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November 4, 2016
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January 24, 2005
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February 21, 1979
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Approved'Fo'r Release 2005/03%09 : C1A-PDP96-00788ROO1500070004=6 21 February 1979 MEM.ORAINNDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: INSCOM PROJECT CR.ILL FLAME: I'ROGRE:SS REPORT //1 (u) 1. (U) Period Covered: 27 October. 1978 -- I6 February 1979 2. (U) Purpose: The purpose of the p'regress report is to provide periodic status reports conc;e;.iiing INSCOM's involvement in project GRILL FLAME, These reports will be shown to "key" 1NSCOM personnel. and then only after the INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Officer has determined that a "need-to-know" exists. 3. (S/ORCON) Introduction: Sometime during the month of October .1978, Colonel A. W. Ilamel, ADCSOPS-IIII.MIN'T, INSCOM, was task(-.-,(] by the DCSOPS, INSCOM, to provide a Project Officer for a new program that INSCOM was becoming involved in at the direct:icn of the ACSI. Major Murray B. Watt,, PPPA, ADCSOPS? -HUMINT, was selected to be the INSCOM Project Manager (PM) and on 27 October 1978 was so notified. In short, the new project involved the development of a program using parapsychology phenomena for intelligence applications. wINSCOM tias"verb- . ragki:ng' bt tweerrt t9Ats T ,-ri ' 1C! to, e, l? e' e ja 4q is _?f -re ote -vidwing using INSC OM n Te t_ed' ea tazle cakrv w4?.? k ,Ilt SL'nfo d' PP e{ tf 1nst.1 tte ', ate -- 7a~- ,iona7~ .(SRI) Remote viewing pertains to the ability of certain individuals to access and describe, by means of mental. processes, inf..orma- tion sources blocked from ordinary perceeption, and generally accepted as secure against such access. 4. (S/ORCON) Tasking: As p.r.eviousi'r stated, i]Q INSCOM never received any written tasking on this sub;jec: t. However, the. CG, INSCOM and the ACSI had agreed upon the concept of remote viewing and the need or Army involvement: in this area. At TAB A is ,3 copy of the revised Statement: of Work which provides for the training of three 1NSCOM personnel by SRI. ARMY review(s) completed. CLASSIFIED BY: Director, DIA DECLASSIFY ON: 22 Feb 99 EXTENDED BY : Director, DIA REASON: 2--30.1-C (3) (6) Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500070004-6 Cr, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTIhLLIGEPICE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 Approved For ReI1 2DP96-00788 R001500070004-6 RR RR SSISS DA UASHDC//DNAMI--ISU// a5:6b31?z JUL ?ES DIA USASt;DC//IUT// CDRDARCOM ALEXANDRIA VA//DPCDE// CDE'AF1 AA AP(-; ID//DRCSY-DD// CH MIA RREDSTONE ;ARSENAL AL//DRI 1I-Yi:// C F. ( T/'d4F'OR'','d E rte i.J.'J t ~L..`i : ISSUAt.C OF 4irJCLASSICI'ED NICKNAi1E--CR1LL FLAME. {LI} /I-'~FORiNI RECCI3ILY INCREASED NIGH LEVEL INTEREST IN 1ILITAaRY : YYCHOLOCY/REt1OTE VIEUZNG {PY/RV}", ALONG L1ITUU INHERENT SE 51- ">?E~ T -- -[SEA a t~ '`KPE Q --P # Ei, ."T. 4 I xca Y / V CE. A' ~ I ?0;,.. F ;OI1 TH." US ARMY STAfNDPOIiJT, A STRICT NEED-T j-K Oia' C~',VEAT Of ~,ou O1 EIRATIVE Ii'J ANY SITUATION INVOLVING PY/RV. XGDS-24 -: DL C T~::c..',/D., 1---1S{1/S?"1 1 3JUL.78 4 L L !Rp.r4 dr tP Z_I : Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R0015000700>5 