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November 4, 2016
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April 11, 2000
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April 12, 1982
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Approved For Release 2000~Q~%0? : GIA-RDP96-007888001100270001-1 ~z ~ ,y ~ , _;~ , 12 April 1982 SUBJECT: Briefing for Mr. Doug Olin (U) 1. (FOLIO) On 5 April 1982, from 1000-1300 hours. Mr. Doug Olin, Office Management and Budget (OMB) was briefed on the INSCOM GRILL FLAME Program at Building T-2561, Fort Meade. Briefing was arranged by LTC Jordan. Attending were: S G11 COL BILLY MILLER - ADCSOPS-HUMINT, INSCOM IC STAFF LTC CARL JORDAN - OACSI (ISH) MR. CRAIG MILLER - OACSI (ISH) 2. (U) Briefing covered the topics listed below: a.(U brief overview of INSCOM's organizational structure and where GRILL FLAME fits in (COL Miller). b. (U) History of the INSCOM program (LTC Jachim). c. (U) Differences in DIA and INSCOM role in the program (LTC Jachim). d. (U) Presentation of evaluated projects (CW2 McMoneagle). e. (C) Presentation of completed but unevaluated projects (CPT's Cowart and McNear). 3. (S/NOFORN) During the presentations specifics concerning R&D into parapsychology, methodology targeting and interview techniques were addressed to CPT Atwater. 4. (FOLIO) Mr. Olin can be classified as an honest skeptic. He indicated he had no ~oblem with the subject matter or INSCOM's involvement. Mr. Olin dip stateome of his associates dial think that an R&D effort was a mare appropriate approach. Mr. Olin stated that while he could not do much in the current (FY83) problem, he would provide support for FY 84 and beyond. He considered the level of activity "appropriate" as it now existed and in the projections for FY83 and beyond. Mr. Olin offered his recommendation to LTC Jordan that in the current reclama to Congressional action, same senior Army personnel should get involved. 3 Incl 1. SUMM's (2 pgs) 2. INSCOM Hstry 3. DIA/INSCOM Roles ROBERT J. JACHIM LTC, MI GRILL FLAME PROJECT MANAGER ' ~-1 N ~, ~`~,'q NOT REZF.~SA73~E'.CO l'OREIG?~ 7.~T~.TTbI~?ALS Approved For Release 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP96-007888001100270001-1