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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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May 19, 1982
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Approved For Release 2003/ ETP96-00788R001400470001-6 INSCOM GRILL FLAME PROGRAM CLASSIFIED BY: MSG, DAMI-ISH 05163OZ JUL78 REVIEW ON. Approved For Release 2003/0 ' 96-00788R001400470001-6 GRILL FLAME Approved For Release 2003/ RtDP96-00788R001400470001-6 SUMMARY ANALYSIS REMOTE VIEWING SESSION #906 1. (S/NOFORN) This repmrit provides documentation of a remote viewing session conducted for training purposes only.l 2. .(S/NOFORN) The protocol used for this session is detailed in-the document GRILL FLAME Protocol, AMSAA Applied Remote Viewing Protocol (s), undated. 3. (S/NOFORN) Post session analysis on target viewing indicates the viewer had some correlation, indifference to incorrect coordinates. 4. (S/NOFORN) Following is a transcript of the viewer's impressions during the remote viewing session. At TAB A are drawings and narrative made by the viewer. At TAB B is target cuing information. Also included is available target data. NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Approved For Release 2003/09/OSE Approved For Release 2003/09/ rWitFPF-00788 R001400470001-6 REMOTE VIEWING SESSION #906 v #66: This will be a remote viewing session for 1400: hours 19 May 1982. All right, now.time to begin the session. Clear your mind of all thoughts not today's target. Deny yourself any.perception not of today's target. And therefore focus attention solely and completely on 39 degrees 41 minutes 10 seconds North 124 degrees 44 minutes 05 seconds West Focus now on the target designated by these coordinates. Concentrate, concentrate, visualize, sense and know. 39 degrees 41 minutes 10 seconds North 124 degrees 44 minutes 05 seconds West Exactly and precisely describe the target to me. #25: Small hills, landscaped, road, small road. Reminds me of, like a hospital or a building like that or the.way an institution would be landscaped. #66: Could the word groomed be used? #25: Yes. And they are cared for, manicured. #66: Focus now on the target. Focus now on the target and continue. #25: I' a memory trace of a Wright-Patterson Airforce Base. Runway. #66: Okay, you're jumping in your sequence now. #25: Okay then, (mumble) The target's a continental land mass..... A lot of lines going the left, my perception... sensation of movement,vehicle, movement(mumble.) Small building, square shape, very small, utility type, mountain. #66: Describe your perspective as observe the target. #25: Ground low, looking down, lines in front of it, small building, I think this (mumble) distracts. Green is really coming thrugh strong, grass. #66: Okay. What's behind you? Describe what's behind you. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 Approved For Release 2003/09 :I #25: More' :trees. #66: Okay, up 100 feet at the oblique, describe the target from 100 feet at the oblique. #25: Looks like a country club or a golf club,give me that impression and manicurdd.grass, cared for. #66: Describe the activity at the target. #25: I have an overlay 4 a golf cart..... Recreation center, recreation. #66: Describe the activity you perceive which makes you say recreation. #25: Get vague images of golfers, tennis courts, that kind of stuff like that. #66: All right. Looking at the target now, perceiving the target, becoming one with the target, describe your emotional opinion of the target. #25: Win, big time, want to win, like it's a place where there is a champianship, competition in sports. #66: All right. Describe the weather right now today at the target. #25: Light, light rain. Everything was sunny until you asked about the weather. It was clear, it wasn't necessarily sunny. This weather was never.l.ooked,at. #66: All right. Now, right now, right this minute, what's happening at the target? Describe the activity, right now, right this minute. #25: I can.smell flowers. I want to smell before you asked me that question, I's overlay ,I created a cemetery feeling and funeral. #66: Describe that to me. #25: It grew out of analysis out of the smell of flowers. #66: I have no other question about the target. Now is the time for you to comment aobut the target as you perceive, without the confines of my questions. #25: ot. of gr e' of ` green. That's "it . #66: All right, fine. Let's draw the perceptions you've had. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : C r,gr 8R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/000788R001400470001-6 DRAWING NARRATIVE REMOTE VIEWING SESSION #906 #25: Okay, the following_is.a description of the drawings. Drawing.