8 SG1A Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R00'1:500070004-6 /// S El C. B. '1' /// -1 1 I ~ r, h , Y VT ! Y?. rte. `~ ,.. ! >G i,ANI-IS.E. 1) - 7- 163OZ JUL 78. SUBJECT: ISSUAU'JCE OF PNCI,ASSI- I ?,L ILa'iE TT ~u': ` I ( ) I`.?MI-IS FOR CFI "F OF STAFF, INSCOM. G ~. T N1 O FO RN I Q,1 .,('_ ,d ~ td l?P?F ~ ~~~' ~~' Pte. ' (' "?AM~'- `RILL FLAME (U) J bT . (S,iii3. O N) IN THE ?AST F:r'!7 W:E'I;.KS A xIRI:'AT :?EA' OT' INIT714FS'I' IN! I .4'{Y-RELATED PARAPSYCHOLOGY HAS I3 F;VN GENERATED AT THE DEPARTMENT VP ARMY LEVEL.. SPECIFICALLY, DR. GA3p,PGI, USOFA, IS ?'EF;SO?;F.LLY OI.'J:?P, AND OACSI IS PUTTING T iTHEP AN INIPOFMATI3N PACKAGF FOR ASS?IRE ADE'OUATE SECURITY PR OTE'CTION FOR THIS INCRFASINGLY ^. .S I'rII;D NICKNAMP GRILL FLAME WILL REPLACE, ANY OPEN PFF 'RENC1+ 11`1',S, 01i WARRANT USE OF' AN TINCLA.SSIFIED NICYNAiIF". y ' i'CI:OLGGY/RE"1C1I'~' VIEWING (PY/fiV), ALONG WITH INEEFFNT S ;NSI- k(~M ITTr,D: QUOTE RECENTLY INCREASED HIGH LEVEL I'J'IERFST IN ;SI.i_1VE SUBJECT, T:HE r'OLL0 1':[NG POL ICY ,"IESS.AGE (FEE "I' ABOVE) IS .'.n 1Y INVOLVF1'1FNT IN PY/~?V ?' SE.APC:I, EXI'~'.;IMFNTS A?~E'LICA''tQP, NOFORN. FROM HE US .ARMY STANDPOINT. A STRICT NFEI%-TO--rNOW 9 9 'I?E FACT OF US ARMY INTEREST OR 'i,'ORK IN PY/RV IS CLAS;~IEIFD .7-"1;:' IS NOW OPERATIVE IN ANY SITUATION INVOLVING PY/RV." FND CUE (5/N0.:0RN) IT I S KNOWN TEAT A NUMBER OF DOD "PLAYERS, I. WHO '. SI IS TRYING TO IDENTIFY, ARE CNVE;S'I'IGATTNC- THE PY/}7V PEIF'n!OMFNA. SI IS AWARE THAT INNSCOM IS ALSO MOVING FOR'W'ARD IN AN ASPECT OF S I) :~; A V OR YAN!C'FI ANY PL. NN'11) &XECUTIOM 1,"1T "'F OU7'SIDF .1CI'NCI S M Anly 'T ":OR A COHERENT ARMY/DOD PROGRAM. UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE F ULL r /1 :' r1",m T , ,1 ' A Ti Y`. TV T^..V YTT /, r, r?, r. r.,? ... _. .. .- _ -. ._... '' I, ARMY 0P1'I'iA"'ING AG:ENCIFSS, AND DOT) ELt"`1ENTS PE(fP.n.t)INJC~ k`'/RV DEVELOPMENT,. AND APPLICATION. THEF';' IS NO DOUBT OF 1`.F. ( S , NOEOPN) THERE I S A SIGNIF:LCANT AMOUNT OF ON-GOING ACTIVITY ()JF;CTS OF THIS NAT'IF'r. THIS OFFICE '.WILL KEEP IN`SCOM UPDATED ?HITH "ICI: RECEIVED A.-NIP OPTIONS DEVELOPED IN ORDER TO ENE NCE .r'LANNING AND FUTURE ACTION. INSCOM IS TO BE COMMENDET FOR I1N;ITIA;.'IV7 TAY-FN IN TRIS rNDFAV"ON. THE SENSITIVITY OF THY 1' SUBJECT OF MIT,ITARY-RELATED P;:'/T V. IS SUCH THAT :CAXTMUM I0'1 IS ADVISED, TO PRECLUP POSSIBILITY rl' COMPT>.OM13 7 NCTE: DELIVER TO ADDF7SSFE ONLY, I'URIN!u NORMAL DUTY I'?orjTIS. 200 ? . 31 DEC /// S E C P P T /// Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500070004-6 ovecffar. Release:2QO5/.03/Q9.::-CIA-RP1?96-'O0788Ri3.Q150Q07OOQ4-6a IAFM-OP9-HU 21 February 1.979 SUBJECT: INSCOM PROJECT GRILL FLAME: PROGRESS REPORT //1 (U) 5. (S/ORCON) Project Development: The Initial concern of the Project Manager (PM) was to develop a full understanding of parapsychology and the various aspects of the phenomena. Towards this end, the PM has been greatly assisted by Lieutenant Fredericl: H. Atwater. LT Atwater, although assigned to the Special Security Detachment, 902d MI Group, was attached to the GRILL FLAME project because of previous research into this area during work on a separate project. a. To develop a sense of appreciation for an understanding of para- psychology, the PM