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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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May 25, 1983
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Approved For Release 2001 /0 /02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110033-9 "ica 1...'1'(:: { c:)i:Aer"tr ;!'w !,? c?hl:i.In ;. 't:e 125 Mra)' J.983 Front.. t)r'., FI{:ar C1 :I.cl f:w F 1.1't:.'hc)'F?P I...c:)c::;;}.'t:::i.on. 0--Q1.9 .x;1.1 h) ;! c ? : ? c:: . c ; ? ? c : : : i . ua :I. C) r J. (-: ~ n ' t : a t; i c) Y) 'T e c:: hl n i. c11.1 C : ? ( s J.' S I'. 1 1 ) c (:.; I! c;' f'ti? r L'?:?? 1'1 l:: e t Your i"1 ! 11t c:} r cy {:} c't':::I, 'ri}. Orientation Technique, d a:1't;i:'c:I 2 Mi.-ay J. `t'f3:3 J. :I: n 1" e? (:) c:) Tl ::i {:?? to your Inc ITI o , SW 1: (a 1'? c:) l:} c:) f:', e t ca c:: ca n tract to (:) c ? { J in hl :i.:ii 'f `? :L `:i c:; i:). 1 y ei:a r' c:1 :i. rt i, ',J. ra 't; c:?? Ea i.: Iti IJ t 1" a i. n :i. r1 t:! c y c:::l c' ul :i? 't: hl xa rr :? IAI :i. r11:1 i. i rl I.l Ea :I. (s .) , I:) c-- c:J i. Tr rl :i. Tr C! lac i. t hl `3'k: a 1: i:). ri c:l 1:) r c) C ) I , J. Tl g ' t : t1 r co 1.1 c.t hl : . 3 t; ) A c) e I :I: I t a . : . ; ?f' a ? i . i t :i.::i to r? D . C; ? t ; i? c:::). h} :I. e ,(J e rc ? ? c:: c:) ir11Ti c:? r1 c:l at 1 c : a i : t =. t : two ]. TI CI :i v i. c:f l.) a :l t : , b(-.4 t ' is i. n c c:I c:: c:) n c::'..1 r' r' t 5 ri 't::I? y , of t.I're e+ F':i.c:i.c+r1cy and c:oitst k:??? f`Vec::'l;i?venc?~iis of working with mult-iple ?t.: r i J. T) c., c, ., ) i c:: h1 e? c:l 1.1:1. C.:' c:: c.? 11T Irt :i. t t; ii c 5 r1 t: ; . 1:) r' c:? . c.? rt 1; 1. y 11 rl ci c;? r' IAI ra ,~ , 1,Y) order t; c:} In c:-mI'1 w :i ?t; h1 training c:: C) In IYa c::? Ti c: Si? %a "t; ca Irl u 't'; l.) i:a :I. l y %a c:! 1'" k7 ca if we 1:11" a p (:) ::s e 'l; hl Y:a t the ? t: ri7.:i. rl :i n t J period upon time z:xfter J.5 the? c::c:)n't;T'tof ?t:hc?. 't;r'ra:i.Ti :I.Ti q p1'CYc::ec:Iure 'f'or training C:y{:::l.eiSi,, and are therefore consi.dF:'Y'eci to be the time and co.-rt to complete the r'c:acluisi.'t.e 't{:xgic?:?+?,. Should the training Wr?coc.Jr'e is take ? 't';i7CJ{:?isw :.3oIrIewhiat more time, the above wou:t{:I cover com1:-let:!. on of the should r:xrry .,:I.c;mrrifiC:a.rrt; {:I{:tv:i.iixt:I.on 'P?r'oIrl the above rate to be ^ i ? to , , . . ci {: ~,~ ci:~ .l. c:)ra :I. rr c~ , zany, c hr ax n t~ {~...:; in ra I:. I r ca to r' ~.rx ?t ci. r'i c::::} .; o?~ ? continuation, ;s{:: I?ic~:cl c.!.I.7,n g> 0 1" cot UI ca u..- :I. c:I be d e't; e r' m :i. n e d Join 't;:I. y on the basis c)4-* c::I. co :; e c:: ro o rc:I :i. n iia.'t; i. o n between and the client,. ?. With reayaird to ioc::a:'l.i.can o?l` tI?Eea tr'alli.nins_I, it i.s anticipated that c:e+r''t;at:i.n o?f' t I'r e those that have to CIO with 't; e t i. n g and cwa:I.uat't,icon co-f= trainee Iar'orJr'ess, wii:I, be carried out at the ;.3I :G Pa11'Ic fac.i:t.i,t,y. For rout:i.ne 1:3Rl has made axrr;xnc1eInc nt to make S aaxc::e nva$i.liixla:Le at: w IuT tJalshr:i,ncJt.on and (.3IR:I: New York, and Tadditional. iix fa c::) I'll 5 n -t-,s :~ for 't.r'aini.ng a .t, e?;.Ju, the client :I.o ;ia.tion can be ex.Io:t.or'ed r' r' iix n ,: Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001500110033-9 C'Crr~Ir~?