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November 4, 2016
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April 6, 2000
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December 26, 1979
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~~'~-i~~Vk i~6`\:~L ~_{~f L-F'jiVl~v~E E~~~~~ f ~~~ Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100100003-7 Electronics Engineerin_q Department Dr. Ruth M. Davis Assistant for Research Applications Department of .Energy Federal Building, Room 3400 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20461 December 26, 1979 EMS79-0117 I enjoyed the meeting I had with you and Dr. LaBerge on November 28, 1979. I especially appreciated the questions and comments.. Some of the questions prompted me to obtain more accurate answers than I was able to give at the time. The questions pertaining to the size and scope of a program and the Laboratory management's probable attitude toward such a program are discussed below. I have had discussions with LLL's acoustic emission, metallurgy and ceramics personnel in order to estimate the amount and type of effort needed to extend and improve the preliminary work which I presented at the briefing. At this time, my original estimate was approximately correct. It appears that the equivalent of 5-7 full employees would be the optimum. The tasks would be distributed among 10-15 researchers, technicians and other consultants and advisors. This level of effort would enable a one-year program to obtain reliable data or nearly exhaust the possibility of obtaining such data. In order to assess the Laboratory management's receptivity to such a project, I had discussions with Henry McDonald, Associate Director for Engineering, and Dale Nielsen, .Associate Director for Administration. Both associate directors indicated that .such types of multidisciplinary and discrete research are within the capability of LLL. The Director, !niv?r5/i}' O~ Ca!!fornia '. C. Box 5504 ;~errnvre, Cali;ornia 94550 -: ~ eph nn e /~ ~ ~' 422-1100 rs 532 r r o0 Approved For Re1s~2~0~~%A8/0~ : CTi~ RP96"-007888001100100003-7 Approved ForrF~~le~~~~/O~~r ~k~4=~D~9~r-007888001100100003-7 ~"'_ Dr. Ruth M. Davis -2- December 26, 1979 Dr. Roger Batzel, has been informed that such a project might be suggested by DOE and/or DOD. Therefore, in answer to your question of who should be contacted on this matter, the appropriate person would be Dr. Batzel. Sincerely, pl Copy to: R. E. Batzel H. C. McDonald D. E. Nielsen Dr. W. LaBerge '~ Office of Under Secretary of Defense Research and Engineering Room 1034 Washington, DC 20310 R. S. HAWKE Engineering Research Division ~1~(L S-"~'a~ L - ~ 5 Approved F~~~~:`e$~ 9O~R ~ ~~~P96-007888001100100003-7