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November 4, 2016
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May 13, 2004
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March 7, 1985
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Approve ~Fon Release 200 I -RDP96-00788R001500090@~`3-~;z?` ~ ~ ~~ DEFENSE tNTEL.LiGENCE AGENCY WA7SMINCsTGNs if.C. YDSD1 ~~ l' . ~'~ R ~'~ 1985 \\ . '~ MAP ~~N SEC HAS SEE S/NF/WNINTEL -135/GC MEMORANDUM FOR THE DEPUTY SECRETARY OF DEFENSE . r,/~,,t~,t,,td f ~ p x , SUBJECT: DIA Psychoenergetics Activity - ACTION MEMORANDUM (S/NF/WNINTEL) {5/NF/WNINTEL) Under a Memorandum of Agreement dated 11 February 1985 {enclosure 1) between-the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (USAINSCOM) and the Defense Intelligence Agency {DIA), we have taken over operational control of the USAINSCOM CENTER LANE Unit. This Unit was established in 1978 to use an aspect of Psychoenergetics known as remote viewing for collecting information of intelligence interest. We intend to continue pursuit of remote viewing applications as a service to the Intelligence Community. {S/NF/WNINTEL) In February 1979, the Army General Counsel determined that this Psychoenergetics activity employed by the Army could be classified as a program involving testing on human subjects (enclosure 2). In December 1980, the Army General Counsel determined that the USAINSCOM program did constitute experimentation on human subjects and therefore was subject to the requirements of Procedure 18 (now Procedure 13), DoD Directive 5240.1-R, which stipulates that the Secretary or Under Secretary of the Army must approve involvement in such activity. The Army accordingly reviewed its invalvemer~t in Psychoenergetics and obtained the necessary approval in January 1981, February 1982, and September 1983 (enclosures 3, 4, and 5). (S/NF/WNIItTEL) Concurrent with INSCOM's psychoenergetic program, OIA established a joint Service psychoenergetic evaluation effort (1981-1983) known as BRILL FLAME. Under GRILL FLAME, DIA and USAINSCOM sponsored a contractual effort with SRI-International for investigating the remote viewing phenomenon. Cognizant of the Army's position that involvement in Psychoenergetics should be construed as experimentation on human subjects, DIA General Counsel evaluated the GRILL FLAME program and concurred with the Army General Counsel's position. In November 1981, the Department of Defense General Counsel arrived at the same conclusion and directed submission of the necessary documentation to the Deputy Secretary of Defense for approval for DIA to proceed with the GRILL FLAME Program (enclosure b). The Deputy Secretary of Defense granted approval for DIA involvement in GRILL FLAME on 14 December 1981, provided that the contractor executed Procedure 18 responsibilities (enclosure 7). ARMY review(s) completed. WARNING 11~'T1CE - t"'T~,''"''t~CE SOURCES, AND, ~Exli~va ~;o~ru~'vEJ Clrs~~:~rr;;~ E t. DIA/6C ~~`~L ,7 Tlx:=f;~;;~.;~ ~;___ proved For elease 2004/07 P96-007888001500090013-4 r' t,~.- ~~ ~1tpT RELEA5AE3~LE i 0 FCi~~.~'^? " .~ ~ ~ ~.3~3~ SECRET (S/NF/WNINTEL) In an abundance of caution, the Under Secretary of the Army confirmed approval of this program on an annual basis. As DIA is now taking responsibility for the program and in view of the fact that it is a somewhat different type of program than Mr. Carlucci approved in 1981 (DIA will use Do0 personnel in an operational mode vice contracting out for preliminary feasibility tests as in 1981), you are requested to approve continuation of the program. It will be conducted in accordance with DoD Directive 5240.1-R, Procedure 13. Enclosures 7: MOA Between USAINSCOM and DIA (S/NF/WNINTEL) 1 cy Army General Counsel memo, 15 Feb 79, (C) 1 cy ACSI memo, 24 Dec 80, (S/NF) 1 cy Army General Counsel memo, 27 Jan 82, (S) 1 cy ACSI memo, 12 Aug 83, (S/NF) 1 cy DoD General Counsel memo, 17 Nov 81, (S) 1 cy DIA memo, 11 Dec 81 (S/NF) 1 cy Coordination: OSD(GC) ~~~~'~ "si~tted"Chapman B. Cox 6 MAR 1985 APPROVED Prepared by ~Y/'lrll'i~p'!U It~li!{vH (,?';TLSl;u~~'.'Ct: SQUtiCt$ ~V~ ~~T1i~eJ$ ~il