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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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December 21, 1984
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sf S CO) MAND GROUP APPROVAL/RELEASE-SHEET OFFICE SYMBOL DATE SUBJECT IAGPA-F-S 21 Dec 84 Transfer of CENTER LANE Project (U) ACTION REQUIRED CG Notification to ACSI, ref: CENTER LANE OPGON to PIA S/CL-2/NOFOR.N) ACTION-OFFICER-PHONE LTC Buzby AV 923-7829 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD (Describe briefly the requirement, background and action taken or recommended. Must be sufficiently detailed to identify the action without reseurse to other sources.) (S/CL-2/NOFORN) ORIGIN OF ACTION: CG decision to allow transfer of operational control (OPCON) of INSCOM CENTER LANE Project (ICLP) to PIA. (U) DISCUSSION: CG INSCOM approved a a. (S/CL-2/NQFORN) On 11 December 1_984, proposal that would allow transfer of operational control of ICLP to DIA as an alternative to the original plan for total transfer of ICLP to DIA (TAB A). This proposal alters the original concept of immediate ACS 0PCON to necessary notify TAB B of I transfer of ICLP, and therefore IGLP it the CG's decision to place notifies the ACSI of the change in status. (U) WHAT THIS ACTION WILL ACCOMPLISH: a. Provide notification to ACSI of current status of CENTER LANE disposition issue. A. Personnel B. Space Authorization C. Operating Costs (OMA) D.' Investment Costs (OPA & MCA) E. RDTE Costs F. Environment COORDINATIONS p,oS1e t4 / IBRIAN BUZBY, LTC/2656 1 AATE DI SPATCMED CLASSIFIEGLly. rr_ E DELL ES OADR ARE OB LE US EDITIONS IA(HQ) FORM '32 PREVIO (Approved For Release 200 7 ? PtT 6W~~6~ET96S~90019ED$D000MENT V 0. 13 ^ a ? (If "YES" ceerdinete action thru the Command Environmentalist ODCSLOG) rode, phone signarur Approved for Release 20x1/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500090019-8 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500090019-8 Approved For Release E7RcDP96-00788R001 500090019-8 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 1'DkEl (3) IAGPA-F-SD 6 December 1984 MEMORANDUM F RECORD I ,,1rJ ~J`- SUBJECT: Transfer of. CENT&Yt LANAE o D -2/NOFORN) Ij /. 1. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) Continual discussions with DIA management now indicate that the transfer of ICLP activities to DIA is not likely to take place by 31 December 1984. DIA has agreed to accept total responsibility for the nsychoenergetic applications and research program. However, current Congressional prohibitions against the use of NFIP resources in such a program and the critical absence of non-NFIP resources at DIA have not allowed DIA resource managers to identify personnel spaces in which to transfer the nine personnel currently assigned to ICLP. These managers, therefore, have taken the position that a detailing action is necessary if the transfer of ICLP functions is to take place. A detailing action would permit DIA to manage and operate the program without using NFIP resources since ICLP personnel are in non-NFIP spaces. Use of non-NFIP resources is an interim measure that will be resolved when Congress approves the DIA FY 86-90 GRIP initiative for a CENTER LANE follow-on. DIA has already submitted the initiative, but Congress will not review and rule on it until at least summer 1985. When Congress approves the initiative, the GDIP supported psychoenergetic program can be implemented during the first quarter FY 86. 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) For the above reasons on 3 December 1984, Dr. Jack Vorona, Assistant Deputy Director for Scientific and Technical Intelligence, DIA, directed the preparation of a decision paper for the Director, DIA that would support a DIA position to recommend detailing of ICLP personnel rather than a BSI I I\ I\ [ I,LT~~i,' )iJ1 C \\ 1L.l j ? ' I \;'()L\ {'i._~,S I it I LU D : CIS!:, I'\SC~) ~~I DL C~)t'I! Approved For Release 2001 0 /Q7,,;o,( -p.D. 6-00788R001500090019-8 Approved For Release & R- -FkDP96-00788R001500090019-8 IA':,PA-F-SD G December 1984 SUBJECT: Transfer of CENTER LANE to DIA (S/CL-2/NOFORN) PCS transfer. The paper would also suggest that LTG Williams contact MG Soyster to discuss the issue. The decision paper is scheduled to be submitted to LTG Williams on 7 December 1984. 3. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) My assessment of the situation concludes that a detailing action is in the best interests of the program, INSCOM, and personnel currently assigned to ICLP. Detailing wou1.d permit an early resumption of collection activities, the continuation of training, and the assumption of responsibility by D IA for manaemen.t of the PoD psychoenergetic program. Should Congress react negatively to the GDIP initiative, the personnel involved in the detailing process, together with their varied skills and considerable experience, would not be lost to 1"SC101 and could be reassigned to contribute positively in other areas of the command. 4. (S/CL-3/NOFOR N) The one drawback for INSCOM is the problem of "tying up" spaces occupied by the nine personnel currently assigned to ICLP. Recent actions, however, may ameliorate this situation. First of these is the scheduled 1 January 1985 ant;lorization of three personnel on the Security Systems Planning Division (SSPD), MI Battalion (Security), 902d MI Group (the CENTER LANE cover organization) nine person TDA organization. This will allow three of the current "out-of-hide" personnel to be slotted against valid positions. Second, one of the individuals involved is scheduled to PCS in July 1985, after completion of a four year tour with CENTER LANE. The personnel management system allows requisitioning and manning against the position he now occupies as much as six months in advance, that is in January 1985. Third, one of the enlisted personnel currently assigned is due to, and probably will, ETS in July 1985. While these personnel will eventually be replaced, once the activity is transferred to DIA, no replacements for these two individuals have been identified and there are no plans to fill these projected vacancies with INSCOM assets. Fourth, one individual assigned to SSPD falls under the atisoices of the GREAT SKILLS program. He will be maintained on ASD's roster, and therefore always be an INSCOM asset. Finally, the two civilian empl.oy~es~'eRPP96-00788 R001500090019-8 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT CHIEF OF STAFF FOR IN rF.L.LIGENC? WAS I NG TTON, DC 20310 REPLY TO ATTINTION OF SUBJECT: Memorandum of Agreement (U) Commander USA Intelligence and Security Command Arlington Hall Station Arlington, VA 22212 4 OCT Is, ; 1. (S/CL.2/NOFORN) Reference memorandum, NSCOM, TALC, 26 Sep 84, subject; Memorandum of Agreement, Transfer of INSCOM CENTER LANE Project (ICLP) to DIA (S/ C1,-2 /NOFORN) . 2. (U) Reference proposed Memorandum of Agreement (110A) is approved. 3. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) Request you consider the inclusion of some detail on the procedure to be followed in transferring personnel to DIA. INSCOM may detail the individuals invc.lved for up to one year to allow time for DIA to identify spaces, Once such spaces are available, the detailed personnel nny be riven a Permanent Change of Station. I;:' DIA desires a change in authorized strength to allow for immediate PCS A_eassigrlmcnt, they may apply for it through JCS. OACSI, DA will. suppoi't sc.1ch a change in status if the subject becomes in i.ssuue, W 6 LIAM E, Qt K M Classified by Cdr, INSC:cM Declassify on; OADR , o! a for Intelljpnce L' Want General USA '~BLE TO d se 2001/03/07: CIA-RDP96-00788R0015C ti OAl.S TK LIM ~ .. W r)l fl i CCU`P