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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2003
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September 15, 1982
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classified contract. rre;ects. even thou h sac i f ertA iYo4i rd F Re1e>Fl es2009aA9d era tq j.06j5OOi1?1L*ot be released for public ;roaea pitbl reverses shall be submitted for a,^prcval prior to release Direct Through e Bpeciiv)r , equates a c.assification. When a classification guide is utaize_? iha: ,croon of the g aide s) precisely identify each element of effort i-3Y be exiraetrd and furnished the cot.tractor. When a total guide(s) is utilized . each individual portico of Perining to $PecLric contract the guide(s)twhih pertains to the al c,r.taC j : r! r.shall be clear:y identified .n 1:en: 14b. The following informatics must be provided for each item of classified information identified in an extract or r.-.:;de: 11 Category of classification. (111 Date or evert for declassification or review (r dec:asslficatien,and (111) The date or event (or downgrading rff applicable;, The ofli ? --- -- ???- -r-ary or Defense ?.ublic Affairs) ? fo Trap o of the 1rdustri al Security !tanual. for review in ,' !n .he rnae ?.! non-DoD' t , Alenciea, age toe roots, sore;rn h So. Industrlel Secv'Its' }f areal. 14, Seetait: Class tcation Spec ificatiens fir this solicitaticn'contract are identified t :ou "'X" applcable al Any r?a.. tiet casst fgat:c?r. guiders' furnished shall be annotated or have fr.forma,or appended to else j infw ~x~rd. and supply artsehmenls as required). - .a:ion whris r Public Release of SCI is not authorized. to the Dgrectcr::e Jr., F..--. eta. na-ed in Item 12b. is responsible for furnishing the contractor copies :r a:: guides and changes thereto that are made apart of this sprcfffeation. Classified information may be attached or furnished under separate cover. - - - A ccrri :rted narrative is (1) attached, or (2) :X ransmitted under separate cover and made a part of this speeifieatton. b. The following classification guide(s) is made a part of this specifics-ion and is 1 __ d --' cover. f ) -- attached, or (2) 0 transmitted under separate (List guides under Item 15 or in an attachment by title, reference number and date). c. Service-type contract/ subcontract. (Specify instructions in accordance With tSR ISSI. as appropriate.). d. "X" only if this is a final specification and Item 6 is a "10" answer. In response to the contrac:ar?s request dated retention of the identified classified material is authorized for a pert:d cf e. Annua: rec?iew? of this DO Form 254 is required. If "X'd". provide date such, review is due: 15. Remarks /"he-ever possible, illustrate proper classification, declassification, and it applicable, downgrading instructions), a.This contract requires access to SCI. The Defense Intelligence Agency has exclusive security responsibility for such information released to the contractor or developed under this contract. DIAM 50-5 provides necessary guidance for physical, personnel and information security measures and is a part of the security specifications for this contract. DCASR is relieved of responsibility for all SCI material or information released to the contractor under this contract. b. All contractor personnel to be granted access t l o c assified information released or `generated unffer this contract must be U.S. citizens granted a final security clearance Iby the government prior to being given access. Immigrant aliens, interim cleared personnel holding a contractor granted CONFIDENTIAL clearance are not eligible for access to classified information released or generated under this contract without the express permission of the Director, DIA. c. Unclassified information released or generated under this contract shall be restricted in its dissemination to contractor and government personnel involved in the contract. Release in open source literature or exhibition of such information is strictly prohibited without the permission of the Director, DIA. 16a. Contract Svc-s::%- Classification Specifications for Subcontracts issuing; from this -noise: ,ii! be approved by the Office named in Item 16e below, or by the prime crntractor. as authorized. This Contract Security Classification Specification and a:t achmenls referenced herein are approved by the User Agency Con:-acting; Officer or his Representative named in Item lbb below, REQUIRED DISTR:Bi:TlON: Prime Contractor ('Item , a) T- I Cogniza-.: Security Office (Item c) -X Admi.^.is:ra::?.-e Contracting Office (I:ec: Ioe) _, Q?u a:i:}' Assurance Represent a: ive Subcontractor 'I:cm 8a) Cognizant Security Office (llem 8c) Program'Prc;ect Manager (Item 1:b) C. S. Activity Responsible for Overseas Security Administration X- DIA/RTS-6B _ 4- DIA/RSS y--- DiA./DT-5A b. Tv e: name and title of a rovi n Deputy SG1. Assistant Director for Security Services I Defense Intelligence Agency The Pentagon, RSS Washington D .C. 20301 e. Na:r.r, address and Zip Code of Administrative Contracting Office DCAStA San Francisco 1250 Bayhill Drive San Bruno. CA 94066 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110013-1 t d8 otF be se 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788 R001-500110013-1 Fchase Request No. TOO/007/8`3i(FY83 Amendment), dated 15 Sep 82 ITEM #15 (Continued):;.. d. Recipients of information under this contract my not release information to subcontractors without the permission of the contracting agency. e. F.inal=~classification of the information generated under this contract is the responsibility of.DIA(DT-5A). Information generated under this contract is subject to the guidellnes contained in DoD Regulation 5200.1R, dated 2 November 1978, which implements`E0.