#l is the.runway or road that I saw.. The-small green building that looked like it was a utility building, like you might find, you know,.power, something like that, anything lawn mowers in that building, with green all around me. #66: You have one man made structure in an area of much green, is that it? #25: Yes, in drawing one. #66: Okay. #25: Well actually the road or.runway or road or whatever it is, is man made structure also. #66: Okay, so there is a road or something like that and one small building and the rest is green. #25: yea: #66: All ;:right. #25: Or I didn't perceive it. #66: All right. #25: I just had the perception of a:.big green. I was having overlay problems with Wright Patterson, because I didn't any on something like that. #66: Okay. #25: Saw Wright--Patterson once. Drawing #2 is the first impression of that lawn that manicured, landscaped, professionally landscape area, with a building that 11.11 draw in here, label, at the top of a hill. And that building is like very big, you.-know, it 's there , I don't know what it is. That's why I thought it looked like'.a hospital, it looked like a country club, that sort of stuff. #66: Okay. #25: And then the rest of the drawing, is just that there is a lot of green grass and some looked after trees and shrub and stuff. Approved For Release 2003/09/(VM 00788R001400470001-6 U Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CUM "a I #66: All right now #25: With a paved road going up to the top. #66: These two drawings, are they related to one another? #25: I'm not sure, I don't think so. #66: Okay. Describe then for me drawing #1, drawing #2, the sequence of the drawings. #25: Okay, drawing #2 occurred as far as images go and chronological sequence, occurred first, before drawing #1. But because drawing #1 was in my head, I put it down first. #66: Okay. #25: Having looked at this very of 1e3n in the session, drawing #2, I was able to remember that to draw it down, I think better , so I drew this one first. #66: What feelings do you have about each of those two images? #25: 1 don't know. #66: Are the images different in any way, one from the other? #25: They maybe the same place, but I don't feel any association. Outside both were really green. #66: In terms of sensation, do the images feelL.any different to you then? #25: Yes, I think drawing #1 is an overlay problem. #66: Explain drawing #1 to me again. #25: I think drawin #1 is the roadway with the small green building. I think that's just a memory trace that came up so fast that I couldn't fight it back. #66: What is it a drawing of? #25: It's a drawing of n airport, an airforce base type. #66: One building and: a road in a sea of green is an airport? #25: Yes. #66: Okay. #25: 1 say that because I felt like, that it looked to me like, a scene that I've previously seen at an airforce base. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 'I ET. Approved For Release 2003/09/0 #66: Okay. #25: Which, you know, I didn't feel special-about mountains .or anything like that, I thought it was maybe, since it was an airport, it was like flat. #66: You say there were mountains or what? #25: No, I didn't have any feelings at all about mountains. #66: Okay. #25: I just saw this little hill thing and that was definitely not a.mountain, too little. It might even been man made, man built. Um-um. And what are your feelings, you say #1 was overlay #66: because it reminds you of an airport or something? #25: yes. #66: What about #2, how do you feel about that? #25: I don't know, that came at.the very beginning of the session, when you said clear your mind and that's the one thing that came up. Maybe that's good, you know maybe I'll see some, I don't see how I can see any correlation, because I didn't have be that would really tie it to the, y know, i really concrete that you could tie it too, a lot of green trees and a hill and a small paved road are not really concrete things hold on to in a session. This is the scene that gave me all the ideas about hospital. It gave me ideas aobut country club. It gave golf course. #66: Okay, but you'.re saying that those weren't, that wasn't target information, that's kind of analysis of what you saw. #25: This whole drawing maybe analysis. #66: What are the three principal elements of the target? . It was the continental land mass, and I don't know, #25: I feel like it was,.probablY the target that I didn't perceive has, the target some man made aspect to it, maybe.not completely man made, but definitely a man made aspect to it, which would make it a man made structure of some kind. fir Approved For Release 2003/09 e'T96-00788R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/0fR96-00788R001400470001-6 #66: What's the terrain like? What are the elements that you perceive, that you could say the terrain was? #25: I.had a lot of green and I'd say it was a hilly terrain, but not mountainous, and hilly and flat, both combined, hilly in areas and flat in other areas. #66: Okay. #25: That concludes the session. Approved For Release 2003/9fP96-00788R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003#9/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003?/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 , t f Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP9~-00788R061400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 TAB Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6 T 4f/ /0 ,tioe, 0 /c?4' 4' / as 0'40 ve--sy-- Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001400470001-6