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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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April 6, 1981
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Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788RO01100400014-2 6 April 1981 SG1J MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME (GF) Briefing to Staff Members, Senate Select Intelligence Committee (Ss1 C.) 1. A meeting was held in Rm G309, Dirksen Office Building at 1500 hours, 3 April 1981. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Army role in project GRILL FLAME. The following personnel were present: BG.Wilmot, OACSI Mr. Dan Childs, Staff Member SSIC Mr. Herbert Klein, Staff Member, SSIC DIA G-tPD STAFF LTC Jordan, OACSI LTC Watt, HQ INSCOM MAJ O'Keefe, OACSI 2. Mr. Klein (Mr. Childs was not present for the very beginning of the meeting) stated that he was concerned with. understanding the following: How does it appear the program is going; what value has it been; where are you going/heading; and the legal aspects of the program? 3. BG Wilmot explained that the Army representatives were prepared to fully address all of his concerns. He stressed that DIA was kept fully informed of Army plans and that even operational tasks were briefed numerous times to DIA personnel involved in GF. BG WilmbtL,then asked me to brief the INSCOM GF program. Although I was not prepared to brief, I. provided the staff members a standard run-down of our program. I covered some of our operational projects (at BG Wilmot's request) and explained that the value of our input was determined by the tasking agency and not us. Mr. Childs wanted to know if the 5 spaces being requested in the FY 82 POM were in addition to the 9-man task force that we currently had. I fully explained the circumstances surrounding the establishment of that task force and assured him that if the 5 spaces were included in the FY 82 program they would be used to replace 5 of the slots belonging to the task force. It would not amount to an overall increase in our manning level; however, we would still be taking people "out-of-hide" to support the program. 4. Mr. Childs addressed the legal issues involved. MAJ O'Keefe provided him with copies of letters from various levels of DA, including Under Secretary of Army giving approval for the Army portion of Project "GRILL FLAME." Everyone was briefed on the human use issue and left with the understanding that the issue is still being resolved between the legal and medical autho cities within DOD. 5. Mr. Childs and Mr. Klein thanked everyone for a very informative meeting and the session adjourned approximately 1630 hours. /3,LI~ WATT URRA'Y M Approved For Release 2004/09/09 :'&1 iiP96-00788 R001100400014-2 Project Manager