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November 4, 2016
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June 18, 1998
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July 7, 1978
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-r --h 1 Approved For Release 20001R001100080003-0 SUBJECT: (S) Request for Funding, FY 79, Re: Parapsychology - Feasibility for a Hard Copy "Remote Viewing Machine PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: E. H. Walker OBJECTIVE: (S) To determine feasibility of developing automatic equip- ment capable of producing remote viewing in hard copy form BACKGROUND: (S) Evidence exists that individuals can, through para- psychological means, acquire information in regard to remote targets. Extensive studies have been carried out at SRI International to establish the existence and utility of this "remote viewing" capability. In remote viewing a subject forms a mental "image" of the desired remote location. Hard Copy information is obtained by means of verbal description and sketches produced by the subject. The quality of this information would be greatly enhanced if an accurate replica of the mental image could be provided, or better yet, if the original image generated were formed in hard copy --as, for example, on a TV monitor. (U) Development of equipment having this capability might have the same utility in any future conflict as that of the Ultra machine used in WWII. (C) Some experimental data in the field of parapsychology indicates such equipment could be developed. The principal considerations that have been established are: theory (1) The same principles of information/used to enhance the signal to noise ratio in radio communications can be applied to para- psychological phenomena. 1S1A'A 1 1 71978 NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIOt7A Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100080003-0 -Approved For Release 2000/ 47, ?~R96-0078-8.R001100080003-0 (2) PK effects on physical devices used in computers to generate (true) random number sequences can be employed to produce physical records of parapsychological events rather than using a subject as one receiver. (The translation of PK effects on a random number generator into a target image automatically if the proper formating of information is used. This arises from the third principle of psi- phenomena given below). (3) Psi-phenomena are goal or target directed. This means that the subject does not need any knowledge as to how the target informa- tion or target image is produced, but.must only be able to recognize the target state or image when it appears. (C) While these principles assure that remote viewing images can be formed in hard copy, sufficient information does not yet exist to establish the time required to produce an image. Estimates are computed in the attached report. PROCEDURE: The above principles have been use to design a device that if built is expected to have the hard copy capability sought. A separate report (attached) gives details of this device. Feasibility can most readily be determined using this equipment as it is flexible enough to be operated in a variety of modes.. (U) Funds FY 79 Equipment: $150K Personnel: $150K Miscellaneous: $ 50K $350K CLASSIFIED BY (DAMI-IN)781 AS 1 DC Ceui6Id o ; 3 1 Dec )999 NOT RE:LFXSABLE Tit '0REI,GN ZT TIONAL$ Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100080003-0