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November 4, 2016
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January 18, 2005
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March 5, 1981
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(It; Ty.:4F. 4. t *Cd0Fht Appl;ctyte,0**90 jRasi,,y0,/94/1a4,?14914-ppP96-00788R PAI 02 01200120002-5 P AGE 0:i swan -4)33O C.7 0Nr I OF NTI " A N TRA SENSORY PERC7P1TION (rsp) F-xclr.Rimrwr CONOUCTEI 6.1- F.:CIE-NIT/FTC - 03r4Pos1tp4 ON PECULIAR FU,NC TION 5 OF THE I-41.MAN: Cv 01)-Y (S-Tf! .,0086/ 7555f 3674)./14.341/p501/"5174/4430/1331f6062/615P/255.). - A 13ONSOR: EOITORT AIL NEPA QTMENT OF "4 A TIP E F4A1GA 7V4E t SHANGHAI (3114E/12I2AF* t4TS) PLACE: SCIENCE HALL 1 STC 1030 /1:131/258511016) SHANG1-.4.Ar C 4 AND 5 r7.9RU Y 1980 D TriFilt) A NTS scIrmTisTs? AL WORK FRS I? AND EDUCATORS ( N'ES 4-M) NUm.:9ER ARE NOT. KN. OWN ) FR:014 BEIJING UNIVERSITY, AFTJING (3956T1 .11'62:41.1p, NTS)) fiEI?11617, iNOR*IALI COLIC:SE, RE/Jimr4.; RETJIA4r3. AERONAVTICS. INSTITUTE* SrIjINC;) INSTITUTF OF A TO .14 I C ? F. N ER GY CH NEST, A CIA Of MY OF SCI.EMCF (CAS1), R.FAVTArs; swANTil-fAI, Pt:61'111TC OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS, SHANSHATI INSTITUTE 0 P. A ER ON AUTTCAL MEDICINE. AIR FORCE. CHINESE PEOPLE.7,-*S TI ON A PhmY ( LOCA TION TS NOT X NOWN),;:- BEIJING- NST IT OT E OF TRADITIONAL! CHINESE' fIrDICINE*,, PIEL)ING; )4099'171W ATTACHED -TO fIUMEI TRAVITIONAL CHIMESE PIF''DICAL COLL Et WUHAN! ( 3,5N/ 11 41 6E N/F,, ANHUI NORMAL! UNI VERSI T1Y tHEFf.T. 3151N/11717E4' Is; SHANGHAI INSTITUTE OF,.ORrietiVIC CHEM STRY, 'CAS, SHANGHA SHANIGHAT INSTITUTE OF PHYSIOLO? GY* CAS., SHANGHAI; -A ND SRA NG HA SEC0O PEOTCM..C 0 LLE1GE S HA NG HA . S jEC TS 1! A TOT A L1. OF '12 C H ILO RE N AND YOUTHS ( A GiFS ft RE NOT PA G-F. 04 PU A YAM :A.0330 r 10 N F 1 LIF ?.4 11. NOWN, XC FPI FOR THE 'CHILDREN) SELECTED,: FROM A.moNGTH RESIDENT S OF SICHUAN N NHL!! ' H ME I'y 'AN-11 -HEIL OJ UC PROVINCES-, WUHA CHANGZHOU (31.47N/11q1.5!-IE, NIS) AlVD F*17,T,PING?i On OF EXPERIMENT AND RES4t TS: A PIECE OF: COLOR En PAPF' RI trjT rHI NE S E cH A R1A C TER lel R/ T TTE N ON IT ( 0 F, TAIL S1 A RE NOT fa OWAS. P EP A E 0' IN eTH E wAys: U rotomp 2) SEALEU UP' IN A 44RAF,T E?mVELOPE, APat 3) PLAlan -IN AN OPAQUE' PLASTIC' CONTAINER, FOR I 343 iL.14; A FTE 'R 1145 Ftitti4C0,70 TO rACw O ITHF 112 PEONS SELECTED :FOR THE ExPERIMENT, THEY - EITHER FELT THE PAPER, THE ENvEL'OPE OR THE' CONTAINER- WITH -THEIR EARLDIF0 ARM, OR SOU. 1ANn GUESSED RT GHT THE COLOR OF T HE' PAPE, Rt AO THE CHARACITFR WWI T TF. ON IT TH-Tr4 3-10 MINUTES. AMONG THE SISTERS ((WANG )) ?TANG- (STC :3769/1730) AND (OA NG) ) fcr (TC 378w ?430) 0M EjflUMG EXHIPTTEDi PARTICULARLY HISH: ARILI;TI ES* INC/DEN- T/ILLY, No INFOPMA 1iT0 AS rtiA,/sHF.r.1 AS: TO 14044 AND WHEN THESE C L REN Aso) YOUTHS AnouipErv THE ?SPECIAL1, ULtTIES REPORTE.0 0. 