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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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March 10, 1982
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Approved For Release 200SEC TDP96-00788R001400230001-2 INSCOM GRILL FLAME PROGRAM SESSION REPORT CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH 051630; 31.178 REVIEW ON: NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS ORCON GRILL FLAME Approved For Release 2003tECUP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 20032?E1DP96-00788R001400230001-2 SUMMARY ANALYSIS REMOTE VIEWING SESSION 873 I. (S/NOFORN) This report provides documentation of a remote viewing session conducted for training purposes only. 2. (S/NOFORN) The protocol used for this session is detailed in document GRILL FLAME Protocol, AMSAA Applied Remote Viewing Protocol (S), undated. 3. (S/NOFORN) Post session analysis on target viewing indicates the viewer had little or no correlation. The viewer's attitude was poor. He was disappointed at his performance. 4. (S/NOFORN) Following is a transcript of the viewer's impressions during the remote viewing session. At TAB A are drawings and narrative by the remote viewer. At TAB B is the target cuing information. Also included is available target data. Approved For Release 2003/ P96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release Ste TA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 TRANSCRIPT REMOTE VIEWING SESSION 873 #66: This will be a remote viewing session for 1400 hours, 10 March 1982. PAUSE Relax now, relax, relax, relax, relax and concentrate, concentrate solely and completely on the target for this afternoon 1400 hours, 10 March 1982. Focus now 48 degrees, 08 minutes, 20 seconds North 122 degrees, 46 minutes, 00 seconds West Focus now, focus and concentrate, focus on the target: 48 degrees, 08 minutes, 20 seconds North 122 degrees, 46 minutes, 00 seconds West Scan the target now and describe your perceptions to me. PAUSE #25: Land mass...aerial view...mountain range.., giant mountain's far as I can see...either side. #66: Face the target and describe it to me. #25: Intersection T shaped..small town...cluttered feeling. #66: And now the target in particular. #25: Huge?antenna, mass, metal.. #66: Go on. PAUSE: #25: Signals? center of continent, North America. #66: Say again. Approved For Release 2003/093 .E ' RE 6-00788R001400230001-2 L Approved For Release 2003tECREfP96-00788R001400230001-2 #25: Location center of North America. #66: Describe your position of observation. #25: Giant...aerial... (mumble) #66: Move down to the target, move right down to the target now. Stand on the ground and describe surrounding to me. PAUSE #25: Sand...scrub brush...valleys, bridge line.. #66: And, now standing on the ground describe the target to me once again. Describe the target now, while standing on the ground. PAUSE #25: Lace, metal, metal lace, sphere.... .. .. #66: Go on. PAUSE #25: Fence, chain fence. #66: Describe the activity at the target. #25: Rich (mumble) #66: Continue. #25: Men suits and ties. #66: Activity of men.. #25: Working at metal, talking and meetings, a building. #66: Describe building. #25: Concrete, cinder block...white, metal structure...on the top ridge...... #66: Describe the target odor. #25: Angelic (phonetic) fluid. Approved For Release 2003/ 2 P96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 200Et 51DP96-00788R001400230001-2 #66: Describe the target sounds. #25: Air. air (mumble) #66: Move over the target, slightly over the target 200 feet and describe it to me. Describe the target from 200 feet. PAUSE #25: Nothing. #66: Move to 500 feet. Describe the target from 500 feet up; look down and describe the target to me. #25: Rectangle, fence, metal, lace inside the fence... concrete slab, cinder, block building, outside the fence (mumble) fence. #66: Stop. Describe the climate in the target area to me. #25: Clear, sunny, windy, warm, except for the wind.. dry..sunny, 111111Wfunction has to do with fishing. #66: Describe the raw impression by which you form this conclusion. Only the raw impression. #25: (Mumble)... to your question about function. #66: Describe the response to me. #25: Impression, flirkr art more imagery.. #66: You're free now, free to explore, free to move, free to examine. Examine the target now, on your own, and report when you are ready. PAUSE #25: Dry, (mumble) bed nearby (mumble) name John Rathon (phonetic)...observatory..that's it. #66: Let's prepare now to draw those perceptions of the target that you have had...remembering clearly, precisely, and detail all the perceptions that you have had. Let us draw. (SEE TAB A FOR DRAWING NARRATIVE) Approved For Release 2003/0 3 EI96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 t TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 113, REMOTE VIEWING SESSION 873 (DRAWING NARRATIVE) #25: Before we get to the drawings I want to say I can't draw the mountains that I saw. They were too big. It would be two lines on the paper one indicating flat ground and one squiggly line across the top indicating ground the mountain range. It was from a great distance so it wouldn't be effective to draw it. What I have drawn is an overhead view of what I feel was an area that I went to in the target area. I don't believe there was a specific target in the area. So,. I chose something to go to. I tried to get something that would be in the feedback. So, I could have an idea of how far wrong I was or.....right. Drawing here is a picture of the rectangle that I saw from about 500 feet. I also saw it from about 200 feet, but I kept fighting with overlay. When I realized that I couldn't fight it off any longer, I decided to report it. There's a tangle of metal like lace work looking at it in this metal area. The (mumble) tangle is the fence with a smaller rectangle attached to labeled B is the building attached to the fence that becomes part of the fence. There's no fence here. I should dash those lines. A is the fence. There's a road going down the bottom of the page.... across the bottom of the page. This fence and the line immediately to the left of it indicates .a plateau like or ridge line line area that it sat on Going down to the left hand side of the page it gets lower and lower and lower. I'd say it drops a good 200 feet down to a river bed which is a dry river bed. It has a very small river, but's like the valley that the river bed is in this plateau-was carved out by the river...over here to the left. Any questions on that drawing? #66: No. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CI1- 8R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CS! /88R001400230001-2 #25: Yeab. I forgot all about that...a little small intersection that formed a T and around it was some shabby buildings like...I have no idea what they were. I saw one roof...I saw the road, and one has a stop sign into the other thoroughfare, and I don't know where it goes and what it is. It was not part of .a huge town though. It was a very, very small...not even a town...probably, but just a...(mumble) in rural area. The area was isolated #66: Okay. Review it for me again. We got a continental area, isolated, ...... #25: arid, and the climate is sandy soil texture windy, warm and cold when the wind blows...foliage sparce...shrub like vegetation, not much grass..... #66: And, we have some sort of man-made object in the area that you picked out. #25: Yeah. It has some sort of scientific purpose to it fishing #66: Okay. Anything else you want to add? #25: No. #66: Tell me about your confidence level and your opinion, your feelings about this session. #25: Well, I just realized that I have much more confidence in the intersection which I didn't draw, than I do in anything else, and I'd forgotten about that at the end of the session. #66: Would you like to draw it now for me in drawing number 4? #25: Yeah. I guess. I'll do that now. We've just decided to do another drawing which we will label drawing number 4...and it's simply an intersection ...that I saw earlier in the session that I forgot about during the latter part of the session. And, it's in a rural area. It's probably a distance from the target---20 miles or so. I don't know Distance, I guess is sort of...not able to have a good feel for that. But, it was a T intersection in a rural area with some buildings around it, and the buildings Approved For Release 2003/09/09: CIA-RbP,96:10a0 001400230001-2 ot,r, IApproved For Release 2003/09/09 : CI - P R001400230001-2 #25: This .64.;,s far as the function goes, I don't know ere that came from. I asked for a function of the target and the thought fishing came to mind. I do not know if it was a word or an impression of fishing. I didn't see anybody in a little boat sitting there fishing or on the side of the river fishing or something like that...the word fishing came up. So, I don't think it has to do with actually with fishing for might be fishing. #66: Some sort of symbolism #25: Yeah. It might be symbolic. I did get the impression that this might be some of my own creation here, my overlay that the metal lace was an antenna that was somehow used to send signals out to space and received them coming back for some scientific purpose. I don't know what. The name on the place John Rothborn or Rothbone. ...I just simply asked for a name...I really had no confidence in that at all. I don't think that is what it is. And, the observatory is analysis on my part based on what I saw there. ?1110/ #66: Okay. Do you have any other descriptions of the target? #25: No. I