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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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July 7, 1982
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Approved For Release 2004 - DP96-007888001100290001-9 7 duly 1982 SUBJECT: Briefing for Senate Appropriations Committee .(SAC) Staffers (U) 1. (FOLIO) On 29 June 1982, from 0945 - 1200 hours, an information briefing was conducted for SAC staffers at building T-2561, Fort Meade. .Briefing was arranged by OACSI (MAJ Fox) and GDIP Staff (Ms Scambos). Attendees were; SAC: Mr Dwight Dyer - Staff Member Ms Susan Shekmar - Staff Member Mr Fred Rhodes - Staff Member DIA: Dr Jack Vorona - Assistant Dice Director_ for Scientific and technical Intelligence OACSI: MAJ Gerald Fox - GRILL FLAME Project Officer Mr Craig Mi11er -Budget Officer 2. (U) Agenda is at inclosure 1. 3. (S/NOFORN) Dr Vorona opened with the history of government involvement in parapsychology; how DIA became interested and the current 3 year program with SRI International.. He informed the staffers of the current SRI efforts in developing a new training program and work to validate Chinese experiments in detection of phychic intrusion. He also discussed the current funding difficulty and solicited the SAC Staffs' support for FY 83. 4. (U) Summary of INSCOM presentation is at enclosures 2 - 6. 5. (S/NOFORN) The briefing was well received.. The SAC Staffers appeared to have_no-pre-conceived opinions concerning parapsychology or our use of remote viewing `as a collection method. Their questions concerning. operating protocols, selection of personnel and projects covered during the briefing were all answered satesfactorily. In the concluding discussion, it was brought out that the SAC had supported the DOD project in the past. R. 6 Incl ROBERT J. JACHIM 1. Agenda LTG, MI 2. History GRILL FLAME Project Manager 3. Session Description DAMI ISH MSG 4. 5. Evaluated .Project Non-evaluated .Project I~a~tSSIRt~D'8Y? ~ ~~~ - , ?u1 ~i ODD - _~,.: 6. Summary ~- Approved For Release 2004 i~ - DP96-00788R0011~~ 1 ~~~~ ~~