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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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y fear ey,r ap 5n an.1 Appaud,I 1X1. b. i'rafw eau public nlr wrta eh411 to a ,bmltted for epprovrl tutor to release (_ Ulreci [ ,~ !'hruua 1, ('ipec lty)) 134- Infatmallun pertelntng Ia c1a4siIItd contracts or project R, evan though ouch InG,rmat Lin is r.ioc ide rr ii unc)aasdf led, ahcll not be reLtse.d for public Jiaseminet den escept as provided by the Inductriel Securit Merwrl F Public Release is not authorized 14. Sevier ity Clasanc~,tint Spec slit atone for this telIi nstd u, rr ontract are tr nt Iliad l,l.,w ("A'' ppC ^ab(a nu+(r.) and apl.nIta ..._...._,_. Any oarrativa ur elate./Ic,riot rulcte(s) t,,ruishe.l shell be ,Hoorahs o 1 I ' F'Y al ant. .e >e quir.d), e Approved For Release 2001/O4/O21--tFA5RbP96-00788 R001500110006-9 1o the Dtracror sl, Fur freedom of Information and Security keylaw. 0111., of the Asalatant Sr. retiry of Uelenaa (public Aflalnl ? for .,view In accordant, with peredrvph So of the Induatrial Securtly Manual. (1) Category oP rluaelfication. (11) bate or even) for derIasalficatlon or review for dead-- .street ...... end (III) the dare or event fur du arngrrding (11 applicable). The official nssnad in Item Ilb, Is reapannbia for fro ntahink II,, rontru::l ur of,lap of s11 grit.).. end c thereto that are made a part of 1t,ls ipeeffirat son. C)ssatlied Information may be or furrdehed under arparale run,. ut hllrr it, tt h',1 ai s.e nd~?d I> .:. Jrly and peat laely Identify -%o, elemaru u( utformrl le,n which ra qu Tres ? cdaar l/i: aria n, Whan r cirsalf lcatlnn ie'la gu,~ 10,11 r. .f the quuir(r) pe mein. ng to the specific cunlrert ?rl effort may be etIractad and k%nlah,d the cont. ac tar. When ? total g.::do(t) is ullirord, re.'h to llr i~b ..) portion of the gold ?(a) which prrsaint to ti,, conirict oil effort shall Ise c leanly id.ntiM,d rn item 14b. TI... foI I. -.g IaPorrnrtlon mot, he pry., IAad r arch is em of r I...11led in(orm4tloa Ise,, fund in an eats. I or guide; a c >s c h responsibility of the contracting agency. Information generated under this contract is~subject~to-the guidelines contained in DoD Regulation 5200..1R, dated 2 November r ma i o ~j o subcontractors without the permission of the contracting agency.. d. Final classification of the information generated under this contr t ' t ? c. Recipients of information under this contract may not release inf'o t' t c a s is be restricted in its dissemination to contractor and government personnel involved in the contract. Release in open source literature or exhibition of such information is ,prohibited. clearance by the government prior to being given access. ce Unclassified information released or generated under this contra t -iI.11 A eonrpieted narrative is (1) C] attached, ar (2) f)(j trin-mltrr.i under arp ^rna at,cer end mate a pail of this don, b. The following classification guine(a) Is malt a pail of this spar,llt- at an rod Is (I) U wit at tie d, or (2) [~ trarii.niU.d under ,operate cover. (Liar anises and., Ira-, r4 ur In sac a(r_.......__. t .. Servlc?