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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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May 3, 1984
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Approved For Release 2001/04/ P96-00788R001 500110028-5 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY SECURITY SUPPORT DETACHMENT USAINSCOM, 902D MILITARY INTELLIGENCE GROUP FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755 3 May 1984 SUBJECT: Request for Training Proposals (U) Dr. Harold E. Puthoff SRI-International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, California Dear Dr. Puthoff: (S/CL-3/NOFORN) I recently reviewed my personnel situation and mission requirements for 1985 and 1986, and have concluded that the best course of action for one portion of the INSCOM CENTER LANE Project is to focus on coordinate remote viewing (CRV) for the immediate future. Based on that decision, I have programmed resources to permit initial training For newly assigned personnel and follow-on training for the individuals currently in training under contract ESU 83-145. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) Specifically, please submit technical and financial proposals to conduct initial training for two personnel in CRV Stages I through IV and follow-on training for two personnel in CRV Stages IV through VI. The availability date for initial Stage I-IV training is September 1984. The availability date for follow-.on training is contingent upon completion of contract ESU 83-145; however, I hope that training will begin in January 1985. (S/CL-3/NOFORN) As I mentioned in my letter of '24 April 1984, I am concerned about the lack of development of Stage V, therefore, if the proposal for advanced training includes a Stage V, I will need evidence that research has been completed. WARNING [101 ICE : L,LN1 I: It LNL `~.1-1L.1;1 l1 1_ vI,r;t_ I'i~l)?_.F~I,"; RESTRICT DIS SE1iNAT1U:v IU 1Ii[i~;_ Id1IH /aCUL.'3 10 C;AiLU Y 1HREE (3) Sh.NS11J_VI i(111LLLIL; .r,it ,, d i~1_,~, !F I`, L ?- tf!_:i, '. iVO Approved For Release 2001/04/k": iliac-R[P96-00788 R001500110028-5 Approved For Release 2001/04 IA,F DP96-00788RO01500110028-5 (S/CL-1/NOFORN) Please prepare the proposals and submit them to me so that I receive them by 8 June 1984 to allow me to complete contract preparation by 15 July 1984. (U) Please do not hesitate to communicate with me on these proposals. (C) Association of the undersigned with US Army Military Intelligence is considered confidential. BRIAN BUZBY LTC, MI CENTER LANE Project Manager Approved For Release 2q~ L11p !92 F;, CIA-RDPl96 -00788 R001500110028-5