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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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July 15, 1981
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-E)( FIE Ap ve , ; or a easg 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP9"788 R001100440068-9 ROUTING AND TRANSMITTAL SUP, 15 Jul 81 ; (Name. office symbol, room number, building, Agency/Post) "BG'Wilmot MG Thompson COI, 'Lamb 2P.J 0' Keefe ' (IS '14) Almrovil Requested Coordination 1tEMARK~ . Justi 8Tf13JECT:. GRILL ELAME'. (5p 1. On 150915 Jul Ri I received a call from LTC Mike Chase, OSALL. He received a call from Mr. Giza, AA to Congressman Rose (D, NC). Mr. Rose wants to meet on 161400 Jul in his office with a representative from the Army General Counsel's Office and the DoD General Counsel's Office. The subject of the meeting is to discuss the im- passe caused by the 'human use' issue in executing the Army contract with SRI-I. 2. LTC Chase asked me if OACSI wanted to be represented at the meeting. I said no. Congressman Rose wants to discuss a legal issue and the AGC A/O, i'Ir. Hatch, is fully knowledgeable of the Army position. It has vals, concurrences, disposals, DO NOT use this form as e~ RECORD similar pr actions FROM: (Name, org. symbol, Agency/Post) DENNi3 M. U'tC)`.r.r MAJOR, GS {\\\ Apprc\/ed rap; 0 290 109,~N 6041-102 U.S. G.P.O. 1979-285-092 Room No.-Bldg. 4W8-9 Pnscrlbsd b~Y~rr GSA FPMR (41 CFR) 101-11.206 Approved For Release 2004/09/09 CIA-,RDP96-00~7:$8R00.1,l004~~068-9 been and will_coritinue to be ZA s position that he will sup port' whatever the lawyers decide - that GRILL FLATS does or does not involve human use as defined in DoD Reg.52)4O.lR. 3, For Your Info. A meeting was held 141100 -Jul 81 to discuss the human use issue within DA. Attending the F- meeting were: Mr. Spurlock, Army GC; Mr. Hatch, GRILL FLATS A/C in the Office of the Army GC; BG Rapmund, Chief of the 1Tuman Subjects Review Board; LTC;. Kieffer, INSCOM JAG; LT C Watt;LTC Jachir~(LTC Watt's replacement); 14A J O'Keefe, DAMI-ISH. BG Rapmund stated that, among other ti su'b`~ects,,~"he `did not`be].ieve that the Army GRILL FLAME effort_c_onstituted human experimentation. He recommended Army execute its FY 81 contract with SRI as a non=human use contract. Mr. Spurlock seemed to accept this with the caveat that he wished to address the Army FY82 GRILL FLARE Program as s human use issiie. In other words, we""concur with the DoD aosition on human use" for TY Ri and continue to debate over FY 82 activities. .Mr. Hatch told me this morning that he is preparing a memo to this effect for the SA and DoD GC. Approved for Release 2004/0,9/09: CIA-RDP96-00788 R00 1100440Q;68-9