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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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January 3, 1982
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DEPARTM N OF DEFENSE HE UIR S k APPLY TO ALL SECURITY ASPECTS OF THIS SECRET TRACT SECURITY CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION EFFORT. THE FACILITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED IS: 3e CONTRACT NUMBER OR OTHER 4. DATE TO BE S. THIS SPECIFICATION t5: ;' ' " AT10N THIS S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER COMPLETED d . (See "NOTE" below, 11 item b or c is "X IS FOR: IS FO (prime contracts must be shown (Estimeted) f also enter date for item a) for all subcontracts) DATE a a: PRIME CONTRACT NUMBER c+ ' 83 30 Sep X . ORIGINAL (Complete ACT t date in all cases) b. REVISED REVISION DATE NjA item CT(U FIRST TIER SUBCONTRACT NO, b b. (supersedes pvo alt p NO. trsctin r fcatyone d tier) DUE DATE C DATE ' IDENTIFICATION NUMBER , OR Bt D. C. REQUEST F FINAL REOUEST FOR RROROSAL OR REO FOR OUOT ATION this a follow-on contract? [J Yea No. If YES, complete the following: PRECEDING CONTRACT NUMBER DATE COMPLETED =Is ' [] is not, transferred to this follow-on contract. erne. Address is Zip Code of prime Contractor ' 1. Tnt.erp.ational 3 Ravenswood Ave No Park, CA 94025 amt, Address & Zip Code of First Tier Subcontractor dame, Address I. Zip Code of Second Tier Subcontractor, or acility associated with IFB, RFP OR RFQ a c. Name, Address b. Zip Code of Cognizant Security Office DCASR, Los Angeles,.ATTN:Directora of Industrial Security,11099 LaCie Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 c. Name, Address iS. Zip Code of Cognizant Security Office c. Name, Address !s Zip Code of Cognizant Security Office When actual performance is at a location other than that specified, identify such other location in Item IS. -. --D-oTlAAD Number of Procuring Act General identification of the Procurement for which this specification applies identified in Item l6d. telligence Study/Analysis Are there additional secwity requirements established in occordance with paragraph 1-114 or 1-115, ISR'? Q?Yes No. If YES, identify the pertinent contractual documents In Item I5. explain in o If YES lfl ? , ee L-J Yes Are any elements of this contract outside the inspection responsibility of the cognizant security o sbrication/Modification/Storage of classified hardware. A A j. Access to SENSTTTVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION. It. Access to other Special Access Program information (Specify in item J5). 1. Access to U. S. classified information outside the U. S. Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, Ii. S. Possessions and Trust Territories. m. ? Defense Documentation Center or Defense information Analysis Center Services may be requested. o. REMARKS: Refer all questions pertaining to contract security clsssificption specification to the official named below (NORMALLY. thru ACO (item 16e); EMERGENCY, diiect with written record of inquiry and response to ACO) (thru prime contractor for subcontracts). a. The classification guidance contained in this specification and attachments referenced herein is complete and adequate. C. Activity name. address, Zip Code. telephone number and office a. Typed name, title and signature of program/project manager or other ROBERT J. JACHIM e ga e withthand e provisions i i -NOTE: Onftnal 5pec!licslion (Siam Se) is authari r7- for contractors to mark classified information. o b,n Rec flee h.7 Final sons wkencint accordanct b symbol ryry FORK 254 EDITION OF I APR 71 IS OBSOLETE ALSO REPLACES DO FORM 254c WHICH IS OBSOLETE DV I JAN 7e Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP9?_6-Q0788ROQDQ?Q,Q43?;GYr. Information pertaining to classified contracts or projects, even though such information is considered unclassified. shall ndt be released for public dissemination except as provided by the Ind atria] Security Manus) (paragraph So and Appendix IX), proposro public releases shall be- submitted for approval prior to release 1 ] Direct Through (Specify)., ublic release is not authorized. to the Directorate For Freedom of Information and See %rity Review, accordance with paragraph So of the Industrial Security Manual. ? In the case of non-DoD User Agencies, see footnote, paragraph So, Industrial Security Manuel. Security Classification Specifications for this solicitationidontract are identified below ("X" applicable box(es) and supply attachments as required). Any narrative or classification guide(s) furnished shall be annotated or have information appended to clearly and precisely identify each element of information which requires a classification. When a classification guide is utilized, that portion of the guide(s) pertaining to the specific eontractuml effort may be extracted and furnished the contractor. When s total guide(s) is utilized , each individual portion of the guide(s) which pertains to the contractual effort shall be clearly identified in Item 34b. The following information must be provided for each item of classified information Identified in an extract or guide: (I) Category of classification. (1I) Date or event for declassification or review for declassification, and (III) The date or event for downgrading (71 Applicable). The official named in Item 12b, is responsible for furnishing the contractor copies of all guides and changes thereto that are made a part of this specification. Classified information may be attached or furnished under separate cover. A completed narrative is (1) ) attached, or (2) U transmitted under separate cover and made a part of this specification. cover. (Liar guides under Item 15 or in on attachment by title, reference number and date). Ej b. The following classification guide(s) is made a part of this specification and is-(I) [D attached, or (2) l'_J transmitted under separate CJ C. Service-type contract/subcontract. (Specify instructions in accordance with ISR/ISM, as appropriate.). 'J d. "Xr' only if this, is a final specification and Item 6 is a "NO" answer. In response to the contractor's request dated retention of the identified classified material is authorized for a period of provide date such review is due: If "X'd" uired DD Form 254 is re f hi , . q t s al review o e. Annu ill declasaiticatior., and it applicable, downgrading instructions). er classification ro ate t i l , p p us r b o. Remarks enever poss e, 3:. All contractor personnel to be granted access to classified information re- a. or generated under this contract must be US citizens granted a final SECRET clearance by the government prior to being given access. D. Unclassified information released or generated under this contract shall be =estricted'in its dissemination to contractor and government personnel involved in the contract. Release in-open source Literature or exhibition ofsuch information is prohibited. . Recipients of information under this contract may not release information :o subcontractors without permission of the contracting agency. 3. Final classification of the information generated under this contract'-is onsibility of the contracting agency. Information generated under this he res p contract is subject to the guidlines contained in DoD Regulation 5200..18, which implements EO 12356 which became effective 1 August 1982. __. All copies'of final documents generated by the contractor under this con- tract will be transmitted to the contracting agency for dissemination to authorized recipients. 6a. Contract security Classification specifications for Subcontracts issuing from this contract will be approved by the Office named in item 16e below, or by the prime contractor, as authorized. This Contract Security Classification Specification and attachments referenced herein are approved by the Veer Agency Contracting Officer or his Representative named in Item )6b below. =ZE QurR ED DISTR rB UTION: [M Prime Contractor (]lam 7a) Cognizant Security office (Item 7c) Administrative Contracting office (Item 16e) = Quality Assurance Representative Subcontractor (Item 8e) ? Cognizant Security'Office (item 8c) Program/Project manager (Iterp 12b) u U. S. Activity Re spons Ible for Overseas Security Administration I d. Approving official's activity address and Zip Code DCASMA San Francisco 1250 Bayhill Drive San Bruno, CA 94066 e,, address and Ztp Cdr of Adn,'r,irtretivc Contracting Office Approved For Release 2001%10 ': CIA-RDP96-00788 R001500110043-8