think I said it during the session, I felt like it was in the center of North America this country, I believe. #66: Give me five descriptors that you tell about the target. #25: It was a continental land mass. It was arid. #66: I'm somewhat confused between your drawing. During the initial part of your session......because I want to know if we're in .a big city or we're out in the middle of nowhere. #25: Yeah. We're out in the middle of nowhere. #66: Okay. In the very beginning (talking too fast can't understand) like inter section and cross pattern Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : SURET788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 s r Wr4p788R001400230001-2 #25: Drawing 2 is an attempt to draw a perspective of that giving a more......... #66: You're standing on the ground at the target now? #25: No, in the air, but above a river bed. #66: Oh, I see. You're looking up the hill to the what you think the target is..or at least something you thought was in the target area. As you said before, you didn't think that the target #25: It was a general area. There was no specific thing identified as the particular target. No building. No (mumble) or anything identified as the specific target. Anyway the concrete cinder block...I mean the building is indicated by this X pattern on this building that I've drawn near the fence which I've drawn in the center of the page. The metal lace work became like a giant antenna that was like half a spear which I've tried to draw here in the center of the page, and I will label metal lace. And, the Xs all around that, the marks all around it, indicates there was more to it than just like I've drawn it here. This doesn't look like it looked to me at the time. Elevation is indicated on the lower right. And, this target, building, or the building that .I chose to report on sat on this plateau or ridge... right on top of it. And I just realized there's something else that I want to draw so I'm going to stop the tape and draw that and we'll continue on. Back now again on drawing 2...the activity was perceived two ways. There was a man who was turning a bolt on a wrench which I've tried to draw in drawing 3 which is a pretty feeble attempt to draw a wrench. That's all I'm going to talk about drawing 3. There's also some men in polyester suits who were ...I felt like were scientists. They were observing the metal area from the building and they were having a conference in the building some of them were. I didn't see 'em as (mumble) guys with white coats all gathered around something that would really be the classical sence of the scientist. I saw them in polyester suits which I think is strange. *SECRET Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/08E1e 100788R001400230001-2 #25: ...were all shabby...and not constructed well. In other words, it was not a planned intersection. Buildings just came up as they were required. I tried to draw these little vague shapes here which I will label as buildings, and I don't know what they are. I only saw one clear roof top and that was the one that I tried to draw here that looks ... .. #66: You're referring to the bottom of the page #25: Yeah. I'm referring to the bottom of the page (mumble) and it sloped on all four sides. Which means that the bottom of it was longer than the top of it so it sloped on all four sides. And, the other buildings are over here. I have much more confidence in this than I have in anything in the session. Except for the metal lace work. I believe will be in the feedback in some way. Whether it's a ante.04, or not, I don't know #66: So you feel you have confidence in the T intersection and not too sure about the rest of it. #25: Yeah. The T intersection and the fact that there's a metal lace work somewhere in the target. The build- ing and the fence and the scientific and the fishing and the scientists and the wrench and all that, I don't know about. I don't have any confidence in that. #66: Okay. Anything else you want to add? #25: No. Except the terrain I feel confident about. #66: The type of terrain? #25: Yeah. #66: Okay. That's, it then. lECRET Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/1(109 : CIA-RDP 6-00788R001400230001-2 -r- CZ(>04 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 _ ? Approved For Release 2003/ 09 : CIA-RDP96-0 88R001400230001-2 Approved For Release,29,03M/0?9-.1 gjitRDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 200311f109 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved F( Release 2003/t9 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 71 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 STAT Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2 70 off 4" Awn/ /R.? 4/4 eir ?1/441E'Cr--- 13 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001400230001-2