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November 4, 2016
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April 11, 2000
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May 23, 1983
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Approve or Re ease 2998/07: CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100280004-7 s_ 73_8 I',(:11'' I):1.'r.1 T11'i:I.n{J J:)(Ji"I:)c)s(i?air,.. a9 J)is ~~(..Ii(.)(:!ls{f!1"!j@~'"I; :I. {::iir 1'"{:?i-i?(:wiiA1''cI'} aAn(: I:} i'' {:} t:J r" iJ. rli (:: ii} n be I:)1" (:) k (:! it clown :i. Tl 'k; c} s :i. K J1'1ii'iEiti! C:i:k'l':(:i't;)(?i"1.(i:'ic? fay-in i-x hierarchy t::isV'I'(c!tf{:)}''!tz!i: of interest. r a 11 9 a. 11 { J J' 1" (:) i'11 1" k i ! t o ' t t i i 1 1" (:: i'I (:) i I?'t.! 11 cI i;J! Ili {i?! n is a I ITI k:! {:: h a n :I. IYi :ii 'i': o} ah p () 1. 1. C: A., J. C.) 11 'I':a 'i k J. 1'1 q h kin J. i:: fr1 : S F."' A I:) (i?! Y' :I. in 13' it 'i': a3 :l. ,'? 'I'; I'l tr! (:)1" (?? 'J; :E. {:: ak 1. ,: I}I'lt'Tl(71Ti{?r1C}:I.t:}{;f:I.t::e}. :I. f~l"t:)I:}ti?Y?'~;:I.~''i~ (Physical, Ia i:, V c 1?1 c) :I. c) 9 J. t:: 7.11 , I7) ;' i, c :I. c) c:J J. c: a I. =1. Me'4;I.1(:)t:i(:):I.r.) _..,._~ 6., ~fz~}~atclci!IrlcTr}'k: {'()r}t t i t:)r~.~ r cl to ?:spec ;i.'Fx.c: pr'r?i:l:i.{:-t;:i.{ani. 'ti-trat t:)ian bc.) explored e X la c:? Y J, III i?:' Ir t it 1.:1. 5/ , a ? ?t ii c {:a r'51 I:) ir? v e I c) 1:) 't'. I?F ca 't; hr i?:?? c) r" c.!'t::3. c: is :I. :i't: r 1.1 c: 'k; I.) r e ' :i. 1" c:) r'1 ITI { r rt a1 :1. ?f' n c:: tor s 7 h i s include Vr? i.c)ns of Tl at:ura.7. f:? 1.{:)(::'t:i"{}I'II;;Xi)T1 !s?'i':I.{" t ? as c:I i. a1 'i: i. c:) Tt f 1..: I... I ' ) c: {:} ITI 1:) {:} s:> :i. :i. {:) r1 of the a i r {:)rt c: c:)Tlt;cgTl`t: IA1asi;i: r c:c)Tlt;fi?Ylt:7 etc %}.Yld c;: c:) ITI l:) c:)::i i. t: i {:) rr Of 't; h c e Yl c?:*;i1 r {:? rl ,A :i. r c } r1 Ill { rt G J. Tic l t.} c:l :i. r1 ci lighting, Yt c:) i.;i). T1 c.! c:: l !.Y't; '; e r R l't c - cr IAI c) c) :i. cl I:) rc} v i. c:I c - c:I a1 t: i:? on what is :ix l:)'Ei f { I'Y {:1 {? Yt f:? 1" {1 {r? `i::l. {". {:: {:) T1 c:i a :::l. / F.'Tt V:1. rc)Yl ITI{?:'Yl't: Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00788RO0110028gQ { ;7 , F` zk g E".1 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100280004-7 M t ; ? t; I'i t:r t:i (:) i. t:} t:j i. r.,':i? T't ki? '!: hi t:1 t:i ?., .i. t.} t1 .I. {...:x .i. r k:? ::i ? ,:a r' t:: i'1 :i. Y1 to :i. v ? :ii r. refits t;I?ii:At; may not. involve funclamential functioning, ht:}YAtt!vkr?r' cc) I:}".ti.:i.n to ralY''{?i'i:kiii that r'{{??1i:?k't;e to the of x-my given k:? x l:} e Y" :i. ai t?? n t ,([)k:? i" :i? In t:? 1Y t:::i in i"k::'i?ki?khi"C:I'Y involve avti?r''i.Xging '!:t?':?{::i'YYticlut?s to :1.IY11:1r'ovC? 1''UTI c:1,:i.t:}TI}, iti>ifdki?iii`fi'r1'lik??Yi! of the r't:1.I.e of" -Fekr?t:ibi:?xc.i< in c,xI'er1.inki?nts> zinti '(:I'Ya i.Iripr't:}veInki'Tit; of 1" k:? IYi t:) '!': k:? iii k:?' n 'iir :i. n [:I it?:? v a.1 t.J a 't; :p. to n The includes thc.? a., Remote Viewing (kV is i :x YY k:? YY i'i iit Yi t : k? IYI ti? n `t t; a c: tin :i cl ii o u : e ti in 't; I'Y t:? t:: a r' Y" {:?!:: t Prom YA Of. N 17 I:} :1. 7.:1. t; :i. It 't; ki? t:: t1 n :i. cl i, e (remote v :i. ? IAI i 1Y q ) to a ti t:1 Y' {s? iii iii a difficult t:l t.) tb? iii t'; :i. t:} n ; 1) ifi IYI y li k:? t:} n k:??'-' J. n ? N t:: I'Y c :i. r.:: { ? in AI RV IAIt: t. ld rt:I.1t:}IAI z i:ri.Y1 :j:1.t;? I:}i'1kr?Y1omfi?iii: (IV) t:{:) be 1.) :i (i? cl :i. n many ti J. ?I^ ? f ' ' k ? ? Y" k : ? ? Ti t r k J. n ti iii {:? f p:} r a b 'I. t ? ? IYI