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November 4, 2016
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April 10, 2000
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September 27, 1979
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Approved For Release 2000/d 1O fA-RD1 -%NgROO4 O 31OOO3-3 DOD Evaluation Committee Briefing -.27 September1979 1. Introduction/Background a. b. Tasking and my background Early visits to SRI and AMSAA 2. Mission 3. SRI Visit: 15-17 Nov a. Initial orientation b. Work statement/training c. Criteria for selection of subjects Well thought of Adventurous Above average intel Open minded Thinks well of himself Successful Articulate Muture and stable "Artistic" 4. SRI Visit: 12-15 Dec a. Screening potential subjects b. Review recent SRI experiments c. Review of tapes d. Relationship of subject/interviewer e. Role of outbound team f. Factors that inhibit success (1) Prior knowledge of target possibilities (2) Absence of feedback (3) Doing trivial tasks (4) Use of repetitive target sequences g. Factors that enhance success (1) Interest factor (2) Seriousness of purpose (3) Monitor/interviewer to ask questions (4) Practice with feedback 5. Selection of Individuals: Target: 3 individuals a. Considered - 251 b. Interviewed - 117 c. Initial Results - 30-35 potential candidates d. 14 Feb - SRI visited - results e. Intelligence background of individuals Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00788ROO1200310003-3 WNW W" PPER WORKING PAP .R Approved For Release 200=8707?: CIA-RDP96-00788 R001200310003-3 6. Began training late Feb - stopped March 7. Training with SRI - 13 May Second phase of training just started 8. Training problems a. b. c. d. e. Environment Work related situations Availability Frequency Time of day 9. Target Selection Process 10. Current Program(s) a. b. c. d. e. Training at SRI "Beacon" situations Coordinate work - 3 levels "Real" situations CDEC training 11. Development of TCC 12. Future Objectives: a. b. c. d. e. Continue development of individual abilities Complete training at SRI (Dec 79) Apply RV techniques to "live problems" Determine tasking procedures Align resources properly 13. Evaluation Report Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : qPMRZR WORKING PAPEZ Approved For Release 2000/007R/ U-V4WP96-00788 R001200310003-3 (S/ORCON) To establish a program using psychoenergics for intelligence applications. Specifically, utilizing that field,of psychoenergics referred to as REMOTE VIEWING. The program encompasses the following: - Establishing a training program in REMOTE VIEWING utilizing selected INSCOM personnel. - Establishing procedures for intelligence collection techniques utilizing REMOTE VIEWING. - Establishing a mechanism for responding to intelligence collection-requirements (tasking) using REMOTE.-:VIEWING. CLASSIFIED BY: Director, DIA DECLASSIFY ON: 17 Mar 99 EXTENDED BY: Director, DIA REASON: 2-301-C (3) (6) Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-@1031~1(AME 0;;Q" r Approved For Release 2000/Q -00788R001 2OO31OOO3-3 TARGET SELECTION PROCESS 1. 2. 3. Location Activity Time B. METHOD OF TARGETING 1. Beacon (Human and objects) a. b. c. Initial target pool Random (local) Operational designate (i.e. A6E) 2. Geographic Coordinates a. Target Pool (1) "Fun Targets"/Initial"Orientation (2) Series 200 Map Targets (3) TK Targets b. Operational Designate 3. UTM Coordinates C. DEVELOPMENT OF TARGETS 1. Beacon - Initial Target Pool a. 50 Targets selected by individual outside project. b. Secured by another individual. c. How utilized. 2. Beacon - Random 3. Operational Designate 4. Geographic Coordinates -- "Fun Targets" a. Pool designed by NCOIC b. Stored in Safe -- Access limited 5. Geographic Coordinates - Series 200 Map Targets a. Pool designed by Project Manager b. Stored in Safe - Access limited Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788ROO1200310003-3 Tn 7n V' Y-- , Approved For Release 20=0810-a46' tbP96-00788R001200310003-3 6. Geographic Coordinates - TK Targets a. b. Pool designed by IIPD Stored in SSO Area -- Access controlled by SSO. 7. Geographic Coordinates -- Operational Designate a. "Customer" Request b. Data stored in safe - access controlled by Project Manager.. a. -Weekly targets provided by CDEC b. Data controlled by COL Moses, CDEC 2 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200310003-3 SG1A CDEC OPSEC UTMfEVENT X X - ON - t NG pN- Got I~G X Remarks TRNG ONLY pACSt SPECtAI. AWAIT 1HFb FROM D b? t D4TA UND~RGOi~G At~At_vStS X EO PoR _ 35EP ~ r ~ ~ SPt=Ct~~ 1 ACS1 AwAIT(uG ttViTtPI- GUIDANCE T6p 3 (n F 5 TBD SPECIAL 1 -AC51 ---------------- And -nue -oa PROJECT STATUS ) C5t 135EtP74 Approved For Release 2000/ / ?FOpDDP96-00788 R001200310003-3 TARGET CORRELATION CHART (TCC)* ASSIGNED VALUE DESCRIPTION 1 Absolutely no target correlation. 2 Drawings, narrative, and feedback reaction have minimal target correlation. Increased target correlation, identity of target could not be determined. Many target correlation factors readily recognizable. Target identity possibilities narrowed. RV data shows--unmistakable cor- relation to the target. Target possibilities can now be typified. Little or no extraneous RV data present. Target identity can be readily matched. 7 Correct naming of the target. RATING None (0%) Low (15%) Low-Moderate (30%) Moderate (50%) Moderate-Hig (70%) High (80%) Direct H-7-it- (100%) *Target Correlation Chart (TCC) was established not to prove or disprove Remote Viewing (RV), rather, it was designed to measure RV learning trends and to provide Project Management personnel a readily available management. tool. **Current state-of-the-art indicates this level of expertise is the norm for an experienced Remote Viewer. CLASSIFIED BY: Director, DIA DECLASSIFY ON: 31 May 99 EXTENDED BY: Director, DIA REASON: 2-301-C (3) (6) Approved For Release 20001D - t RDP96-0W12ff M 3z En7 PJ4 T7 I Approved For Release 2000/08/07: CIA-RDP96-00788R 012 - TARGET CORRELATION CHART (TCC) FILE NO. . _ . Z z x a IL1 Z .` ~ - a so DIRECT HIT 1007) 7 HIGH (8 p/fir MODERATE-HIGH (7O%) MODERATE 50 _ LOW- MODERATE (3''9;) 3 LOW (l5 ~_ NON 7)-- - Q `` !.. ., :7 4 A Q a T Z 7 Z .1 :- ^] "~ 'u -01 ti^ W W LU 04 00 cq E- } y = - i T a T t ? z - z r 2. w .-' t. -, J lb A A U co t rt chi n 1k cl~ 0%1 C~ 11 V% r% O r %I- ca :uj c\J to a- N N Q\ I- ._? .:...:: . 7 '7 1 t7 lip I , 12 a ~4 1 I 23 1241 251 26 27 28 29 30 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200310003-3 TARGET CORRELATION RATINGS ASSIGNED VALUE 1 2 TOTAL 40 48 7 Not rated Not graded 1 TOTAL NOTE: 60 sessions adversely influenced by noise or work related problems. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001200310003-3