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November 4, 2016
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January 24, 2005
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Approved For Relea~ ('N"Edd FLUE (M) ARMY OVERSIGHT ELEMENTS DOD Steering Committee DOD Working Group J66W100060010-4 Highest level of Oversight. Provides general policy guidance and overall program approval. Meets every four to six months. Is kept current via the Chairman, Dr. Vorona. Is comprised of: Dr. Vorona, Service ACSIs, Dr. Ruth Davis (DUSDRAT) and Admiral'Murphy (DUSDPR). Comprised of key project officers from all agencies: DOD, CIA, and NSA. Main purpose is to provide more specific program guidance, and acts as an infor- mation exchange platform for the various players. Influences direction of the overall project, but does not control money or other scarce resources. Chaired by Dr. Vorona. Army Science Monitoring Mission of the six-man team is to inspect Team on-the-spot, the Army program to deter- mine if in-use protocols are valid; if the protocols are being followed properly; and, ascertain that the project has scientific merit. Comprised of scientists, engineers and doctors from DOD and industry. Team Chief reports directly to the Army Under Secretary. Army Surgeon General Constituted in complete accordance with Human Use Review Panel Army Regulations and Federal Law per- taining to the use of Human Subjects. Chaired by the Surgeon General's Execu- tive Director, Human Use Committee. Primarily responsible for reviewing proposed protocols to determine if, in fact, Human Use and Risk are present or implied. Also chartered to comment on other related issues, e.g., ethics of the work. General Counsel Both DOD and Army General Counsels have Monitoring been apprised of the Army program. Guidance provided by them, essentially relating to the Human Use issue, has been fully imple- mented. Army General Counsel kept current by OACSI on significant events or changes in the program. 2MDLd FUJ (M) DLGg nlOD/ 11~ pnD @jE Approved For Release 2005/03/ARhM4Mft6'400iq=Pk060010-4