undertook a vigorous Research Program (which is still ongoing) to include the following: (1) Extensive reading on the subject matter. (2) Visits to DOD officials with knowledge of the subject matter. (3) Visits to SRI (see TABS B and Q. (4) Visits to AMSAA (see TABs D and Q. b. On 24 November 1978, the tentative milestone schedule for INSCOM GRILL FLAME activity was submitted to the ADCSOPS--IIt?MINT VOL Hamel) for his approvi 1 (see TAB F). c. DOI) Committee Action: On 28 November 1.978, the first meeting of the Working Group Committee of the DOD Special Sensors Project met at DIA. (See TAB C.) One of the first actions of the Working Group was to form- ally change the name of the group to the DOD GRILL FLAME Committee. The Working Group will meet at the call of the Chairperson, Dr. Jack Vorona, DIA. MAJ Watt, not only is a member of the Working Group, but he also sits on the two Ad. Hoc Committees formed to establish "Goals and Objec- tives" and to develop "experimental protocol and methods for validating experiments.'' d. DA GRILL FLAME Committee: DA representatives met at HQ DARCOM on 28 November 1978 to discuss Project GRILL FLAME and what the Army position should be (see TAB H). e. Procedures for conducting "Survey" Throughout the orientation period, MAJ Watt and LT Atwater were busy preparing a method that would help them select the I:NSCOM personnel who would volunteer for participa- tion in the GRILL FLAME Project that INSCOM was going to carry out. It was decided to conduct an interview with selected INSCOM personnel throughout the greater Washington area. The interviews would serve as the "guise" under which project personnel could obtain viewpoints, Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500070004-6 proved,For-Release 2005/03/09 3: CIA-RDP,96 0QT88ROQ.160Q07O0(k4; IAF 1-UPS-i1U 21 February 1979 SUBJECT: INSCOM PROJECT GRILL FLAME: PROGRESS REPORT 111 (U) opinions, and general feelings toward the subject of parapsychology and the uses to which such psychic ability should be applied. The following chart denotes the number of personnel considered and interviewed. For security purposes the number of personnel actually selected has been omitted- data can he readily obtained from project personnel only on a very strict "need- to-know" basis. CONSIDERED INTERVIEWED SOD 24 IIPD 48 D C1 :1.7 902d 12 ADCSOPS-1IUMINI2 20 OPS GP 25 DCSOPS 41 ITAC 55 Misc. 9 Total 251 21 27 7 4 1.4 1.0 13 12 The large difference between number considered and number interviewed is due to the elimination factors that were initially appl.led when meeting with the various unit commanders or principal staff officers. The selec- tion criteria/process was carried out in the following manner: (1) Decision made to interview only WO/OFF'/Civilians (GSA) and above) . * (2) Initial elimination based on: (a) Commander's evaluation. (b) Retainability -- at least 20 months. (c) Health. (d) Not readily available (programmed TDY, schools, etc.). (3) Conduct personal interviews/survey. (4) Reassessment process. (5) Request specific personnel to volunteer for INSCOM program. 