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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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March 10, 1980
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Approved For Release 2OO$EGIR[ 96 00788ROO1200230056-4 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 MEMORANDUM FOR BRIGADIER GENERAL THOMAS J. FLYNN DEPUTY COMMANDER, INTELLIGENCE SUBJECT: The GRILL FLAME Scientific Evaluation Committee Report 1. The report of the GRILL FLAME Scientific Evaluation Committee has now been released. I have taken the liberty of copying portions of the report for your review. The complete report, some 90 pages, is available if you so desire. 2. TAB A is the complete executive summary of the report. 3. TAB B is that portion of the report dealing directly with INSCOM's program. 2 Incl CHAD B. WHITE as Colonel, GS ADCSOPS-HUMINT Regraded UNCLASSIFIED when separated from SECRET inclosures. CLASSIFIED BY: DIRECTOR, DIA REVIEW ON: 10 March 2000 EXTENDED BY: DIRECTOR, DIA REASON: 2-301C 3&6 Approved For Rele E&TP96-0078CI~ 1,200 .~d .WIC Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-00788 R001200230056-4 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200230056-4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY `2~ 10:! J Approved Fo~J L~ V09/1~~~~07~RO 3~00g CHAPTER 1 Introduction (U 1. (S/NOFORN) Sackcround. In June 1979 it was suggested by Dr. LaBerge, then Under Secretary of the Army, that a Scientific Evaluation Committee be appointed to review the Army's parapsychological activities. In early.July 1979, .Dr. Ruth Davis recommended that because of the special interest of the Secretary of Defense, that the Committee review the total-DOD posture and report directly to the GRILL FLAME Oversight Committee. ("GRILL FLAME" is the unclassified code word for any DOD or intelligence community association or involvement with parapsychological activities or interests; definitions of scientific areas discussed can be found in Chapter 5.) 2. (U) Mission and Organization. The Committee was organized by the Chairman (scee Annex 1) and highly qualified r;einhers were i.nvi_ted . to serve from various scientific disciplines. All members enjoy a reputation for an extremely high integrity and brling to the Committee a wealth of experience in 3xperimental design and evaluation. The areas of expertise of Committee members include Psychiatry, t3iostat:i st`._crs, Psychology, Physic s, Engineering, and Operations R'search. Committee members were carefully screened to avoid any persons with preconceived notions for or against the subject under .nvestigation, so that an objec- tive assessment could be evolved. All Committee members represented themselves and were selected on their individual 'neri.ts; therefore, views expressed are neither implicitly nor explicitly associated with'their employing organizations. The listing of the organizational affiliation in the Annex is for identifying, purposesonly. a. (S/NOFORN) The mission of the Committee, known as the"GRILL, FLAME Scientific Evaluation Committee" was as To review the parapsychological research, investi- gations, and applications within DOD and the intel- ligence community. To assess the validity of claims made for the alleged existence of the PSI phenomena; with particular emphasis on the experiments which were instituted to approach the "proof of principle". Approved For Releas STTM~ j"92d0056-4 LL CO Ste[ ~1:aJ1o: / recommend a course of action for DOD in future parapsychological activities. (S/NOFORN) The Committee visited all DOD installa- r; s involved in any aspect of parapsychological efforts 0.16 conducted additional visits and interviews with non- o,crnment sponsored investigators (see Annex 2). In a large amount of classified reports, intelligence ..17--cries, and open literature was reviewed. A collection ,.E al.l such documents is stored in the Chairman's office nand was made available to Conunittee members as required. addition, available documentation applicable to the ~;:;;r,,y