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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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May 7, 1982
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Approved For Release 2004/ SM-Rff P96-00788R001100190010-0 SG1J MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Briefing of Ms. Annette Smiley (U) 7 May 1982 1. (FOUO) On 4 May 1982, from 1000-1200 Ms. Annette Smiley, Staff Member House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) was briefed on GRILL FLAME at Building T-2561, Fort Meade. Briefing was arranged by LTC Carl Jordan, OACSI. Attending the briefing were: COL B. L. LANE LTC CARL JORDAN MR. CRAIG MILLER CLBL LTC ROBERT JACHIM OACSI OACSI OACSI DIA (GDIP STAFF) INSCOM (ADCSOPS-HUMINT) INSCOM GRILL FLAME PROJECT MANAGER 2. (FOUO) Material presented was as follows: a. Introduction - COL Miller presented an overview of INSCOM and where GRILL FLAME was located in the INSCOM structure. b. Agenda - LTC Jachim (Incl 1). c. Roles of DIA/INSCOM - LTC Jachim (Incl 2). d. History of the Project in INSCOM - LTC Jachim (Incl 3). e. INSCOM Approach to ACSI Tasking LTC Jachim (Incl 4). f. Presentation of Completed Evaluated Projects - CW2 McMoneagle (Incl 5). Presentation of Completed Unevaluated Projects (Incl 6). 3. (S/NOFORN) Ms. Smiley was familiar with the history of GRILL FLAME. Throughout the briefing Ms. Smiley asked intelligent, thoughtful questions, and took copious notes. She explained that the only reason she was here was the strong support for GRILL FLAME by Rep Charl i Rose (D-f C , a member of the HPSCI. Ms. Smiley related she had discussed GRILL-FLAME with Dr. Hal Puthoff, SRI-I, during his recent trip to Washington (week of 26 April 1982). She explained that while GRILL FLAME had not been cut in the House, it had been cut in the Senate, and, therefore, must go to conference for resolution. Ms. Smiley continued that neither the dollar amount nor the spaces appeared to be at issue, but rather the concept of parapsychology itself. She believed that GRILL FLAME would be an emotional issue in conference. SECRET Approved For ReWff TaqwiL %v= 0R 1 0 FLAME Approved For Release 2004/09/ ~Ml ET -007888001100190010-0 IAGPC-G 7 May 1982 SUBJECT: Briefing of Ms. Annette Smiley (U) 4. (FOLIO) Ms. Smiley appeared to be satisfied with the briefing and the answers given to her questions. (Summary of Incl 7). She stated exacting statistics should be available on the value of individual sessions as well as overall projects. The briefing concluded with a walk through Building T-2560 conducted by CPT Atwater along with a commentary on how a session is conducted. 5. (U) Ms. Smiley requested a copy of the material included in the briefing book. (Material delivered to LTC Jordan, OACSI, on 5 May for handcarry to Ms. Smiley). 7 Inci ROBERT J. JA CHIM 1. Agenda LTC, MI 2. Roles GRILL FLAME Project Manager 3. History 4. INSCOM Approach(4 pgs) 5. Completed Proj. 6. Completed,Uneval Proj 7. Summary of Questions (Ms. Smiley) Approved For Relea4@'lt' F0'0.T8{8 100190010-0