3 Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500070004-6 proved..Fo:c-ReIeage 20151Q:3109 CtA-RDP96-00788R00.150007 0a4: IAFM-OPS-till 21 February 1979 SUBJECT: INSCOM PROJECT GRILL FLAME: PROGRESS REPORT O#.l (U) (6) SRI personnel interview selected personnel. (7) Final decision/selection of personnel. *Exceptions to this rule were made in three cases when project personnel. received strong recommendations concerning three individuals who did not meet original criteria. f. Security Aspects: Throughout the developmental phases of this project., security has been of primary concern---not only security of GRILL FLAME itself but security/safety of personnel :involved with the project;. Access to GRILL FLAME information is limited to a "Strict Need-to- Knota Basis" and the PM maintains a Security Access Roster of all. INSCOM personnel with knowledge of the activities of the program. Further, the PM serves as POC for all other agencies desiring GRILL FLAME information including security status as regards GRILL FLAME,. 6. (S/ORCON) Future Plans: The coming weeks will basically be devoted to the following activities: a. Initial in-house training of all project personnel, b. Training at SRI. C. Establishing procedures and determining appropriate applications. MURRAY. WATT Major, 4I INSCOM GRILL FLAME Project Officer Approved For Release 2005/03/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500070004-6 roved For Rele"tWt WF t L?Ft f 78 REONS 00070004-6 WASHING TOfJ, O.C. 20301 raESEARCad AND ENGINEIRING ASSISTANT SECRE',TARY Oa' aTill", AIR FORCE (RF;SE D:;,\rELOr'! #:N'r AND LOGI":S'i'IC S) J1ktCH0 5 MAR 3 r" :MORANDUM IR ASSISTANT SECR :7'All 4..._ .L OF THE ARMY ,C.L-1Y (M+7 .~'". C1t'7;4,. H. ... DEVELOP1IJ NT AND ACQUISITION) ASSISTANT SCCRt TARP OF Tt ENGINEERING AND SYS1r1Pm1j NAVY (kak:;~ARC'Fl, SUBJECT: GRILL FLAME Activity (U) (S) This note is for the purpose of establishing policy with respect to OUSDI E support of investigations into parapsychology and its potential military applications. (S) Based upon the December 1979 report of the GRILL }'LAM Scientific Evalluation Committee and upon my own sense ofI: priorities for efforts Within the ODso , 1' believe priae that the Recommendations of Ch.:rpt:c r 3, tiagos 11 arPlatingt:: to OUSDIt activities be i,npls. me nt.nd . f a s l0 and 11, areti ng r:FS rrram~rldatt.cans they"rot to t:di OUSURE is that it was found to be p p_ z technology -ax aro ~?..i r:t`e pronrams aimed at tici.eratific dernonstratiora of thc: existence of the subject effects, and that is a consequence future work at AMSAA and Hunt.svil t.e in the c orl zod by USDR,., a z r'as not a th-- h+ ~.~ ons p of O[ ` i`6re, nil d " raxk will bei_ ti % _ ? o?h URh _ (S) Other recomrnendatioras 7w l e vc., i.n t.f1L r po. deal with _t intelligence erelated R&D and suggest a ccor,t:i rrrraat fc~n of 1( . within the INSC0M? These ac-s cle`."ailare o1.4tsid !, efforts responsibility of Ot)SDp and thr,s, ~'~ the rvr denied. When .rc.fc-rr?e are endcr~??~' inteiii~e nc.a tel~?to(ett,) U ref _ require support. by OUSDIZE i'? yc ,,c~le effort fi~o be advised, personnel or I i would like .but interpo,;, no ob ject.i.ary if th,. requests are not an at~pxecr~ab ie f:ractic~r7.,c>1 the e,f lry ~ their.? facility involved. worko pe lov 4/son- e:- 1~~orr t'i1 3 Approved For Release 2QP5 @3,t09w.- U ~RDP96-00788R00150007 6 ?_-6 ? `' I r..+E :i /;"1 J. Perry DFPAR-TM ENT` OF THE ARMY oved Fb'rFReIeasei-3005f fd9i t RRP ?Q.7PA ff ggj-P 70004-6 WASHIN