+1= which became effective 1 December 1978. Technical Reports classified as high as TOP:SECRET SI/SAO will be provided the contractor by DIA and other DoD activities,and otherpoD contractors for use in connection with this contract. These reports may be retained for the duration of this contract unless no longer needed. 'Upon' termination of this contract the reports shall be returned to the sender (if .required) or destroyed IAW current security regulations. If these documents are to be retained beyond the ending date of;this contract, written justification must be forwarded to and authorization given by the contracting officer. f. All copies of final documents generated by the contractor under this contract will be transmitted to DIA (DT-5A) for dissemination to authorized recipients. No other distribution is authorized. g. Use of the ARFCOS system is required. Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110013-1 Approved For Release 2003/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110013-1 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE S I' TH M-1 E REQUIzE%d=NTS OF THE COD INDUSTRIAL ;tr.~u- '17 CONTRACT SECURITY CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION APPLY TO ALL SECURITY ASPECTS OF T141S EFFORT. TIE FACILITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED IS: 2. 3. CONTRACT NUMBER OR OTHER THIS SP_C1ICATIO' I^~ENTIFICATION NUMBER 4? DATE TC BE THIS SPECIFICATION IS: IS FOR: (Prime contracts-mu st be shown COV;LETEn 'See '?VOTE-.below. It ltem Is or a is "X-d". ' - - - for at! subcontracts)- (Estimated) also enter dote, for. item a)?--....::- ? ... . - ; ..... a. ' a. PRIME CONTRACT NUMBER a. 'a. DATE X RIME CC':T RAC- -' 30 SEP 83 .C, RIS*NAL (COmplete ,. X 31 UG 82 AUG - .! darezr afF tacos) . b? -SUaCOK A^-tf;se item FIRST TIER SUBCONTRACT NO. b. REVISED' I. REVISION DATE ) 15 for subco t y b (al!scaperr44rsedea r NO. - nd i r e ond second tier) _ _ specftfeat i0e . ., . C?RECUEST FCR a C, ICENTIFICArION NUMBER C. DUE OA-E c- DATE REQUEST FOR ?aJ=OSALI OR RE-_ F..R QUO - aTI IIN FINAL 6. Is this a follow-on contract? Yes No. If YES, complete the following: a? MDA 90R-R2-e-nn34 b. * c. Accountability for classified caterlaton preceding Contract PRECEJitiG CO??.TRACTNUMBER DATE COMPLETED *Extendedby Amendments T00/007/83 . Is Is not, transferred to this follow-on contract. - - - - - 7a. Name, Address & Zip Cede of Prime Contractor ? - - - b. FSC Number c, 'Name, Address & Zip Code of Cognizant Secsrity office SRI International DCASR Los Angeles, ATTN: Directorate 333 Ravenswood Ave of Industrial Security, 11099 La Cieng Menlo Park, CA 94025 Blvd. Los Angel es CA 90045 Be. Name, Address & Zip Code of First Tier Subcontractor b. FSC Number c. Name, Address & Zip Code of Cognizant Security Office 9a. Name, Address b Zip Cade of Second Tier Subcontractor, or b, FSC Number c. Name, Address S. Zip Code of Cognizant Security Office facility associated with IFS, RFP OR RFQ * When actual performance is at a location other than that specified, identify such other ::canon tr item S. 10a. Genera: idea:if cat:an of the Proe ttrement for which this specification applies b. DODAAD Number cf Procuring Activity identified in le-,. 16d. S&T Intelligence Study/Analysis C. Are there additional security requirements established in accordance with paragraph 1-:14 cr 1.115.:SR ? Yes No. If YES, identify the pertinent ccntractua: documents in Item 15. d. Are any elements of *.his contract outside the inspection responsibility of the cognizant security office% y Yes V:. If YES. explain in A Item 15 and identify specific areas or elements. It. ACCESE REQUIREMENTS YES NO AC_ESS R_QU"RE-ENT S (Continued) YES NO a. Access to Classified Information Only at other J. Access SENSITIVE COMPARTSMENTED INFORMATION. contractor'Geyernment actiyities? X X k. Access to c:her Special Access Program information X b, Receipt of classified documents or other material (Specify in item 15). for reference cniv 'n:, g ere:inn) X 1. Access .: U. S. classified tr':rmation. outside the U. S. I V I Panama Cara: Zone. Puertc P,cc. U. S. Possessions A c. Receipt and generation of classified documents and Trust Territories. or other m.ateri a i. X X m. Defense Document a::on Center or Defense information d. Fabr:ca:icy. 1: ;,?'?!:;anon 5: craze of classified hardware. X Ana:vste Center Ser?:icea may be requested. e. Graphic arts services only. n. Classified ADP process:n R ?x ' be ir.+?clved. I. Access to !PO ir.fxr..aliar.. . R E!.! ARK 5: g. Access :o RESTRICTED DATA. Ref dots: DODD 5200 17 It. Access classified CO.ISEC .rSerma:ion. t . DODD 5200 1 . R .. Cryptographic Access Au:1::r::a:ion required. 12. Refer all questions pertaining to contract security classification specification 1: 'he official named be:ow-'YOR?t7ALLY. thru ACO'item 16e); EMERGE,\'C1', direct with written record of Inquiry and response to ACO) (thru prime contractor to. subcor,:racts). a. The classification guidance contained in this specification and attachments referenced herein is c-.-plc-.e aa_ sdeyuate. b. Typed name, tit:e and s:gna:?j:e of program project manager or other c. Activity name. address. Zip C_de? to ephone number and office symbol I designated official SG1J ~az Defense Intelligence Agency/DT-5A DIA/DT-5A SG1J Washin ton D. . 20301 COTR SG1 NOTE: Original Specification'f:e.m 5a. is authority for conrractors to mark classified :n(crmation. Re-.iced ar.c Fine: 5 ec,lica:ions (i:er; s Sb and c) authority for contractors to remark the regraded classified information. Such a::ions by contractors star: be taken in ac:ordance with the pro+?i lions of he Indus:ria! Se:ri::? %fenua!. FO R At, 7e2S4 DD I J Fv 83 . c2/T ~ SZ