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November 4, 2016
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June 18, 1998
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February 14, 1980
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roved For Release 2000/O~lQ~7 ~~RDP96-007888001100080008-5 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U. S. ARMY MATERIEL SYSTEMS ANALYSIS ACTIVITY Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005 14 FEB 1980 SUBJECT: (S-NF) Brief Description of On-Going AMSAA GRILL FLAME Efforts HQDA(DAMI-ISH (MAJ Stoner)) WASH, DC 20310 (S-NF) The Inclosure gives the short summaries of AMSAA's current GRILL GLAME efforts which you requested during our recent meeting at DIA. ,,s 1 Incl - ~W. KRAMAR as Assistant Director Systems - Effectiveness and Joint Services Activities [~~ ~L~(?,1;A7U~ 1Ul ~~ A MS AA 2 4 0 190 a0~~/G~~~,Gl~ C~~~~?~l rt ,. ;~-~` :~:,, ~,,'. MSG HQDA,-~DAMI _ISH1_~td__~ 7 July__- 1998 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100080008-5 Approved For Release 2~ P96-007888001100080008-5 1. (S-NF) AMSAA was tasked by Dr. LaBerge to define and perform an in-house set of experiments aimed at assessing the existence of some form of psychic phenomenon. (S-NF) Current efforts attempt the remote viewing of "simple" objects. Each object is defined by four bivariate attributes, that is each is either (1) black or white and (2) hollow or solid, and (3) resilient or non-compressible, and (4) spherical or cubical. There is a total of 16 objects in the target pool. The attributes of the object being "viewed" are reported by the viewer (in the absense of any knowledge concerning the particular object chosen for that trial) and the correctness of the responses is determined. Statistical tests on the responses for individual attributes can be used to assess whether t',ie percentage of correct responses differs significantly from that which would be expected by chance. 2. (S-NF) SRI, under contract with AMSAA, is attempting to perform remote viewing of various types of military events or situations on- going at the Combat Development Experimental Center, CDEC, Hunter- Liggett Military Reservation, California. The objective of these "operational tests" is to determine whether remote viewing is more successful in certain situations than in others. The specific types of events or situations being "viewed" are described below: Type 1: (U) Describe a significant single tactical event which occurs in a specific geographical space and within a 30 minute time window. This type event is envisioned as one weapon or one small tactical unit such as a section firing. Type 2: (U) Describe one significant tactical event which occurs in a specific geographical space within a 24 hour period. This type event is envisioned as a maneuver unit such as a squadron or battalion engaging an opposing unit. Type 3: (U) Describe the surroundings and/or location of a specific significant tactical target, such as a unique type of weapon system or intelligence system, at a specific time. Type 4: (U) Define the time when a specific type of event occurs within a specific geographical space. This type of event is envisioned as a unit changing its state such as an aircraft unit getting ready to takeoff or an armored unit prepared to move out of bivouac or out of a static combat position. A ~~ 3 Y `~_ .._. ,. J1._ IIII1111111~~~ ? Y { ~~ ~ ~~~~~}' ~. }':ae I: v i ~.: ~I~ , ~, ~_. .. _ ;. _. . ,. - .' L ~ ' `LLS _ ~ Approv o Rel 00/08T07:~yCIA-RDP96-007888001100080008-5 .tY i. _ , Approved For Release 2000/08~d7e:`?'iC1~-=1~~~P~788R001100080008-5 ~.,..._ a ...~ ~ ~ ~ Type 5: (U) Describe a significant event and its location or surroundings given that the event is expected to occur within a 30 minute time window somewhere within an area of thousands of square kilometers. This type of event is envisioned as an air or ground maneuver unit engaging an opposing unit. (Task Type 5 is similar to Task Type 2 except that in Task Type 2 a large time window and a small geographic space are used to define the event space.) ~ P "" ' r`; `~ ' ~, s Approved For Release 2000/08/~7t :~ CIA=#~~96~6 888001100080008-5