graduate, Korea, UN Clerk, Artist (Smithsonian). Boland Q: Noticed that the two trials (of Price) which were poorly matched were furthest away -- A: Fortuitious, no correlation overall -- Robinson Q: Is there a lot of time between experiments, what M ' preparation ---? A: About 2 per day, each trial about (1.5 minutes, with C~ $ about a 5-minute preparatory time. CLASSIFIED BY: MSG H DA ((DAMI-ISH) , ,+ WASH D 5 Jul 78 00 "L "' S SCR ET REVIEW ON: 5 JUL 98 09. '1' ~~ 199 Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100060007-8 Approved For Release 2004/0t99 @788 R001100060007-8 DRXSY-DS SUBJECT: Comments made at 13 February 1979 Session of House Standing Intelligence Oversight Committee (U) Robinson Q: What kind of preparation? A: Relax, smoke, drink coffee - no hypnosis, etc. Mineuta Q: Kirlia:n. photographic techniques? A: Aura resulting from ironization of Nitrogen - no known relationship to physic pehnomena. Rose For the record: I asked Stansfield Tunner what his agency was going to do with this and he replied that they planned to do nothing as they didn't know how to make it operable. His working level people stated that their superiors don't support using it because overhead photos give better resolution; but, how do they read contents of files and drawers? Whiteurst Q: Can you crossmatch the output of several psychics? A: Yes, and a better description usually results. Whitehurst Q: What is the maximum amount of funds you have received in any one year. A: $150K, once with overlap $200K, have a $400K budget one-half supported by SRI overhead. Rose Q: Any other contractors in the US working on? A: Not that they know of. Q: Where do you get the other $200K, Is it easy? A: Doesn't come easy, now it is up to us to fish or cut bait, one psy+s'.i c,i st is working at one-half pay because he believes that there is a future in this Any private funding for you. A: $55K at one time from McDonald of McDonald-Douglass on SALT. Rose For the record: McDonald has talked to me on this and he is willing to testify to any congressional group any time in support of this. S _,E R Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100060007-8 Approved For Release 2004/ c ET 0788RO01100060007-8 Rose This is the first time that this has been presented to Congress. Whitehurst Q: Are you familiar with the Edgar Cayce Foundation - what do you think of it? It is in my district. A: Read the books, - generally limited to medical diagnosis, seems believable, know several who have visited there and believe it is real; however, don't really know how to top it for this. Rose Q: What is the extent of CIA, DIA and NSA work in this area? A: CIA sponsored originally -- got out in 1974 due to fear of wrongly connecting it with other efforts. Now only have one contract with an academician-researcher looking at SRI protocol. Whitehurst These are minuscule amounts. Q: What would you do with $5 million per year versus the $200K you now get? A: More subjects in parallel, more laboratories. Q: Where does most of your dollars go? A: Salaries. We have scoped out a $1 million per year program. Rose Q: What is the Soviet effort in this area? A: Little specifically known since 1967. Little known about RV. Most seems to be in mind control and telepathy. Estimate (from DIA/CIA) is SU spends $10-20 million per year. sc uppo - . s and 2 researchers for $400K - what is your level of support? A: ZERO after 1 April (Aware of Army contracting effort). b es1des SRI are working on this? A: Only maybe Dr. Jahn at Princeton (Hamilton answered). S EC R "n"I" Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100060007-8 iS FCRET Approved For Release 6-00788RO01100060007-8 DRXSY-DS SUBJECT: Comments made at 13 February 1979 Session of House Standing Intelligence Oversight Committee (U) Boland Q: A: Out of the population, how many can do this? Out of 30 we tested, only a few couldn't Rose: Q: A: Dr. Verona, how thoroughly have you checked them out? We reviewed their credentials, reviewed their work and found no problems. Writer: We independently tried their technique and got promising results totally independent of their efforts. SRI's current funds are from Army Systems Analysis as opposed to intelligence as previously mentioned. Hf I W. KRAMAR Assistant Director for Systems Effectiveness and Joint Service Activities P.S. Congressman Rose's comment to the writer after the session - three of these men are on the House Armed Service Appropria- tions Committee and you didn't have one dissenting vote. SECRET Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100060007-8