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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 19, 1984
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Approved For Release 20 7_. F(ALRqP96-00788RO01 IAGPA._F-SD 1.9 Oct 84 SUBJECT: Tasks to accomplish CENTER LANE Transfer - Military Personnel 1, . (S/NOFORN) Goal: To effect the smooth transfer of ICLP military personnel from INSCOM to :IJI:A with no disruption in operations or training, and no decrease in operational. capabilities. 2. (U) Givens: t.. (ii) All military personnel who desire to remain in thi specialized area of int.ell igence will. be given the opportunity to CIO so. b. (U) Training will continue with no disruptions or delays. C . (S/CLl/NOFORN) The CENTER LANE Pro j:ect will continue to be governed by Human Use Regulations and as such involvement in the project will continue to be voluntary. 3. (S/CL2/NOFORN) The following milestones have been established in order to insure a smooth and timely transfer: p1'.N`I vt NOTI CI : CI: NTF. R LANE SPEiCIAI, ACCFSS PROGRAM ?I:aFR[C'd' 1:3I SIMINATIO1 fO"fHIOSI WITH VF?RII'Ii_l ACCESS TO C;ATLGORY T'.10 2) ` T`NS IT1 \[ INTF LL I GENC IE, SOURCES AND METHODS NOT R PLEA AI3I,I TO FORE,lGN -NATIONALS Approved For Releas CI,ASSIFIEI) BY: CDR) INSC ; CI.,AS IFY ON: ()ADR COPY CO PLt.`a DP96-00788R001500090034-1 Approved For Release 2 Rl.RTP96OO788ROO15OOO9OO341 9, EC R two& TAGPA-F-SD l.9 Oct 84 SUBJECT: Tasks to accomplish CENTER LANE Transfer - Military Personnel Milestones ,Sec. of the Army agrees to transfer project from INSCOM to DIA. Transfer of INSCOM military personnel to l)T.A coordinated with DCSPER INSCOM. All. project military personnel given. a one-on-one briefing by project manager concerning the personal impact of transfer. Personnel who desire to transfer will execute sta'teIlie3at . 4 Oct 84 ,T 19 Oct 84 Project manager coordinates with DCSPER/DIA. Project manager to D.A MILPERCEN to NLT 1 Nov 84 coordinate PCS action. R'1=Os from DA MILPERCEN to INSCOM. NLT lS Nov 84 Establish joint agreement with NLT 30 Nov 84 ASD for continued personnel support. Make appropriate coordination for NLT 30 Nov 84 transfer of Great Skills personnel. INSCOM publishes PCS orders with NLT30 Nov 84 effective date of I Jan 85. Service members desiring to remain with 1 Jan 85. project PCS to DIA.. Approved For Release 2 a96-00788RO01500090034-1 ff