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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 22, 1984
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Approved For Release 2EGRr~'carP96-00788R001500090030-5 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 REPLY TO ATTENTION OF! IAGPA-F-SD MEMORANDUM THRU nnrcnvc HWLLNT_,._ FOR D G---S, INSCOM SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Lyport to INSCOM Subsequent to Transfer ' 1. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) On 11 October 1984, BG Scanlon tasked the Project Manager, INSCOM CENTER LANE Project (ICLP) to identify INSCOM elements that could receive CENTER LANE support subsequent to the transfer of ICLP to DIA. This memorandum identifies those INSCOM elements. 2. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) The intent of the transfer of ICLP to DIA is to provide a psychoenergetic intelligence collection activity that can respond to DOD intelligence requirements; therefore INSCOM elements will have the opportunity to task the ICLP follow-on much as they did in the past. For the near term, intelligence collection support using ICLP techniques will continue to be available only on a restricted basis because of limited resources and the requirement for direct contact between the "customer" and the collection activity. With these considerations in mind, the INSCOM elements listed below are potential customers of the new DIA psychoenergetic collection activity; a. (U) U.S. Army Operational Group b. (U) U.S. Army Systems Exploitation Detachment (SED) c. (U) Special Operations Detachment (SOD) d. (S/NOFORN/WNINTEL) U.S. Army Tactical Concepts Agency O ) (TCA). M. (This assumes TCA is transferred to INSC WARNING NOTICE: CENTER LANE SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM RESTRICT DISSEMINATION TO THOSE WITH VERIFIED ACCESS TO CATEGORY THREE (3) SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCONM DECLASSIFY ON: OADR COPY I OF' . COPIES Approved For Rele SE G RETIA-RDP96-00788RO01 500090030-5 22 October 1984 Approved For Release 2Qi1 RIrP96OO788ROOl 500090030-5 SEU R CO I IAGPA-F-SD 22 October 1984 SUBJECT: CENTER LANE Support to INSCOM Subsequent to Transfer 3. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) The commanders of the Operational Group and SED have received a CENTER LANE briefing, and have tasked ICLP in the past. Commanders of TCA and SOD have not received a formal ICLP briefing, although individuals in those activities are aware of ICLP. ICLP responded to TCA taskings in December oncur in the above list, recommend that d ressees c 1983. If ad the ICLP Manager be authorized to provide ICLP briefings to the/ 1984 . commanders of TCA and SOD prior to 15 December 4. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) INSCOM has a vested. interest in the intelligence application of psychoenergetics, and there are no plans to keep information from INSCOM as to the Project's futur progress, results, capabilities, etc. Periodic status reports can. be provided by the undersigned. to Mr. Del Toro as appropriate. Approved For Release 20 CENTER LANE Project Manager BRIAN BUZBY LTC, MI RE96..00788R001500090030-5