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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200060009-5 A COMMUNICATION FROM THE MONROE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES 1982 GATEWAY PROGRAM SCHEDULE The Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce the 1982 Gateway Program Schedule. Due to popular demand and the number of persons that had to be wait-listed for the last several programs, The Institute has scheduled twelve programs for the coming year. All the programs will be held at the Training Center in Faber, Virginia. Participants accepted for the program will be sent the Discovery Album at least one month before scheduled attendance, for in-home preparation. January 9 - 16 February 6 - 13 July 24 - 31 August 21 - 28 February 27 - March 6 April 17 - 24 September 4 October 16 - - 11 23 ?VMay 22 -- 29 November 13 - 20 ti (u19-26) November 27 - December 4 The activities and policies of The Institute are set by a Board of Advisors, consisting of the following as of June 1, 1981. Arthur Gladman, Psychiatrist Carole Dean, Executive David Francis, Executive James Beal, Engineer Thomas Campbell, Physicist Joseph Pearce, Author Stuart Twemlow, Psychiatrist William E. Herrmann, Educator Fowler Jones, Psychologist Warren Braun, Engineer Todd Mikurea, Psychiatrist Wilson Bullard, Bin-Chemist Mary Jane Ledyard, Psychologist Bill D. Schul, Educator Anthony K. Busch, Psychiatrist Gregory Chandler, Publisher MONROE INSTITUTE STAFF Administrative R. F. Korbesmeyer, Director Karen Williams, ITC Coordinator Lucinda Honeycutt, Registrar Helen Warring, Services Manager Cooper Jager, Technical- Section Jean Wallis, Professional. Division Rosalind McKnight, Research Coordinator Robert Dale, Recording, Processing Consultants Mary Jane Ledyard, Ph.D. Samuel Caughron, M.D. Martin Albert, M.D. Training Melissa Jager, Director Bill D. Schul Michael Greene Field Representatives Carole Dean, Los Angeles Arthur Ellison, London Christian Schaller, Geneva Jack Scher, New York MONROE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCES Route 1, Box 175 Faber, Virginia 22938 804-361-1252 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200060009-5 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200060009-5 THE GATEWAY VOYAGE PROGRAM PURPOSE: Gateway is dedicated to the development and exploration of human consciousness. It is a system of exercises designed to aid the individual in the improvement of his own consciousness, so that he may know and understand better his higher self, that he may learn and experience profound areas of expanded awareness, achieve and willfully control his physical body and the out-of-body state, communicate with and visit other energy structures and realities. HISTORY: Originally the M-500 Research Project, the present Gateway Program is the result.of over 3,000 test exercises involving 1,932 participants, conducted by the Institute over the past ten years. Assisting in the development of the Program have been researchers in many disciplines from various parts of the country. Reports from participants are available in other Institute Bulletins. Many indicate significant, constructive changes in life attitudes and overview. TECHNOLOGY: The basics of the gateway training process are the Frequency Following Response (FFR) and Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync), created in the electrical patterns of the brain by the induction of specific sound pulses both singly and binaurally into the human auditory system. Robert Monroe was granted a generic patent for this method and technique in 1975, and assigned it to the Institute. By blending and sequencing such sound pulses, it is possible to aid the individual to develop states of consciousness not ordinarily available to him. Evidence of this is shown in bilateral EEG studies which indicate the generation of high-amplitude narrow-frequency wave forms sweeping throughout the cortex in direct consequence of such audio signals. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: The typical Gateway session consists of a series of, conducted pre-recorded exercises utilizing FFR, Hemi-Sync, and vocal guidane to achieve progressive states of consciousness. These are heard through stereo headphones while in a relaxed position, under the supervision of Institute trainers and technicians. Reinforcement of feedback learning of such states is enhanced by lectures, discussions, and single interviews using standard accelerated learning techniques. Goals are achievement of Focus 3 (Basic Hemi-Sync), Focus 10 (Mind awake, body asleep), Focus 12 (Expanded awareness), Focus 15 (No-time), and Focus 21 (Other energy systems). PARTICIPATION: The VOYAGE is open to individuals who are intellectually curious or possess latent talents and abilities, subject to acceptance by the Program Director. The only prerequisite is completion of the Gateway Home Study DISCOVERY Program which will be mailed to you upon receipt of your $200. (non-refundable) deposit. The Voyage is conducted for seven days, from Saturday night to Saturday noon a week later, at the Institute Center in Virginia. Room, meals and one year's Sustaining Membership are included in the tuition fee of $850. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200060009-5