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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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July 13, 1984
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Approved For Release 2 / : C - P96-00788 R001500100016-9 IAGPA-F-SD 13 Jul 84 SUBJECT: (U) Cancellation of the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project ISSUE: (U) The cancellation of the INSCOM CENTER LANE Program (ICLP) will result in the loss of a promising new intelligence technique that can enhance INSCOM's existing intelligence collection programs. (U) Cancellation of the CENTER LANE Program would have the following adverse impact: 1. (S/CL-l/NOFORN) Loss of invested resources, which are providing a more timely, cost-effective return in intelligence than other more "conventional" systems and methodologies. 2. (S/CL-l/NOFORN) Essential abandonment of the field to Soviet, East Bloc and Chinese intelligence services. 3. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) Loss of seven years' knowledge and experience, as well as trained personnel, requiring a "start up" time for a renewed psychoenergetic collection effort of as long as five years. 4. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) Surrender of a significant technological lead. The remote viewing technology being transferred to CENTER LANE personnel and utilized for operational intelligence collection represents a major breakthrough in the fields of psychoenergetics and intelligence collection. Since it has remained under the CENTER LANE umbrella, this technology is unknown to the outside world. The Army presently enjoys a monopoly on a revolutionary new collection tool. Outside researchers are essentially following a "false trail," which accounts for their general failure to develop useable, sufficiently refined psychoenergetic skills and techniques. WARNING NOTICE: CENTER LANE SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM RESTRICT DISSEMINATION TO THOSE WITH VERIFIED ACCESS TO CATEGORY THREE (3) SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS CLASSIFIED BY: CDR, INSCOM DECLASSIFY ON: OADR COPY I OF 4 COPIES Approved For Release 20( l M96-00788R001500100016-9 e% to% Approved For Release 0 0 : -RDP96-00788ROO1500100016-9 IAGPA-F-SD 13 Jul 84 SUBJECT: (U) Cancellation of the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project 5. (S/CL-1/NOFORN) Loss of widespread respect gained from the Intelligence Community for INSCOM's program as the leader and major expert in this field; and loss of painstakingly-developed rapport between intelligence users and ICLP. 6. (S/CL-2/NOFORN) Loss of a vital, tested intelligence collection methodology that can not only augment established disciplines, but perform missions that would be extremely difficult or impractical for any other collection resource. LTC Buzby/AVN 923-2656 CF: ADCSOPS-HUMINT DCSOPS Approved For Release 2000/ R 00788R001500100016-9 %ki L. %J FN C. I