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November 4, 2016
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June 18, 1998
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February 13, 1980
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n'1a: ,~ !, y: ~.r~.1 ;A_pproved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-00788R00110008~007-6 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD 13 February 1980 SUBJECT: Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC) GRILL FLAME Report, Dated November 1979 1. Subject report, transmitted to AMSAA January 1980, was found to be somewhat ambiguous and confusing. As a result, I feel that as the GRILL FLAME Project Officer, I must state for the record an exception to the following element of that report: Terminate all AMSAA GRILL FLAME efforts. This recom- mendation, as best as can be determined, is based only on a partial understanding of AMSAA's initial effort, which was terminated before the SEC came into being. There is an apparent mistake by the SEC in considering the AMSAA challenge/validation efforts to be an integral part of the SRI contract. Lastly, a precedent of directing a principal independent evaluation organization to terminate all efforts on a matter of Army application is considered to be an inap- propriate recommendation. 2. The following conclusions and recommendations of the subject report appear to be sound and also to reflect AMSAA GRILL FLAME Project personnel's use: a. Observation of unexplained human capability to generate data of potential intelligence utility has been documented; however, scientific proof of these unexplained capabilities has not been accomplished due to lack of controls, repeatability and other limitations. b. Exploratory testing of the utility of these capabilities should continue; however, basic scientific research in this area is unlikely to succeed if based on currently available information. c. A central authority is needed to manage and fund GRILL FLAME activities. l~iW~I~L~ ~r(~l.l ='~~~ ~~'~~ A ~1S ~ 1980 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U. S. ARMY b1ATERIEL SYSTEMS ANALYSIS ACTIVITY Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005 ~~~6 -196 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100080007-6 . Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100080007-6 DRXSY-DS SUBJECT: Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC) GRILL FLAME Report, Dated November 1979 3. I feel that AMSAA should continue monitoring and analyzing results of Project GRILL FLAME, and that it should, within proper constraints, be allowed to challenge through attempted replication some of the typical results in order to obtain a better .perception of the associated capabilities and limitations. /-~~liv'W . KRAMAR AMSAA GRILL FLAME Project Officer CF: HQDA(DAMA-ZD/Mr. Gale) Cdr, DARCOM, ATTN: DRCDE/Dr. Haley Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100080007-6