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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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Approved For Release 1-!O;/07 1 .-RDI'96-OO788ROO15OOO9OO16-1 MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT t49..''Theojtct`." %Oat ibi?trated' f'ri'' "1g.77 to''' tp~Grsu~: ~plicati rs df:, psychoenergetics phenomenon (i.e., Remote Viewing) (RV), and was subsequently included in a 3-year joint effort between DIA and HQDA (project GRILL FLAME that formally evaluated the threat potential and the operational utility of Remote Viewing data. The INSCOM part of this joint effort became identified as.-project; CENTER .LANE -during the -latter phase - of- the GRILL FLAME ev.a.l.uation period. Although GRILL FLAME was terminated in 1983, CENTER LANE continued to investigate RV applications with funding and spaces outside of the NFIP to PURPOSE: (S/NF/ORCON) The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement is to document. elements of understanding and action between HQDA/INSCOM and DIA regarding transfer of the INSCOM CENTER LANE project to DIA. :.,..BACKGROUND:.. (S.l.NFl4RCON) : TAe; ..HQDA/INSCOM. CENT R;.LANE pr.?J,ec onsi, is .,of, -.comp:ly, wiU.,Congressional:..Committee?-directives at that time.;... (S/NF) Formal recommendations from the 3-year GRILL FLAME project were submitted to Congressional Committees and to key intelligence and R/D personnel in October 1983. Main conclusions were: - Applied research in Remote Viewing should be continued; - Basic research in both Remote Viewing and psychokinesis should be initiated; - Applied effort should continue and should be centralized, with over-all central management provided by DIA. (S/NF) An independent science panel also reviewed GRILL FLAME and concluded that research in this area should be continued. The USDRE had previously (in 1983) recommended that in-depth research be conducted in this area. (S/NF/ORCON) In recent action, HQDA/INSCOM reviewed CENTER LANE and concluded that the project should be ,transferred, that the transfer should be .: p rf of ed ,~ with . Jii - i.mum 'impact Qn.. prole t ~ ;personne l a , al , that..,,conti nu effort should be' maintained'. This recommendation has received concurrence ....-From the..Secretary of.-the -Army::-and from ?HQDA/AG51.- DIA .was -considered the most likely organization for this transfer due to their previous role in ,rT+rej ct GfiILL> F.iAME .4aird ?due- to =th+a' ourreht t~oie df DIA7DT ~rss 0eritral Manager s ~? -of all 'psychoenergetics effort in DoD and the Intelligence Community. DIA had previously received concurrence from congressional committees to provide central management for this area. Although a Congressional prohibtion against use of NFIP resources for psychoenergetics still exists (resulting from 1982 committee action), it is anticipated that this edict can be reversed during this fiscal year. The CENTER LANE personnel would be assigned to non-NFIP slots for the interim period. (S/NF/ORCON) A separate action now in progress involves implementing in- depth basic and applied research which will be funded by R/D resources. This new research will be reviewed and monitored by the DIA psychoenergetics Central Manager, and will include research necessary for continuing the development of operational capabilities for CENTER LANE personnel once transfer is complete. Approved For ReleaseL2OO1/03/07: CIA-RDP96-00788RO0100O9001-6-1 f Rp9600788R001500090016-1 Approved For ReleaW. PMC_110f:, (S/NF/ORCON) The transfer of the CENTER LANE project to DIA will permit formal establishment of a prototype operational group so that application goals can be more quickly realized. The transfer should take place with minimum disruption to group operations and to training programs now in development. It is anticipated that this prototype operational group will remain housed at Ft. G. Meade and will be under operational control of VP/DT due to DT's role as Central Manager in Psychoenergetics. As the Remote .Viewing ?.,?techn?ique mat.ure5.. i,ntQ ..:a ,. Lion .tool, ..operational. control will be transferred t0.V0_where appropriate Collection management can (S/NF) Additional details, reviews, and recommendations are in various documents on file in DIA/DT, and include: 1.- GRILL FLAME PROJECT REPORT (U); ? 19?,-Oct. 1.983 2. Memorandum of Agreement, 17 August 1984, subject: "Operating Rat.ional.e and Termsof.-Agreeeent.f. r.?the Participants- in ?DoD ?Psychoener ..X-:. f> getics Activities." (S/NF) 3. Memorandum, IACG, INSCOM, 17 July 1984, subject: "INSCOM CENTER PROJECT (U)" 4. Memorandum, DAMI-ISH, OACSI, 1 Aug 84, subject: "CENTER LANE (U)-- ACTION MEMORANDUM (U)" 5. Ltr, DAMI-ISH, OACSI, 10 September 1984, subject: "INSCOM CENTER LANE PROJECT (U)". Approved For Release 2001/03/07 :..CIA-RD196-00788 R001500090016-1 Approved For Release 4J 3/0 . A-RDP9 00788RO01500690016-1 TERMS OF AGREEMENT: (S/NF) Terms of agreement between HQDA/INSCOM and DIA regarding the trans er of project CENTER LANE to DIA are: 1. HQDA/INSCOM will: a. Release all CENTER LANE personnel for transfer to DIA. b..:.P..ermit..the project remain,,.in;. the.CANTER R. 49 sing... facility on Ft. C . Meade, MD. c. Transfer all CENTER LANE documents to DIA. d. Transfer all CENTER LANE equipment, rental agreements, and on- hand supplies to-DIA (except data. processing equipment and govern- ment-automobiles).. . -. . 2. DIA will: a. Accept transfer of CENTER LANE personnel. b. Accept responsibility for appropriate equipment, rental agree- ments, and documents. c. Implement appropriate technical and management requirements. 3. Both HQ INSCOM and DIA will: a. Identify POC's to facilitate this transfer so that it can be completed by 1 Jan 1985. b. Jointly resolve all issues regarding this transfer and jointly coordinate all necessary actions with DIA and Army staff elements, GDIP staff, and others. Approved For Release 2001103/07: CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500090016-1 Approved For Release 200 CIA 6-( 788ROO1500090016-1 CONCURRENCE: (C/NF) The undersigned concur with the concepts and terms stated in this Memorandum of Agreement. HQDA/INSCOM Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500090016-1