-type contra,/eubco,vtract. (Specify Irratrucffnlna in acrordanca wIfP1 ISR/1.Sk1, ste rrrpropr(at,.), ~ d. ?'x" only If thli IN a final spar flit at den and Irate II 1, a "N0" nnawer, In teap.,nse I. It,, , nr.veetur'a r?gne st dated 0 V. Annual review of this DD Farm 254 Is roquleed. If "X'dr', provide dare such revlaw is due: Ran ar4r (t'f,.ne er yereibl., It! r/arr. p., pa .lea alto:a/Ian, dc. JeaalflerHan, turd it npplic able, ,i ?mgrndind t WCaraLastar i4 iy R r f o I f a_. 4c+ rrJt+..r( be All contractor personnel to be granted access to classified information released, e. All copies of final documents generated by the contractor under thi t s con ract will be transmitted to the contracting agency for dissemination to authorized recipients. y qu1kLD Dlsnell?uT1oN: cJ f ognrsa?1 ,.c,rlty ()((ice (from ; c) 10 Adm,nistrati,a Cantrecling Otfh:e (from dory r- r_~ (yuul try Aaat.iawca kepis moot at ice i liui'c On14 u.c Leg (Item 04) Cuynlaanl Ser%rhy Off Ire (lsc+e Cc) C__t pro yr rn:l l'ro feet Manager ((teat tub) :J V. S. 1. Approv ing I,.I'e eel luny u11, sa an.l 'l,Ip C'. r,Sa~^T a jN m nLlre.e end /.p (, 01 AdrahJbtritivr, Cunh..lung _. _. __. __ DCASMA San Fran, I. cisco 01)1, 1250 Bayhill Drive 1_1 I San Bruno, CA 94066 Af'U'YIC%NAL I)ISTR1tlUTlON; Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : 4-RDP96-00788R001500110006-9 '~ " Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110006-9 ITEM COMMENT 3a Unknown 7b Unknown 7c Extracted from DJA DD Form 254 Dated 31 Aug 82 lOa Extracted From DIA Form 254 Dated 31 Aug 82 lib Who should be listed Il.c Who should be listed 16e Extracted from DIA DD Form 254 Dated 31. Aug 82 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110006-9 X IPAtlNS CONTRACT Approved For Release 2001/04t4 -RDP96-00788 R001500110006-9 r t +rt r, rtt Ql)IRt.wr114T& OF THE OOO IFI OUSTCU tTAY 1.1A4UA4 CONTRACT SECURITY CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION RrAt_ $ ? -v 10 ALL, sFt urllTV A5P[c. b OF sYetg ""-"".'-~'~.???-"-----^'----- Cf'FORT, T) FACII_ITt' CI... E.ANA cF to rr',. rlnrr. .._ CI"r'nr-r [.ctN tltACl- NUM13fR OR 01 TJCn E_.-.- THIS SPECIFICATION 113EN -IF"IC.A (10i9 Id?t 13 FOR! M 3E. 1 A70: Fp It THIS SFrICI FIC:ATiIiN 1L: -`~ (Ar mb [r!n fr ac tr roue! be +hnw> I CC 41y1 E I LO (tae r'.YOI A.- h+darv, ,._.._._,_ '-- /Or all +nbr,u,lr.rr?I ,. If dtasr h nr r 1? r??Af?ra e' fUgCON TR ACT(U+b fPem iS fmrr s:rbtantrst Nn6 ._ hrya,9d~ acwad Elar) .,.._~ y ACQUEST FOR OIL). S5 OUE3 J. 4 OR FrrOVOyAI OA tt F'0 FOR OUG'iATi,,o l+ Ihfe a totfom?on Come+et? foi------- ~~?b It YES, c-,40,,, the dOllowl -~6; a. P"FCCOiNC CONTRACT NU>AYtIt ^ UATC CUMf'l F. TC l7 L.l I. Li is not, trnr -ferrad to this Oriluw?o 3 Ravenswood Ave 11`9C Nun,b er Attr~9r,m+ 4: !p : ~rAa u~~ tieenl DLI LOS Angeles, ATTN. Directorate of' Indust_j:ia.l Security, 11099 LaC t Blvd Las a 1 1 Deng n Is. Na,..., Add,,,, A Zip t'ude of Fl, at 'liar Sul,'nr,trrIs ro! ri., 3 P :mfrsr ter, ur I h-_ p'~YNur G+r g c es, LA 90045 Na..,, Add,,,, i Zip 5. r,fe nP CogntsAnt Srr orlIy Gfllcr - -~.~ Nun*a,~Add,,%. ? Zip foie of Cognl[ar:t S+curlly afflc.a (_.. Yea (. `~ 140 If YFtS, eapl+in In j, I-S 1S 1{p,QUI fEAF F_NTS (Core(lnmad.) Atr rss Io f.'lnari(lod lntnrm at,on l?clY at _h" ' YE9i NU r'r.n _.r/vowarnmrnt ertlultiea. ._ _. Racrlpt n( rensal(ied llucumrnts or Other . ear rut n L>r rtf, tee only ,n,, don . nfi -r) t. Nac,ipt and y,rna ra"?,on of ai+^mt(irJ dua am,r,t, or other msvarlal, 'I Fmiri