2* 44J) (Jftc COME MT THIS IS THE FT RS. T -NOT kir ON or INFO R-1: A TION ON THE SUR,IF CT tAATTER. FOR THF MOMENT IT IS 'NOT CI -FA R. WHY, IN- A 0DI TT ON1 TO 'THE MEDIC AL.' (WESTERN !AND TRAIIITIONAL: Ir.741r:IE5E) AND EnUCATIONAL. Fic-TLOS WHICt-!"f3Z. E5T t10330 11esi ** * * * ** ** * ** R OLIT1 f'JE *CONEIPENTIAL* Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP96-00788R001200120002-5 " At* r Apprbv6d Pot1R ease 2605/03114: 014-RDP96-00788RA1200120002-5 i CI-TAP ( CSU-3. ( ) / ) OCF01 ( oc'sPA ) DC-5/Z/4 ( ) TICS,RT ( ) 0 WI ) 1G ( I ) PT 02(29 A T i?.1.**.4.*********** 065 /D2157 A T T PEI T. 01 A P 74- C PI( ) -flP Sr? ( ./ i(...1'n( 1 ) Pe(t,*I / ) USA ) PO f AI-?.R ( ) TA so ) Nrcoi4 ) IJ54PCS( ) PM C I 4 tr,.; ) pot: I r ) Pi5RPC ( ) iPr. SCS C r (T/SC Iptoso f I) NSGA ( ) 97TH ( SJ A 1. rot4T.3PC 1 ) ?XIV RF ) r)T.cC r 7 ./ 549TH ( ) SURGN ( nEvr; ) 1.1141) ) PCCF : ( ) 902M TIC / A MEI f I 1 ) MFDAC ) HUPTU ) 1100 / ?) APOSI I I ) IMEOLB ) USACT: ) SVC 1 / RTTc7Yth U.A 0.P-1A03-31 06.501 -7.k2 -4.7CC C- --R UV. 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THE TWO COPIES OF AMA PSYCHOLOGITCA SINIC44 BEIJING WH ICH WERE OR TAINFT) AY MARCH 1900 (24 DO NTt CON TATN ANY REPORT OF sru)T.Es MAD EI ON EY TRASFAI g4.3PY PERCFPTION.' n TS POSSUILE THAT TYC PRC PAY' fir r XIPE CT TNI. TO S VE 011IEST TONS R EL AT !NG TO THE SUBJECT I.IATTER ANT) APPLY TI-IF RESka.. TS TO VARIOUS PR TICAL USES4. 3. (U) SOURCE 1. JIFT--Aivr; PIRA ( Ct4), c,HAW',PAAT, 6 FER oop' P. 2.. ACT A PSYCHOLUGTrA TNIC A ICH), BEIJING, 1 ir JUN 79 9, PP. 1-142; O. 2, AU': 179 PP. -1-11 ( ()RIG THIS f?r'PoRT HAS BEEN PREP APED RY OTPECT EXPLor- T ION OrbPi,N-S011t?ICF: trO9F I GN nOriPTNTARY MATFRTAL, 4NO CONT A INS NO NEOP;IA TI:Th/ OITA I NEC; FRO '01 OP FICI'At. U.S. HO pirrp3s OR, HAS IT FEN' COM P A P,ED w IT H SUr; HI HOLD! W:,1 S. P. ( U) PROJ N(: 251 T 10? (II) C.011 MT cOnEc iys, 11. Cu) SPFC DTP(' IVO.. THIS TR TS CLAISSIF TED CONFIDENTIAL' BET: &USE. OF COMPIL AT TO N OF NcORM A T TO 11; INDT TOUAl. T Tf-mS APE I/ NCSSj- FTFfl. 12. (U) P4FP RY: L.F0 14. TRAYNOR, roi-lAt 1)AC' .R OUT I. AIE *CONgInENTIAL 1,30* $14t At* ,P0**** *4 ** le* Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP96-00788R001200120002-5 1 TIME rCi. PO P Auflt1 App?Rx$0,01-ki??Niiii h 0,2111 t6 lkoP96-00788R0 1200120002-5 Pu: J A0331 r nr t T T V. (0) IPP Y7 STP4PLE . CO 14. (0)- PEG FV:41..7 tt10 RF; To ro (U) Nfa: TITST FY ropi Niot DEC L 31 nE c 2-000 00331 OiN POUTTNE * ******* **A, **** ***Ai** *C 0rInFNTIAL* Ar It* * ** * * ** ** prtcorn - Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP96-00788R001200120002-5