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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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December 12, 1979
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Ppppp,Alpproved For Release 2004/09/09: CIA-RDP96-00788R00'F100400008-9 600V03154 Ii-Or~~jl~ [200'003] 11100768 Cast 2 12-DEC-79 19:37:25 Secret VOL 3 Congressional Actions SLUG LINE DOES NOT PRINT COLUMN A 6A Funding Continuity for Remote Viewing Effort HPSC(I) Classified Intelligence Addendum, Pages 66 and 67. "The Committee notes that the fiscal year 1980 budget includes no funding to continue the small effort in "remote viewing" which has been conducted under the sponsorship of DIA.... It is concerned, however, whether sufficient understanding of the subject can be maintained to assess Soviet work in this area if all "remote viewing" funding cejses. The Committee suggests, therefore, that the current research and analysis contract uatefforts in remote viewing be continued on a limited basis through fiscal year 1980. Also, the Committee asks that the 198 budget submission address the utility of remote viewing projects with a1 justification for either continuing or discontinuing the research program." 6B 1980, will permit only limited gains in understanding of the phenomena. s M.1%, e . he current level of funding, even if extended to include FY p and n vara es, an explores possible applications, then a much larger program with adequate funding and sufficient time i d d T un ing. 11 the Committee desires to have a prdgram in remote viewing that firmly establishes the existence or non-existence of the phenomena, delineates the im rta t : bl o ? countermeasures would be adversely affected without continued f d' this research and development activity would severely hamper U.S. efforts to assess Soviet and Warsaw Pact research in this area. Similarly, U.S. efforts to keep pace with foreign researchers and to develop possible t I DIA concurs with the Committee's views on -remote viewing. To stop the possibility of using remote viewing does exist, and that it has some potential for intelligence collection. use of remote viewing and establish procedures that enhance or affect it. If funding is stopped after FY 80, we likely will have only proved that Although no funds are currently programmed for FY 80, current contract efforts will continue into the second quarter of FY 80. Funds are requested in FY 81 to research the variables that would affect the variables associated with its functioning. further its existence and permit some exploitation into the many real and usable phenomenon. Current year funds will allow us to pursue Prior year funds have established that remote viewing appears to be a Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100400008-9