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November 4, 2016
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June 19, 1998
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November 3, 1978
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,Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200240009-5 3 November 1978 SUBJ: GRILL FLAME Meeting at Aberdeen - 2 Nov 78 1. On 2 Nov 78, INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Officer, Maj Watt, met with the following Army Material Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA) personnel to discuss AMSAA involvement in Remote viewing: John Kramar (GS-16) - Asst Dir for Systems Effectiveness and Joint Service Activities COL Albert DeProspero - Deputy Director, AMSAA Lynne Taylor - GRILL FLAME Project Leader (AMSAA) Scott Phillips - Air Weapons Division Brit Harrison - Foreign Intelligence Office NOTE: Scott Phillips is one of the SUBJECTS in the AMSAA GRILL FLAME Project. 2. MMr, John Kramar presented a two-hour orientation briefing on AMSAA involvement with parapsychology phenomena. This included a brief historical summary of paranormal activities. 3. Lynne Taylor, GRILL FLAME Project Leader, AMSAA and Scott Phillips then briefed me on the status of the project they are running. In short, they are conducting a series of experiments attempting to validate results that were provided by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) on a series of remote viewing exercises. They were conducting an exercise that afternoon and I was invited to go with the "Outbound" team. 4. Remote Viewing Exercise: Briefly, it consisted of the "Outbound" team receiving a sealed envelope containing a fixed location within a 30 minute ride of AMSAA headquarters. The envelope was not opened until after the "Outbound" team (of which I was a member) left Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Once we knew the location, we still had to drive around until 30 minutes had elapsed. At the designated time, we arrived at the "Test" location and walked around the area. We stayed at the "test" location for 15 minutes and then returned to AMSAA. Meanthile, the SUBJECT was being interviewed by the Inbound Experimenter. Their conversation was taped and available for later screening. The SUBJECT attempted to describe the area where the Outbound Team had gone. Neither the SUBJECT nor the Inbound Experimenter had access to the sealed envelope. Although the results still have to be analyzed by AMSAA personnel, I would say that the experiment was partially successful. The SUBJECT was able to provide some information concerning our location and the surrounding environment. However, certain control measures and other facets of the experiment need further exploration. I discussed my views with the AMSAA personnel. y?? S C DECLASSIFICATION X l 01 VE ORDER 1165.74 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA RDP96-007 ; 0 ......................... ~ .... DECLASSIFY Approved For Release 200 P96-00788 R001200240009-5 5. Lynne Taylor is going to send me a copy of the "work contract" that is being drawn up which will outline what SRI will undertake for INSCOM. 6. Lynne Taylor concurred that AMSAA would be able to provide space, limited as it may be, for me to conduct screening interviews with INSCOM personnel as we develop our program. 7. We all agreed that next step was for me to contact SRI and set up time to go visit them in order to receive in-depth orientation/training in remote viewing exercises. 8. I want to note that all AMSAA personnel were extremely helpful and provided outstanding support throughout the visit. MURRAY `B. WATT MAJ, MI GRILL FAME PROJECT OFFICER Approved For Release 2000/08/07: CIA-RDJ 96-00788R001200240009-5