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November 4, 2016
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May 17, 2004
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January 14, 1982
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Approved For RelesECK01/08 R tTGl~i "q~ 7L"~R001100460001-0 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Orr}CE of THE ASSISTANT CHIEF OF STAFF FOR INTELLIGENCE WASHINGTON. DC &03t0 Ri,LY TO ATTLKTION OP DAMI-ISH MEMORANDUM THRU ARMY GENERAL COUNSEL FOR SECRETARY OF THE ARMY SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME (U)--DECISION MEMORANDUM 14 JAN S82 1. (S/NOFORN) The US Army Intelligence and Security Command's (INSCOM) Project GRILL FLAME investigates and applies remote viewing phenomena in support of important foreign intelligence and US counterintelligence requirements. INSCOM employs active duty military and-Department of the Army civilians in.the execu- tion of the project. Both the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and INSCOM purchase the services of private contract personnel. in support of GRILL FLAME. During FY 82, INSCOM plans to train two newly assigned personnel in remote viewing techniques and con- tinue to conduct operational sessions against important foreign intelligence and counterintelligence requirements. 2. (V/NOFORN) The Army General Counsel determined that GRILL FLAME activities constitute experimentation on human subjects under Procedure 18, DOD Regulation 5240.1-R. Section 4 of Pro- cedure 18 requires approval of the Service Secretary or Under Secretary for intelligence components to engage in or contract for experimentation involving human subjects. 3. (S/NOFORN) The US Army INSCOM GRILL FLAME activities satisfy the human use standards of Section 3, Procedure 18. All Army GRILL FLAME participants are volunteers who have executed written state- ments of informed consent. Representatives from the Army General Counsel and the Office of the Army Surgeon General provide legal" and medical oversight. All contracts entered into by INSCOM con- tain the written commitment that the provisions of Procedure 18, DOD Regulation 5240.1-R will be followed. The DIA contract monitor ensures the contracted party executes their Procedure 18 responsi- bilities. The Deputy Secretary of Defense authorized DIA partici- pation in GRILL FLAME on 11 Dec 81 (Incl 1). ARMY review(s) completed. Classified by ACSI, DA Review 12 Jan 2002 Reason 2-310c.3 NCT RELEASABLE TO Qngl_q_ SECRET FOREIGN NATIONALS C n r M~ rr~ i UTf a 2004/08/31 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001100460001-0 Approved For Release 2004/08/31: CIA-RDP 001100460001-0 ECKtI NGT RELE~'. - - FOREIGN NATIONALS 14 JAN 1662 DAMI-ISH SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME (U)--DECISION MEMORANDUM 4. (C) Congress eliminated Army FY 82 funding for GRILL FLAME. At the same time, Congress approved the Army request for five permanent personnel positions for GRILL FLAME. With the Commander, US Army Intelligence and Security Command, I am exploring the various options for maintaining a GRILL FLAME effort in FY 82. I will, by separate correspondence, keep you informed on the future status of GRILL FLAME FY 82 funding. In the meantime, Army's aluthority to conduct GRILL FLAME operations under the provisions of Procedure 18, DOD Regulation 5240.1-R past 14 Jan 82 must be renewed. 5. (C) Request the Secretary of the Army approve our continued participation in GRILL FLAME activities within INSCOM and with the DIA and its contractor. Army participation will'be in strict ac- cordance with the provisions of Procedure 18, DOD Regulation 5240.1-R. as `' tAM E.. ODCM rri..,:.disr. General, USA ACotS for Intelligence Approved For Release 2004/08/31 : CIAPRDP96-00788RO01 100460001 -0 SECRET N~TERG L E ;8 21E TO