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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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A-FL96-788R001 Approved For Release D 50010A 3 =T ORA Ot OF AGREEMENT i' JRPC"SE J (S /NF) The purpose of this memorandum is to document requirements ;r ?...el..ements of understanding between VP/DT and V'3/AT in regard to p-ychoersergetics activities within DIA. DE INITIONS: (U) Psychoenergetics refers to classes of human capabilities 1JIa are ....par psychological in nature. There are two main categories, information and energetic, that are sometimes called PSI phenomena and can be defined as- 1W Remote viewing (RV) /Extrasensory Perception (ESP) -- ability of zan, individual to access and describe remote geographic areas or to access and describe, concealed data via undefined transmission mechanisms. 2, Psychokinesis (PK) - mental ability to influence physical or biological systems via undefined physical mechanisms. GOAL: (S/NE) The oven-all goal of these psychoenerqetics activities, is to sOevei,,i an ire-house operational capability involving various aspect: of` tis?tr;aenerclet.ics. Initially, remote viewing (RV) will be emphasized. BA (' GROUND: (S/hi 1 The starting point for de,/eloping this capability will r a based on accepting from HQDA an already exi sting ps choenerg, ti^s. gr?o p now b { ~ : , r r _ l i n an INSICOM facility at Ft. C. M= ade. MD. Administrative C;rrt+'ol of Personnel tram this unit will be transferred to DIA by 1 January 1935. They will initially serve ac A at prototype whose modus of operation will be established during extensive scientific evaluation and operational deveFopment in D'A. During this formative pericid, scientific and operational corrlrcl will r?zrsidv with D1, the Program Central Manager- for Psycho eneY?getics I[~N`I lLd FtG a _ in ryenc.e C .,~ir