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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 19, 1984
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Approved For Release 2001/03/O 88ROO1500090033-2 0 ECT "- TAGPA-F- SD 19 Oct 84 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJEC'T': Tasks to Accomplish CIENTER LANE Transfer - Buildings, Services, and Support I. (S/C1,--2/NOPORN) The, buildings currently occupied by ICLP under INSCOM will continue to be occupied by the project after the transfer to I)IA on 1 Jan 85. Additionally, all services and support currently provided to INSCOM (tenant) by HQ For George G. Meade (FORSCQM activity) will continue to be l~rovid t. cd to DA (tenant) . 2. (S/CL??2/N0FORN) An Inter-Service Support Agreement (ISSA.) l)etween !)IA and IIQ FGGM must be established is order to transfer buildings and continue alI_ services and provided Project CENTER LANE (ICLP) under INSCONIs uppoz't currently 3. (S/cL-2/NOFOItN) The following 3ni'lestones have been established in order to ensure a, smooth and timely transfer: Mile tones Sec. of the Army approves project transfer. Mt:g with 1'MIr. Si.lvan.o to determine necessary action to establish ISSA. Requirements to be included in I.SSA determined by project manager . COMPLETED 1. 15 Oct 8 4 N I,T 19 0 CT 8 4 I'TA`tN1Ii\,,G Ce O 1 ~C 1; .F N [.R I NF SPECIAL ACC f `7J 1 ROCP iltr! t1 ,S T' IC:?I I) I`~ti?:MI. 'l'I' ION TO THOSE WITH Vr Ii IF."._l C:C I TO i.'tVT'ECORY TW.) (2) SEE.NSITIVI_ IN`ILEI,IG ENCI SOI(RCES AND ME')HUR,S INVOLV..: NOT P g= (,LAS All1,I.: TO T Qi 1 TCiN NAT IONAI,S CLASSIFIED BY: Li)R, 1NSCOM ON: (IA.DIt Approved For Leas 4 :CIS=* P 0. 88.f Q0.1.500090033-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/ T88R001500090033-2 iAGPA-F-S1) 19 Oct 84 SUBJECT: Tasks to Accomplish CENTER LANE Transfer - Buildings, Services, and Support Project manger and. Mr. Silvano brief Cdr, FGGM and I)IO on proposed transfer of bldgs from 1NSCOM to FGGM to LIlA through ISSA. Project manager coordinates proposed ISSA with appropriate I.)T11 POCs (RM/LOG) . Project manager submits TSSA c'over' letter and document to DIA for s 14?Y1a ture . i)I:A, forwards tSSA thr. a FORSCOM to I-IQ FGGM for review and concurrence. FORSCOM/HQ FGGM approve ISSA. N'LT 2 Nov 84 NLT 2 NOV 84 &,I,]' 9 Nov 84 Nl L,T I.5 Nov 84 NL'I7 I S Doc 84 ISSA goes into effect. I Jan 85 S, E k~lvr Approved For Release 2001/03/07, CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500090033-2